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  1. the think that makes me wonder about it is the mans chest.. it looks to narrow to be gerry... even at his slimmest... hes got a broader chest than that doesnt he?
  2. one of my favorite websites is "nitpickers" its all about finding the little things wrong in movies, and judging by how many are there, id say i lot of people have lots of extra time on their hands... its fun to find silly things like some extra on a movie, say a period piece .... and their wearing a watch...or tennis shoes... silly things... maybe gerry thinks its fun to tease the editors... see if they catch him doing this..?? as a graphic artist, we used to hide stuff in art all the time, our names, silly words etc.... we did that even in commercial art, and in 26 years of screenprinting, nobody ever caught on... we'd see the finished products and have a good laugh..so perhaps he's doing the same..
  3. song.... thats great.... ill have to look for it now... thats how i feel about this scene in nims... he's too damn cute.!!! he reallly does have this bit of a "gerry" smirk on his face...makes me wish it was me inside that crate..if ya know what i mean thats why i love wacthing movies over and over, you can look for other things besides just concentrating on the storyline...
  4. that for the bluray info.....!! i may not buy it then....well, maybe for a back up copy....!!
  5. these are just observations not complaints, **sighs** i didnt mean to say his dark underwear was a mistake.. that was just something else i noticed... not the fact they were dark, i already knew that one, but now i saw that they were also longer ..... hmm..wonder how id feel if i hadnt noticed any??? as to him looking into the camera... yes, he does do that, my daughter and i kept playing back over.... his smirk is kinda funny, but still something the editing should have noticed...we did right away,... may its my tv screen, i have a nice 46inch hdtv... so that might make it more obvious ?? when i watch movies over and over, i start to look at things that are happening in the background just to give it a new perspective, thats when you can catch some funny things in movies,...
  6. i noticed a little mistake while watcing the movie... gerry, gerry, gerry, never look into the camera..... and editors..heads up.... you're suppose to catch these in the editing room... the scene is where jack and nims are first opening up the crate of ggodies, of books and stuff... the camera is inside the boz, capturing jack and nims faces whle they look down into the box... right as the top of the crate opens, gerry looks right into the camera.... and ill be damned if he doesnt have a little smirk on his face... also when he's wet, face down in the bottom of his boat, his shorts are wet, and as we've all noticed already he's wearing dark underwear...... but this is the first time i noticed the were boxer type briefs... a little longer on the *cough* thigh... then he turns over and its hard to see them other then being dark... i havent got much farther into the movie yet, i watched al the extras first.... i am disappointed in the extras that they put in, if ever a movie should have included a gag reel, this was definately one that should have had it... there must have been some great outtakes on this project,..... also to not have any of gerry in the deleted scenes ??? what the heck is that all about??? i bought the widescreen regular dvd, they sold out of the bluray, so ill have to get that tomorrow..... im wondering if anyones else got theirs in bluray, and if so, are there more extras on that than the reg dvd??
  7. nance


    shooters by the way..is available on netflix as a "watch instantly" movie... which is nice because it doesnt count against your monthly movie counts...
  8. his pants look so soft... i noticed those first, then looked for the flipflops.... normaly i hate any sandals on men.... but gerry pulls it off...
  9. you truly do such an excepational job of capturing every nuance of his face, hands..... really lovely work, !!!!
  10. nah..looking at those pics some more, the blonde has a little back pack on..... and is also taking off her shoes.... i dont think she's an airport employee... i did notice he's wearing those funky green bowling type shoes or ones similar to them.....gotta love his style!!!
  11. i would imagine he does what i do at LAX curbside checkin...... then you just go through with your carryon.... i swear LAX is the easiest fastest airport ive ever been through... i cant say i see any walkie-talkie type thing on the blonde, or she has it really hidden,if she was with the airport i would imagine she'd have something to communicate with... he's got to have some assistants, staff that may be traveling with him, but he's not being rushed through security, if he had the pre authorized check ins like many celebs do, they can by pass the whole security area and go straight to VIP...but he's not doing that in these pics, he's going through the whole take of the shoes crud.... the part i hate...i almost left my mac book pro in a bin one time, while chasing after my child....
  12. mommaduck....im sorry my post may have been misinterpretid....i didnt mean to imply anything towards you..... its just that this whole comiccon event, and even others in the past, it seems that folks are behaving as if they know the man.... not the actor.... i think he has been as forthcoming as anyone can with the press, but lets not believe for one minute that he's gonna tell the world all his personal stuff.... he lets us in, and lord love him for that... but and this probably isnt the right thread for this.... i just want to reiterate what i said.... we dont know him..... thats all....it seems some think they "know' him....because of interviews, and such.....but we dont.... at all... i thnk back to when he was making shattered, and how he talked about pierce being his "boy" and what a thrilling great movie it is..... but thats his job , talk up his stuff... (personally i wasnt thrilled with shattered and i dont think he was either since he never talked about it after) i just had to get it out that just because someone has read something, or because he said something, or because someone got his autograph..... we dont know HIM.... or all that he's doing in his life..... and that goes for all actors...and im not adding this towards anyone in specific, i really dont mean to be rude or disrespectful of anyone.... just hoping that his fans can keep things in perspective as far as what he says, whats written, or whats heard..... to wonder what he meant about something he said, and try to figure out the timeline..... thats just being a fan....that i get.....i understand that...
  13. i wonder too, how much "truth" actors offer up.....im not saying that gerry was making things up, but in fact none of us (at least that i know of) know him personally....and actors tend to say things about their lives that may not be facts... sometimes i get a bit miffed when i read so many fans telling "facts" about where gerry has been or what he's doing, especially when fans have "met" him for 10 seconds and suddenly feel they know him., thats where stalking can become a very fine line... unless we have an inside scoop from his family, assistances, managers...we dont know what he's always up to.... or where he's been.... and even actors staff members dont tell the world facts about their clients...think of how many pregnancy false facts have been issued or denied, break ups, hook ups, movie deals..... we're all just fans, and should remember that all that is read or heard is not fact.... back to the dessert thing..... im not sure of movie film times, because often they are filmed two years before release, or even after a wrap up, scenes need to be re shot.... or maybe a scene for an upcoming needs to be shot at a certain time... or he was just story telling....
  14. there were some scenes from nims island that involved sword fighting, the alex scenes.....and some wernt in the the final theatrical release......whether or not they were in the dessert...??? also....there could very well be things gerry has filmed that we have know idea about......perhaps even stuff for his friends, like he did for jewel of the sahara..... i for one would love to see more sword fighting with gerry...!!!
  15. not only tan,buff and looking gorgeous.... but once again...the white shirt of death...... dang if he doesnt know what that does to us..... its easy to get color anywhere right now, so im reluctant to even speculate on where he got it..... none of us know him personally... its too easy to get caught up in thinking you do...
  16. nance

    using the search

    thank you....!!! i tried as specific of searches as i could.....ill give it a try with absolute specifics....but then, if i knew the exact threads, i probably wouldnt need to search... sort of like using a dictionary, if you dont know how to spell the word, you may not be able to find it.... off topic here.....im really loving all my goodies, and since i read everyday, i especially love the bookmark....
  17. nance

    using the search

    ive been trying to use the search for several days now.....i keep getting this error..... no matter how i change my question, or even if i ask a totally different question...... what am i doing wrong, or is there a possible problem with the search feature.... one of the threads im trying to find, by the way, is the 3am story...so if anyone can direct me to that, id be grateful.... this is the error i keep getting..... i cant figure out a way to link the error message , so photobuckets crappy pic is the best can do..... sorry
  18. call back the places you interviewed at, that you havent heard from.... that lets them know you are really interested in the job... i own a daycare with my sister, and our staff is made up mostly of teachers that cant find teaching jobs... that might be something to consider, until you find a teaching job..
  19. absolutely..id buy it...if only because im worried about wearing out my first copy any of the cast members, id love to hear of their experiences... i dont have a facebook or myspce but i can put it on my live journal page...
  20. i found myself reading it with their voices in my head.... dang if i dont need to see this again now..**a true hardship i know**
  21. :unsure: i didnt read where there is a definitive on the life span of his character..only that if there was ever a movie he'd enjoy doing a sequel to, it would be one of these because it was so much fun.... did i miss something?? because i thought we already had a spoiler on this one...***hmm interesting*** thanks becozy, moira and katie.... :kisswink:
  22. some more competiion for them ...i believe the new james bond flick is released in november also.... not really the same genre, but may be some "stiff" **yes, i said stiff** competion... i love action movies, so both are gonna be great..!!!! by the way.... it sure seems like they are gonna stick with the original name "game" and not change it...doesnt it???
  23. he sure did notice the model wearing the leather jacket...... ill bet we see that jacket on gerry in the future...
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