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  1. Wow, thanks guys! I could fit the "Shadow Company" screening into my schedule, since I don't work on Fridays (for now, anyways). But as the time gets closer, I'll think about it more. Hopefully my schedule won't change from now until then. Either way, I'd gladly meet up with anyone willing, and it seems there are more than willing people here to meet up, which is great. I've never been to a premiere, and I just figured since I live so close to where this one will be, why not? Now if it were a movie I didn't really care for, then it'd be different. I'll have to keep myself updated about times and schedules and things like that. I'll keep my fingers crossed that nothing gets in my way.
  2. Pfft, if only I were rich, and had someone to go with, I'd be down. I wouldn't want to show up somewhere alone, that's just lame and boring. I wouldn't know anyone... And to think, I live only an hour away from L.A./Hollywood. *SIGH*
  3. Viggo is one ugly dude, that's all I gotta say about him. I've voted a million times, but it seems each time Gerry goes up one, Viggo's votes go up 5 or more. Argh!
  4. This one's not all professional or anything, but I really liked how my smile turned out. And I never smile in pictures.. I was actually trying to be sarcastic. Oh well. http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b240/Sph...484399955_l.jpg Annnnd, a couple more professional looking ones. I do self-portraits. Bleh, my hair is now short and such. I should take a newer one.. Edited for picture size. Please refer to our Picture Posting Guidelines and How to post Thumbnails Thank you, Songbird
  5. Landa, that's my "Erik" icon! Glad to see my graphics are being put to some good use! Sorry, bit off topic... Btw, Harry Potter and the OOTP rocked.
  6. I find watching good movies on the television pretty much pointless, since the stupid arse commercials always get in the way. Now if it's like, let's say, something not so important and there's nothing else on, then I'd watch it. I'm a rebel against the tele. Except for a few select shows.
  7. Hey, those money-saving low-energy light bulbs kick. I use them, so glad to know that he made a little "speech" about them... Lost my train of thought. So how many actors does it take to screw in a light bulb? One. Gerry Butler.
  8. I'm sorry but Patrick Wilson isn't a good looking dude to me. His nose is pinched and looks strange. As for Jackie Earle Haley... He looks like a crack head/cancer patient... So... What the hell.
  9. At least Thandie Newton is a pretty woman. I wouldn't know what to say if it were someone ugly playing a "love interest" to Gerry.
  10. Fire out of his arse! Hahaha, too funny. Speaking of weird dreams... Ah, never mind.
  11. "Watchmen" better be as bad arse as "300," but because Z-Man is doing it, I'm sure it will be. On an off-note, The Fountain (just watched it) was fookin' weird... Good, but weird.
  12. Why in the hell do the Japanese show random people watching the interview or whatever it is in the upper corner? Where are they, and who cares if they are watching or not? Sorry it just bothers me.. and makes me laugh at the same time.
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