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  1. Yes, they caught my immediate attention. Thanks Gerry! We do appreciate them........along with a few other things. Yes, yes, very grateful gal here, as well! Keep doing the good work and the good things, Gerry . We will seat back and just appreciate you, I mean, it.
  2. A mere technicality, smarty pants! How far off can Portugal be from Spain anyway? Have you looked at a map recently? It's like Canada and the USA! Delene Or like Mexico and USA! Brazil's official language is Portuguese, they just have different accent.
  3. :funnyup: Oh my I'm sure not that sexy when I'm in line
  4. Oh you haven't lived until you've been felt up by a four hundred pound TSA named Helga! The first and only time I was patted down in a airport was because of Gerry a year ago (LAC Premiere). At the gatwick airport in a flight to Glasgow. My picture was taken, my camera and shoe polish tested for explosive. Patted down by a very nice lady and had to take my shoes off twice! (didn't understand that). I mean, what I endure for the love of ... Performing Arts
  5. Happy birthday, Gerry. Hope you have fun and enjoy yourself. I know I will. Wishing you well, Maria
  6. Why m'I the only one who chose to Have his baby? Is that weird? I honest to god had this dream one night that I was the hired mommy to his baby
  7. It's probably my poor english knowledge but that Title took me into a "Pretty Woman" kind of story. Wasn't really expecting a fallen woman on the ground geez....
  8. I'm sorry, but just that mental picture is fantastically funny Someone else said that on another board. Even posted a pic of Daryl Hannah lookin' all crazy and glam. Exactly, that's what I also thought "Daryl Hannah"!!!!
  9. Me too, Frannie. I didn't think it was highlights either. I don't see what the big deal is. Ditto. Can't see those famous highlights but who cares...
  10. well... but only the good ones TGBM has named a SIM character Gerard Butler
  11. Way too cool!. Good luck to you and to all of you that enters the casting
  12. I can play a Mean churchgoer..., they can cast me! while I droll all over Gerry That would be a interesting summer job
  13. But you share your birthday with Richard I, [Richard the Lion Hearted], King of England 1157. That's so cool :-)

  14. LOL "Gerry um amigo gringo" ... He is a gringo, eheheh, reminds me of a Mexican Tv character: He is a gringo, senor! Just thought that was funny
  15. I absolutely did not like Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes. Every time he entered the stage, I thought " There he goes again" and curb my immediate instinct to switch to the backstage UStream transmission. The jokes were lame and flat, so much that I trully believed at the true size of his p**** and eyed pitifully to the promotion of his DVDs. He probably should have switch the beer he was drinking at a live TV show for a double straight scotch. Only completely blasted would he be funny in that show I think the writers are the ones who got insulted at the way Gervais presented their award. Do you remember at Gerry's immediate phrase when he entered the stage? Hugs Maria
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