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  1. I am only able to babysit the offspring of Gerry's loins as all my lady parts have been surgically removed (I have a right ovary that can produce eggs for artificially inseminating someone else with a Gerr-embryo. I do claim babysitting rights, however). I can stay VERY late to watch over the little angel, BUT will need a LONG drive home from the father as I live in another country.
  2. You guys are all so crafty and techie and have such cute little inserted pics in the posts and stuff. I'm only 45 but I feel ancient. I have been laughing me arse off at all the borderline over 18 posts I have obsessive compulsive disorder and this Gerry problem doesn't seem to be getting better for now (it used to be U2 and Donny Osmond and now I'm off them). So, always have the same responses for these topics: ATILLA the Killah in my marriage bed and only a Hawaiian Punch toast and nicely buttered toast before bedtime. I must be bi or something because I can't get past men with long dark hair and eyeliner. I would so love to be the Sheath to Atilla's Sword. Every night, all night, until our parts melt off. I guess I would be his #1 spouse and then I would cheat on him with a variety of characters. #1- Phanty (I would wear only my Phanty Panties-they are white with little tiny roses and phantom masks and candles ). The panties have no "tushy paddings" ala the European peasants-I have my own padding thank you. Activities include: playing his organ, ripping white nightgowns to shreds (mine, not his), playing with his monkey, and singing at the top of our lungs while playing the organ. #2 Cheat Opportunity: Frank because he is young and healthy and virile and I love his tan and his lovely linen suit. Activities include: playing with balls (SOCCER!!!! of course. Geez you GALS), and experimenting with the Positions on field. Forward-this is Franks' behavior which will get us both in trouble; midfield-this is where we have a "midnight game" sans uniforms; and finally, I would be the goal keeper and I'd definitely let many of Frank's strikes into my net. #3 Cheat-mate: King Leo, sans the beard and rat tail but with the tan and lightweight clothing (no capes or boxers with little wolves on them). Activities: Swordplay; No Sleep Tonight; Midnight rendevous in the Ephor tower (but they have gone out for Burger King Leo burgers thankfully) and doing something (besides dying) on his shield. I've phantasized long enough...
  3. If I got my hands on Gerry I would stick and he would have to peel me off.
  4. WOW- a KID movie! He is diversifying just like we thought he should to show his range. Super idea. And I don't think the others would be involved if it wasn't a good script.
  5. "The Next Big Thing" is now "THE Thing." I'm feeling very melancholy. Its like I'm taking the launch pad apart because the Gerry Rocket already took off. And I will miss the launch pad a great deal. That was a lot of the fun for me. But I'm happy for him. He can really enjoy his success now. Good on him.
  6. Give the GALS EVERYTHING and take from them EVERYTHING!
  7. moomoo22

    Gerry as He-Man?

    Yeeeees-one of those duster jackets like what's his name's in Pride and Prejudice. When he came strolling through the mist in the early morn....breathtaking... Gerry likes hats, so a cowboy hat and duster would be so awesome. And boots, chaps and nothing else. Easy to grab the buns, in other words (no matter how flat-they just need to be present and trouserless). Long hair ala Marek. His scruff would fit right in. And of course he would have a big gun. :inlove:
  8. I've heard here and there that Gerry is especially sexy in person. Some performers are "perfect" looking and a bit blah. I put Gerry in the category of Princess Diana. They don't have "perfect" features, but when they take a gorgeous pic (often when they aren't/weren't posing or trying to look so good), they take/took a GORGEOUS pic. I don't know what God gave him, but it is a mysterious process to gaze upon him.
  9. moomoo22

    Gerry as He-Man?

    You GALS make me giggle-maybe you could post some special siggies in honor of the rumor, Jen? Also, the Wikipedia stuff was high-larious! Cringer? Battle Cat? Ye, gods-save us from this film of horrors. Ok, I will only give Gerry the go-ahead on He-Man if She-Ra can be cast as a middle aged mom with slightly droopy everything, (except she retains her nice lips which haven't fallen quite yet), and her action figure wears a plastic apron with a She-Ra sword tucked underneath it for protection. Kids would have a great time with those action figures. She and He-Man could give the evil Skeletor a run for his evil bony butt. He-Man just summons She-Ra telepathically when he confronts said enemy and she throws down her plastic spatula and plastic frying pan and arrives on-site within moments. She-Ra can say "By the power of my Gray Hairs, I have the power!!!" She can whip out aforementioned sword and make short work of the bad guy while He-Man looks on, impressed with her plastic sword skills and apron. After the slaughtering ends, He-Man invites She-Ra to make love in her plastic kitchen. Then she cooks him a plastic egg for breakfast. (Maybe the kids shouldn't know about this end to the story).
  10. Gerry is hyper and easily distracted. He invariably goes down bunny trails when he answers interviewer questions. He rambles on and on in a stream of consciousness sort of way, and then says 'Em, what was the question?' and does that little high-pitched titter. He's disorganized, and notoriously late to just about everything (from what we've heard). I think Gerry is very anxious to know what people think of him, but is also a bit afraid to find out. I believe him when he says "I'm sh-t, I'm sh-t" "I'm not that special" and then, all of the sudden, "I'm God." He can be transparent, vulnerable, and full of nervous energy, yet scrappy and edgy-he WON'T be pushed around. He may be easily provoked and then look out. Wouldn't want to get him riled up (although I would like to get him riled up in non-angry way ). He would be a dangerous opponent in love and war. I have a strange mix of motherly devotion and basic lust for Gerry. I wouldn't know whether to put him to bed or take him with me. Oh, and his puppy ate a cigarette once. (I hadn't heard the homeless people story-what else did you GALS hear at Vegas that the rest of us missed? Do tell!)
  11. Oh well, the words "Gerry" and "wedding" may not go together after all. It might be too depressing of a topic.
  12. Since we have it from Gerry's mouth (oh, that mouth ) that he is still looking for the perfect woman, and does want a family of his own someday, I figured it was time to brainstorm the Perfect Wedding for The Perfect Man. Think about weddings and consider the elements involved-the rings, candles, dresses, tuxes, readings, music, vows, bridesmaids, groomsmen, the cake, the catering, the photographs, the flowers, the setting, the building, the wedding coordinator, the guest book attendants, the flower girl and ring boy, the reception line, the gifts, the decorations, the reception, the band, the songs, the father-daughter dance, etc. etc etc. Now consider the wedding as a theme event based on items, events, characters, music, costumes, from Gerry's movies and tv roles. Also, the bride MUST remain a mystery, because no one including Gerry knows who it will be yet. Just figure she's beautiful, brainy, funny and fertile. I'll start. I think that the reception should take place in Xerxes tent, but it is empty of hootchy prostitutes and weird creatures with amputations, and especially the weird creatures Ephialtes and Xerxes, who have left for a vacation in the Florida Keys. The tent is dark and cool and there are plenty of richly decorated tables (large bowls of fresh fruit from How to Be a Rockstar) and lush dark carpet; the room is completely lit by Phantom's candles. Johnnie Dunn's punch is bright "300" red, but is cherry-flavored and 100% alcohol free. For the under-12 crowd, these guests can meet out in back of the tent where they meet the kindly Abe Ephor (he's ugly, too, but he's a nice Grandpa Ephor). He will pass out free marshmellows for roasting over the Hibachi grill with hot coals, borrowed from Oracle Girl (with all the drugs removed). Oracle Girl is mostly naked, and therefore cannot attend the ceremony or the reception.
  13. Its a GALS gigglefest. :yippee: I'm just wondering if Little Leo's plastic codpiece is big enough. It was a problem on set I've heard.
  14. Gerry-even just a little peek at you would be ok. Preferably in a sweater.
  15. moomoo22

    How many times

    I've seen it six times.
  16. Thank you, Abrock-this was fantastic-I rarely laugh out loud-but it started with "heck" and went on from there.
  17. moomoo22

    Why does Lusty Leo

    I've been perplexed why Leo has only sired one prince. Are they having to see a fertility specialist? Does Gorgo take her ovulatory temp every month? What other reason could there be? They seem active enough. Maybe Leo is too busy poking bad people with his spear. Does his "spear" work properly? Is he too tired from other kinds of spearing? What are your thoughts?
  18. I've been forgetting to look at this thread. I am LOL at all the funny comments. I loved the good dental plan and the effers (I've now seen the fillings in Gerry's roaring scene-funny!). I have snuck out five times to see 300 ( movie theatre with great sound system is right down the road from me). My husband thinks I've only seen it twice. Anyway, I always tell him I saw something else, and read the reviews ahead of time to sound like I know what I'm talking about. I "saw" The Reaping last weekend, but I told him it was "dumb" after I looked at Rotten Tomatoes (Sorry Hilary H., it does look dumb). It now seems like I am the only girl in the audience of fanboys. I never sit near them because they fool around and goof off during all the previews and I panic that they will do that throughout the film. The funniest thing is that they quickly become mesmerized when the movie begins and are completely silent. Amazing thing to see-calm, attentive 13 year old boys. You know they've seen it a gazillion times too. I have more favorite parts now-Gerry's sweet, soulful look when he tells Ephialtes he hopes he lives forever (maybe that is in part an insult because true Spartans want to die on the battlefield?) When the boy king draws the wolf into that narrow passage-I think it is a foreshadowing of the Hot Gates. This is very cool on Frank Miller's part. He nods at the wolf like "just try to come and get me you dirty hairy thing." When he and Stelios hold hands as they are dying-especially because Gerry played it real-he looks like he is really in pain-almost in tears- as opposed to most action heroes who act like they feel nothing when they croak off. He is such an intuitive and vulnerable artist. Also, when Leo slices Xerxes cheek-he also tears up and looks like he is in pain at that moment too. When Gorgo slaps Dominic West, he sort of gives me 'the hots." I admit it. I am more and more impressed with the Captain guy. His eye color is very lovely in that premiere video (London?) and he was very believable in the bloodlust crazy father scene. More unfavorite moments (I'm glad people are admitting they have them too): my husband will roll his eyes when Leo says "Children! Children!" He never refers to them as kids at any other time in the film and it seems disingenuous or cliche to me. Also, the darkened face of the Persian who bribes what's his guts-Dominic West's slimey character-in the tower thingie. My husband will absolutely roll his eyes at that one-even though it is in the book, it is distracting in my view and it takes away from the overall artistry of the film-people always laugh. I still can't stand that end speech by Dilios-"There the Persians huddle..." or whatever it is- makes me feel embarrassed for him. Here is a rare, but weak moment for Gerry: when Daxos rides up frantically the night before the last battle, Leo says "Daxos! Calm yourself!" it looks like he might have been doing his 27th take of this line. I'll bet it was a Friday night at 10 pm and he needed a "fag." That's the only moment I don't believe Gerry as the king. Oh-and one more-Ephialtes looks like he is wearing those blue swim diapers my kids used to wear in the pool when he genuflects before Xerxes. I can only look at those shorts for some reason when I watch that part for some reason. What a talented guy, Gerry is though-his strongest film and acting yet. I wish they wouldn't focus on the action part of it so much in the press. I know Gerry is prob thrilled about his stunt award, but I also think he would like some accolades for his portrayal of Leo.
  19. This is very cute and unique. Very sweet idea.
  20. moomoo22

    New trailer script

    He, Gerry, is descended from Hercules himself. Taught never to retreat. Never to surrender. Taught that success in the movie industry is the greatest glory he could achieve in his life. Gerry. The finest actor the world has ever known. “Its quiet now. He came from his boredom.” “Be afraid! Women will burn to the ground!” “The thousand nations of Fandom will descend upon him. Our mass of GALS will blot out the sun.” (“Then we will lust in the shade.") “What must a GAL do to save her world?” “Instead ask yourself, what would a good Gerrygasm do?” “He threatens his GALS with slavery and his chest.” “This is madness!” “Madness? This is GERRY!!!!!” (Gerry kicks all the GALS into a Pit of Desire). “A new age has begun. An age of Gerrygasms. And all will know that millions of GALS, gave their common sense to defend it.” “GALS, tonight, we drown in codpieces.” “Give him everything, and take from him EVERTHING!”
  21. moomoo22

    300 Spoof Video

    ROTFLMAO :funnyabove: What a great way to wake up on a Saturday morning.
  22. moomoo22

    Jamesie's '300' Review

    I just bought this CD-it is way cooooool. I have been looking for music exactly like this-Dougie MacClean is good, but sometimes is a little too Muzak. Thanks for the tip, Luv!!!!!!! We will be in Edinburgh in August-does anyone have an idea of other groups like this I could purchase when I'm there? thanks
  23. That was very sweet of him to make a joke out of grabby girl's bad behavior to get her to stop pawing him. I wonder how long his patience can hold up in the coming months and years. I loved that he told that guy f-u. That was very funny and I giggled. He isn't going to be a happy camper dealing with the paparazzi. Aside from the fame, money and glory, a celebrity gets treated like a thing or a product and it can be very dehumanizing. I would have a hard time keeping my "real" self from being hurt in that business. Its seems like he will be able to do that because he has a tough exterior. So far, he knows who to treat nicely (real fans) and who not to (users). Most celebrities probably do a good job with this as well. G can be can be irritable and hot-tempered, but I don't think he will throw a phone at anyone yet. :inlove:
  24. :funnyabove: :funnyabove: yeah it would! The razzi would probably say Ger is incognito (that's why the blond hair) and that they caught him down on his knee proposing to her at some LA restaraunt HEY Moomoo22, I just noticed you live in Sonoma...I used to live in Napa...small world hugs, Sue Howdy, Irish-I love Napa-it is gorgeous. And HOT in the summer. Your avatar looks like you captured the "pigeon remark" at Wondercon. He is so funny. Everyone, I just have to say I am so relieved that the NC thing appears untrue. I was ready to throw G out the window like he was a cell phone.
  25. I think I have the site but no pics. Where do I find them? I still have to see it to believe it.
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