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  1. Hi Gals!!!!! :bounce: How is everyone? I hope everyone is healthy and well! Would love to go to the PJ party but was just in Vegas a few weeks ago. The family will not tolerate me leaving again lol. Talk to everyone soon!
  2. I've noticed that things that are supposed to be the same size and style acutally vary in size when they are in different colors. Go figure.
  3. Hope everyone is okay with these nasty storms! It's been 80 to 90 degrees in Redding, our typical Spring. Fire danger is sky high with our drought situation here in Cali. Everyone be safe!
  4. Sue that is awesome. See I'm here two nights in a row
  5. Good Sunday to everyone, It's a cool and cloudy day in ol Redding California. I'm gonna try and get back on here more often. I miss my gals! Sue, my mom is well. She is now doing home care nursing. How is your family? Talk to you all again soon
  6. Hi Gals, Been a long time. I hope very one is well. My life is in hyperdrive it seems. My baby that I was pregnant with when I was on here frequently is now almost 6 years old. I've been an RN for going on 3 years. Crazy busy! I wish everyone health and happiness! Check in with you again soon.
  7. I GOT MY FIRST NURSING JOB!!! Woo hoo! I hope everyone is well. I just saw the news and I wish Gerry the best! Hollywood sucks the life from people.
  8. Hi Gals, it's been a while. Hope everyone is well and had wonderful holidays. Oh by the way guess who's an RN now?? That's right MEEEEE!!!!! Love ya Jobella
  9. Well hello Gals! Check in time. I have just ended my third semester of nursing school. I will be starting my final semester in August. I can't believe how fast this is flying by. SUMMER VACTION!!
  10. Hi everyone, it's me Jobella or Jen. Hi Susan and Aunt M Thank you Sue for the beautiful Christmas card. I hope every one had a wonderful Christmas. I have completed my first year of nursing school. Yay I'm half a nurse. My last semester was INTENSE to say the least. My babies are growing like crazy. Jonah is in third grade and Isabella is in kindergarten. Little bit Sophia is already 2 1/2. Talk to ya soon.
  11. Hi Gals, How is everyone? My life is moving a warp speed. Getting ready to start second semester of nursing school. Oh by the way, I made the Dean's list for last semester. Sue and Jill, lets do lunch before school starts again.
  12. I'm so happy you're going Sue! My babies are getting sooo big. Jonah is 8, Bella 4 1/2 and Sophie is almost 2. How are your babies?
  13. Hi Gals! Made it through my first semester of nursing school I hope everyone is well. Who is going to Vegas?
  14. Hi everyone. I hope all is well. Just peeking in to say hi! School is going great. Family is great and busy. I think of the Redding Gals often. Jen Jobella
  15. Hi Gals! Just stopping by the say hi. Getting ready to start school again on the 20th. I hope everyone is well.
  16. Hi Gals! Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!
  17. Thanks Gals! I talked to Sue yesterday, She is so postive but, her heart is so broken. We cried for a good 30 mins or so. Funeral is Saturday to say good bye. Love ya all Jen
  18. Hi Gals Just wanted to let you know I have decided to delay nursing school. I have way too much on my plate. My three babies all under the age 8, my husband's Grand Mother is dying from Lung Cancer, Marc has to have another surgery next week. I can't be 100% in it, if my heart is not in it right now. I will continue talking online classes to finish up my degree. Thank you for everyone's support.
  19. Thanks Jill, A quick peek in. My life is offically over today. I started Nursing School! I need your thoughts and prayers of my GALS. Love ya Jobella
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