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  1. Hello everyone! I was fixing some broken links on the site and realized I hadn't dropped in here for a wee bit. So fun to see everyone posting.
  2. I feel ashamed... I didn't see How To Train Your Dragon 2 on it's opening weekend. Bad fan! I almost always see Gerry's films on opening weekend. Got to see it this week, though. Well worth the price of admission.
  3. JILLY!!! YOU'RE COMING!!! Let the happy/spazzy dances commence!! :bounce:/> :bounce:/> Bermos, you will be missed
  4. I know this is waaaay late, but Sharon! I love your story... giving your number to a woman indeed! I have a 300 poster in my cubical at work. That usually starts a conversation with new employees! The women say, "I love him, he's hot," and the men say, "I loved that movie!" Win-win! I hope all the U.S. GALS had a lovely Thanksgiving! ~Mel
  5. My dear Swannie, I'm so sorry to hear about your dear hubby. Prayers heading to you.
  6. Tammy!! Thanks Alison! I'm so glad you got to come to convention and hang out with us! Hooray! I also have a resolution to be on the SC more often... need to keep up with everyone! ~Mel
  7. Hi Abrock :)

    Since you´re a video wiz, I thought I´d share this video I just came accross with today, of Gerry being filmed in 2011 inside a café by a hidden camera. I think one is inedit to mostly everyone, but the problem is this link doesn´t allow downloads. If you could make it downloadable online, it could help a lot of fans, sice he looks so cute in it.


  8. Thank you Swannie, Issy and Elissa, you're all very kind Wrote him last night letting him know that I wasn't interested in pursuing a romantic relationship, but thanked him for being a good guy. Heard back from him today and he said he understood and wished me well. So, it looks like it'll be okay there. Thanks for letting me write this out! Love my GALS ~Mel
  9. Hey everyone!! Convention was AWESOME as usual, just gets better every year! At the top of the forum there are links to the recorded ustream feeds from both nights! So, I'm gonna vent a wee bit... not really "vent" per se, but, anyway... I'd been emailing this guy and we went out a couple of times. After the second time I decided I don't want to pursue it, but just before I left for Vegas I get a message from him. I didn't open it until I got home yesterday (my computer did not want to connect to the hotel wi-fi) and he's saying that he's very impressed with me, and he really really likes me, etc. So not fair. I hate unrequited feelings, no matter which side of it I'm on. I'm usually on the other side, but I hate being on the "thanks but no thanks" side. Now I have to tell that to a decent guy who I'm just not interested in. Anywho, just wanted to write this out...
  10. Abrock


    Mousie and I got home this evening without incident. Miss everyone already!
  11. Yes indeed, well done, it was an awesome vid!!
  12. Dagnabbit all of you for making it hard to choose!
  13. I am very close to being finished! I'm excited to see them all! ~Mel
  14. I hope you do, Sara, I want to see!
  15. I was debating between two songs for a long time, and I finally picked one! Yay! I feel like Pat, it's been forever since I've made a video *hides in shame*
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