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  1. Hi everyone. It's been awhile since I have posted ... life has a way of interfering with my online time. Due to some organization and downsizing, I've discovered I have a number of duplicates of magazines that contain some great cover stories on Gerry. If anyone is interested, please private message me and I will provide a list of the magazines and discuss the cost and shipping, should you want to buy any. There are some great pictures and stories about our favorite guy. beejay
  2. Please register me for the Virtual Con ... not able to go to Vegas this year. beejay/Barbara
  3. Alison: So sorry that I won't be in Vegas this year but I know that you will have a blast! I'm still recuperating from knee surgery and wouldn't be able to do all the walking that is necessary in Vegas. Have fun.! beejay/barbara
  4. Wow, I just signed on and checked out this thread and after just a few minutes, they announced Gerry .. and they pronounced his name right, too. He was so cute and seemed very relaxed and happy. I hope it will be in multi media before long. Barb
  5. This was so funny Lisa ... thanks for sharing.
  6. I love, love, love this poster ... can't wait to have one on my wall!
  7. WOW!!! I have watched this three times one time after another and am totally blown away! This is gonna be BIG!! Way to go Gerry! Barb
  8. Saw TUT again today ... still very funny ... absolutely love the dancing and elevator scenes. I went to the first showing of the day and the theatre was about half full ... a lot of couples in attendance ... the man behind me was alone and laughed at all the right places. Really like the soundtrack too.
  9. I loved this interview ... so cute!
  10. Hey Lori:It was nice seeing you ... I really enjoyed the movie and Q&A. The Cheeesecake Factory afterwards was such fun too ... sorry you couldn't make it. Hope to see you at the next Gerry event. Barbara
  11. Hey Sal: So glad to see that you got to see Gerry at the premiere ... I have to admit that after hearing the stories of the pushing and shoving, I'm kind of glad that I wasn't able to go, although I would have loved to see you and Deb again. I'm anxiously waiting for your pictures and Deb's story. I'm still waiting for my Gerry moment ... maybe I'll get mine when I go to the Arclight showing on Monday .... keep your fingers crossed for me. Barb
  12. What a cool thing to just run into him in the park! The girls were so cute and he was so gracious. What a guy! Barbara
  13. Thanks Barb ... read the article and printed the cover ... great article and the cover looks fantastic! That'll hold me over until I can get a copy of the issue. Barb
  14. Deb: I feel the same way ... what a great guy! It was good seeing you and Sally again. Barbara/beejay
  15. I feel the same way, Suzie ... at first I felt slightly embarrassed that my tears were spilling over, but I looked around and saw that everyone was clearly touched by the Shade Tree's story. I can't tell you how proud I was Saturday night as we all dug deep and contributed to this worthy cause by our participation in the raffles and auctions. I have never been homeless or abused, but can only imagine the fear and pain that most certainly these women and children feel. Thank you Susan for finding this worthy cause. Barbara
  16. As long as I stay healthy, l'll be there. It's too much fun to miss. Barbara
  17. I just want to give kudos for a great convention to Dayna, Jennifer, Katie, Susan, Libby, Mel, KB and any others I can't bring to mind at the moment (bear with me, it took me over 6 hrs to drive home from Vegas instead of the typical drive of 4 hours ... the traffic was horrendous and I am beat!!!!) The convention was a lot of fun and we raised a good deal of money for a most worthy charity; I was very touched by the Shade Tree tour. I know that we can do a lot of good for them. What a great group of women we are ... we came together because of our mutual admiration of the talented Gerry Butler and we wound up being friends and helping others. That makes me feel pretty darn good! Thanks ladies ... looking forward to next year. Barbara
  18. I was there and as much as we all would have liked a video call, it was an audio call only, and the place still erupted. LOL Barbara
  19. Just a quick post before I finish my packing for Vegas ... leaving at dark thirty tomorrow morning so I can get through the desert before it gets too hot. I hope I hit an agreeable slot machine too. I love the way Gerry puts his hand on this head at the end of the video. I have high hopes for this movie ... I think it will be a fun one. Everyone have a good evening. Barbara
  20. Sounds like fun ... count me in. Barbara
  21. I haven't been able to find a cheap airfare and will most likely drive to Vegas ... it's only a 4 hr drive for me. If so. I would be happy to help with the driving to Shade Tree. I'm going to look online again tonight to see if anything has opened up, Barbara It looks like I definitely am driving to Vegas, so count me in for driving to Shade Tree. Barbara
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