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  1. Gerard blows me away, every time I see him and he is looking soooo good. A really funny and sweet man. I hope his career goes from strength to strength and his company with Alan does the same. I am so happy for you Gerard, it is amazing how far you have come; you deserve all the great things that are going on right now. Your future is bright.
  2. After Gerard, it has got to be Alex O'Loughlin as Mick St. John, very sexy.
  3. Gerard looked absolutely gorgeous on this show and was so funny and charming. His poor eye; so many women wanting to kiss it better!! Living in UK I have really enjoyed watching our man on UK TV and our public now seem to know and love him at long last. Finally, Gerard receiving the recognition that he so deserves.
  4. Happy Birthday Gerard!! I was hoping to get to see you in Glasgow but it hasn't worked out that way. It's my birthday today too and I'm off out tonight with friends for dinner to celebrate. I hope you have a wonderful time at your premiere on Sunday and that you enjoy your birthday celebrations tonight. Love to you always sweet man, Love Jackiexx
  5. My family (on my dads side) descends from Clan Johnstone (southern Scotland) and in Ireland, Clan McQuillan. I don't know the tartan for McQuillan but here is the Johnstone tartan: Johnstone Ancient Johnstone Modern Oh, just found this bit of interesting history on the McQuillans, seems they liked a fight!! http://clankane.net/Fued_With_the_mcquillans.htm
  6. Gerard will be on Johnathan Ross's show next Friday 13th November at 10.35pm!! That is BBC1 here in UK. Can't wait!!
  7. At last, a serious, classical film role. If Gerard does not do Burns, then this at least will do. I long to see him in something such as this.
  8. At long last! I wrote to JR two years ago pestering him to have Gerard on (post 300) but I guess Gerard is making a real buzz now so Rossy will have him on. That would be great to have him on for his birthday (mine too!). Thanks Moira, I will look forward to it and I'll keep checking my Radio Times!
  9. IF this is true, it is a huge blow and a sad loss. Gerard would have made a great success of Burns and I personally believe it would have been a brilliant role for him, taking him even further down the road of stardom, adding a very important feather to his cap. Until the man says it himself, I'll still hope..
  10. It seems that everyone loves Gerard as Johnnie Donne and I certainly do agree with you all. For me, it is one of his very best performances ever.
  11. Moira, there was an ad on TV last night on ITV2 that stated during the trailer for Gamer that its release date was 16th September.
  12. I'd rather be doing the real thing; I'd rather have the actual, physical involvement of perhaps being in a bowling alley. The virtual world does not interest me at all and I worry for people (including children) that spend their leisure time pretending to be somewhere, doing something that they are not. I leave that kind of thing to my dreams!!!!
  13. Nice interview, Gerard is a Scotsman through and through and yes Delene, I agree with you, one day he'll be back in his beloved Scotland, perhaps to settle down and live out his days. After all, Scotland is so beautiful and I as an English person love the place but when I think it is your home country, the place, it's history and beauty must be in your blood and Gerard being the passionate man that he is, will always be drawn back to the magical place that is his home.
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