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    gardening, art, cats,photography,good movies, preserving and sharing my late hubbys artwork with the world.... ***see my website**** featuring his computer art...

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  1. Dear Nance, how are you? It's been forever. I don't know if I ever thanked you for all of the support you gave me during the darkest days of my life...so thank you my dear. hugs, Sue

  2. makes me think about the conversation between beowulf and the king......"when he comes to a battle he has 8 legs" a whole conversation about animals... where one king was so randy he got a rabbit stuck... **oy, men**
  3. i seem to recall an interview where he discussed his clothing, that it takes him an awfully long time to get ready, that he takes great pains to make it LOOK as though he didnt care... and to make new pants look old... im willing to bet that gerry is a huge clothes horse...and changes outfits a few times before he gets it the way he wants it to look..
  4. just to clarify, twitter mods can and often do, shut down peoples threads for different reasons.... the obvious ones, harrasment, things like that.., i doubt we'll ever know who did this one for sure.. i love twitter, a great place to throw out random thoughts, silly stuff, chat instantly with people all over the world, for free..!! and as you say, some celebs are great, theres also great instant info... i follow ashton kutcher, who tonight posted a video saying how amazed he was that he was nealry at 1 million followers, how that just blew him away, especially the cnn is only 50,000 more than he.. he cant understand it, so he says, "if i get 1 mil followers before cnn, i will personally video and ding dong ditch ted turners house".. ashton tweets all kinds of info, funny stuff, pics and vids of the current film he's making.. i find twitter facinating, it just needs to be used with discretion.. facebook, has changed over the last few months, and for me, not a great change....too many trivia quizzez, and not enough ways to edit some of that out, its either all or none..posts dont seem instant either, they get lost on walls.. its just not obviously clear and in your face, as twitter is..but..to each his own..
  5. im on twitter more than most sites now...for chatting anyways... i tend not to post much here but enjoy the news and such..im a mod at another fansite so that takes time, but most of the mods there also chat on twitter more than that site also.. its just a nice instant connection, however sometimes i have to stop following some folks, when my page gets filled up with too many tweeters, so i temporarily stop following..
  6. the person deleted me right away, as soon as they started in about megan fox, i ?'nd them and boom, i was gone...so i hadnt been able to read since then... it was very nice of Rob, to post...he's quite nice on twitter, along with many celebs...most real celebs, post current pictures of themselves in "real" life...that proves its them, ones who dont do that, i dont believe its them..!! there is still several posters that use the name Gerard Butler in some form or another... and they too are fakes obviously, but dont have many followers..i think it will take a global announcement from gerry to prove its him, if he ever does decide to tweet... it is amazing some of the celebs that post many times a day..!! ashton kutcher and demi moore are both incredibly nice, and make themselves very available, especially with their everyday lives....
  7. great to know the fraud was removed...!!!
  8. every celeb that goes to any sports game, shows up on the jumbo...its a given..same with any pretty girl, or funny costume..its what they're there for... that commercial is a riot, and ill bet they paid thru the nose to be able to use it..!!!
  9. best of luck !!! its certainly nice to hear some positive news in a troubled economy...
  10. their website has the best jay leno clip with gerry...its complete.. which youtubes isnt quite...but i dont see gerry's name on that list?? and kellie pickler?? what does she have to do with anything?? im not sure i want her representing US... too flighty..
  11. and to think all those dues ive paid to ballys are for not...if only gerry would get his arse here to minnesota..... and yes sue, i would have a heart attack of shame if i saw him while i was working out...
  12. one of those pics is hilarious...looks like she's shoving one guy away so he doesnt block the view of her and gerry in the camera....
  13. there is a thread in the computer area on this.... i gotts say, id rather hack a dvd player and make it region free, or buy a cheap region free player, than to alter my computer... im on a mac though,.... i have friends that have used the app ANYDVD to change their computer, and with good results but be informed, if not done properly, or at all your computer only has a limited amount of region changes...ususally 5 or 6 times before you are LOCKED in at a region, ANYDVD is suppose to change this, and as i said some have had good results, one friend didnt do it properly, and got locked in without even realizing it had happened and now it cant be fixed...
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