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    Former military (USAF), married with a beautiful lil' girl; hobbies range from: tai chi, martial arts, working out, fitness, yoga, meditation, reading, poetry, gardening, knitting (though I'm horrible at it), artist, traditional artwork (fairies, pixies, elves, dragons, mermaids, folklore, etc. - things of that nature), digital artwork, movies, photography, cooking, baking, nature, Greek, Norse, Roman (etc.) mythology, astrology, philosophy, environment, RPG, various games (online or PC), pretty much anything that catches my varied intrest and of course, His Royal Scottish Hotness, Gerard Butler (my jaw dropped over and over when I drooled throughout '300' - granted my hubby picked it up for me! ;P )

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    Spirit of Life, Thunderstorms & Spartans, the Divine Goddess Fairy of Chocolate for Gerard & Zen Happens,
  1. Looks "pirate-ish" Something I found on Google in regards to TotBL and here
  2. Oh, I'd like to tousle his hair...
  3. Thank-you for the article and transcript - wonderful read! Of course! Its all Gerard!
  4. "sigh" - I love his sense of humor and how he takes it all in stride...
  5. 497 - I just signed/added my support. Going to post this on my LJ and DA account to see rally up more support/signatures for the petition.
  6. I can sooo relate!!! Yeah, generally Fridays and weekends are like the worst time for DA...I only update on Sundays there first thing in the morning...oi! Need to do a Vox, LJ and DA update and paint!!! :boink:Night everyone! Pleasant Lair dreams!!! (of Erik/Gerard - whoever your mopboy is! )
  7. :bouncydrool3: :baby: When words fail, emotes work just as well!
  8. Oooohhh...a bath...now that sounds nice...skip the noodles...that be alittle freaky and weird...hey, in Japan they have chocolate baths, why not a Gerard soup bath? Well, her fever has been going up and down...kind of like a rollercoaster and she is slowly getting her 'Queen of the Universe' attitude back and she does not like my creative ways of making her get fluids into her, but we're going to beat this! And hope mommy doesn't get sick in the process...blah!!! I really think I'm going to watch POTO tonight instead of Apocalypto (which I liked better than's Pan Labyrinth)...just love
  9. Morning Lair Sistas! Pilar, thank-you for those beautiful shots! And Erica, I sooo love Erik/Gerard in that red suit...my favorite scene in the movie is when he walks out like that, I'm like :boink: And thanks for the love and prayers/vibes for us. My lil'one is still sick and I'm feeling a touch under the weather. Blah! But I think POTO is called for tonight...Gerard will make me feel better. Mina, one giant bowl of supper Gerry-soap for me please!
  10. He is sooo fabulously hot. "sigh"
  11. Swannie and all my Lair Sisters attending Vegas, have a blast!!! Sorry I haven't been online as of late (art muse is tugging) and today I found out my lil'one has pneumonia...sooo, I will try to be in Vegas in spirit (if possible) if not, have a wonderful time!
  12. Gerard and his award...lol...boys will be boys! Men included!
  13. Gerard is a hoot! Can't believe Eva was like an octopus all over him!
  14. I think it was lame of how Silverman came up with a gay joke for "300" - retarded. I thought Gerard was sweet and look incredibly hot in that outfit when he got his award...I can understand "why" POT3/Johnny Depp won (marketing/advertising and in my opinion, Depp has been seen alot more by American audiences - don't hate/bash me for my opinion) but I'm very happy Gerard won an award period!
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