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  1. Celtiberic Queen


    Happy birthday from Portugal!! Maria
  2. Celtiberic Queen

    He's back!

    totally gorgeous
  3. Celtiberic Queen

    2/3 - New Pictures of Gerry in Hawaii

    There is a smile on my face that says everything
  4. Celtiberic Queen

    L'Oreal Paris - New Behind the Scenes Photos

    Yes, they caught my immediate attention. Thanks Gerry! We do appreciate them........along with a few other things. Yes, yes, very grateful gal here, as well! Keep doing the good work and the good things, Gerry . We will seat back and just appreciate you, I mean, it.
  5. Celtiberic Queen

    Gerry attempting to speak Spanish

    A mere technicality, smarty pants! How far off can Portugal be from Spain anyway? Have you looked at a map recently? It's like Canada and the USA! Delene Or like Mexico and USA! Brazil's official language is Portuguese, they just have different accent.
  6. Celtiberic Queen

    New Photos 12/3

    :funnyup: Oh my I'm sure not that sexy when I'm in line
  7. Celtiberic Queen

    11/20 - CNN Heroes walk the red carpet

    He looks Simply adore the long hair
  8. Celtiberic Queen

    11/16 - Gerard Butler: LAX Landing

    Oh you haven't lived until you've been felt up by a four hundred pound TSA named Helga! The first and only time I was patted down in a airport was because of Gerry a year ago (LAC Premiere). At the gatwick airport in a flight to Glasgow. My picture was taken, my camera and shoe polish tested for explosive. Patted down by a very nice lady and had to take my shoes off twice! (didn't understand that). I mean, what I endure for the love of ... Performing Arts
  9. Celtiberic Queen


    Happy birthday, Gerry. Hope you have fun and enjoy yourself. I know I will. Wishing you well, Maria
  10. Celtiberic Queen

    If you could be in Gerry's life,

    Why m'I the only one who chose to Have his baby? Is that weird? I honest to god had this dream one night that I was the hired mommy to his baby
  11. Celtiberic Queen

    11/3 - Butler Helps Fallen Girl

    It's probably my poor english knowledge but that Title took me into a "Pretty Woman" kind of story. Wasn't really expecting a fallen woman on the ground geez....
  12. Celtiberic Queen

    Gerry at Heidi Klum's Halloween Bash

    I'm sorry, but just that mental picture is fantastically funny Someone else said that on another board. Even posted a pic of Daryl Hannah lookin' all crazy and glam. Exactly, that's what I also thought "Daryl Hannah"!!!!
  13. Celtiberic Queen

    Gerry at Heidi Klum's Halloween Bash

    The costume reminds me of the movie "Blade Runner"
  14. Yep, body language can be a b***t Can't lie about it