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  1. That's one helluva mop boy! Are you sure you don't prefer him wearing his mask??
  2. I'm so sick of Johnny Depp, I mean the guy is sexy and everthing but he's been sexy for 20 years. Let's give someone else a chance!!!
  3. :bump22: I've added a few new videos....http://www.youtube.com/rainthebrain LOVE YOU GERRY!! :tasty:
  4. Happy Birthday my darling GerryBerry! Hope you have a great day, don't work too hard, and don't forget to relax with the one you love tonight! (I can be there in a few hours just tell me where to meet you)
  5. Is your birthday really November 13th?

  6. Has this been posted yet? http://justjared.buzznet.com/2007/10/25/ge...rds/#more-21717
  7. I'm not going to be putting in my deposit for Vegas till January but please count me if for Chippie's! P.S. You think we can make a request for one of the guys to come out in a yellow towel? :mopboyjackie: :ohbaby2:
  8. Since there will probably be no Gerry I'm COUNTING on the Chippie's. I'm in if anyone else wants to go. I'll be bringing plenty of loonies (dollar coins) to stick in their speedo's. I figure if we put enough of them in there the weight will pull them down! haha!
  9. I love my siggy too (Thanks Cleobethra!) You could easily pass for college age. I say go sign up as an extra and see what happens. If they need 4000 people you are definitely in! Say hi to Gerry for me!!
  10. I'll definitely be attending next year. I hope you girls that attended the last two conventions aren't bored of the Chippendales show cause I wouldn't mind going to that too! If Gerry attends I will be rooming with him. Called it!! :tasty:
  11. Go anyways, they may need you for another part. By the way, Viggo Mortenson will also be filming in New Mexico around this time. You NM Gals are soooo lucky!!
  12. I've changed my mind about my one night stand/marriage choices. For marriage I want Gerry Kennedy!! Assuming of course that he doesn't die. For my one night stand I now choose Terry cause I can get over him quickly and get back to my Gerry Gerry! (King Leonidas would be too unforgetable)
  13. I don't know if this one is already on the site so I'm posting a link just in case. Check out the female interviewer after the interview is over. It's safe to say she thought Gerry was pretty HOTT! :tasty: http://www.mtv.ca/?lnk=v&source=OD_VID...content_1561565
  14. Never have I wished more to be a Canadian citizen than at this moment...... That's funny, every winter I wish I lived in Florida! hahaha! I love the part in ROF when they are acting out a scene from Star Wars. Darth Vader (Bale) cuts off Luke Skywalker's (Butler) hand with the light sabre and when the kids get scared Gerry shows them his hand under his sleeve so they can see it really wasn't cut off. That's so sweet and soooo Gerry!
  15. Reign of Fire is on right now, 9pm, on A Channel (channel 20) in Canada.
  16. :woah: Oops! Maybe I should have been more clear. Craig Ferguson is going to be a guest on The Hour on Tuesday. Sorry for getting you all excited for nothing!
  17. Check it out.... http://www.cbc.ca/thehour/ It lists them on the left side of the page, just scroll down a bit. And if anyone likes Craig Ferguson, he's going to be on the show on Tuesday.
  18. I guess everyone has read these other sites but me. Is it really that bad? I don't understand why you let it upset you so much. Who cares what they say? No matter what you post online there will be someone who thinks you've gone too far. You will get attacked if you say something too negative about Gerry, if you say something too positive, if they perceive your degree of Gerry obsession is "over the top" as compared to their Gerry obsession. You can never win. That's why I like this site. No one judges you. You are free to say whatever you want and no one is going to call you a crazy, obsessed fan girl. Post whatever you want Swannie. If you change what you post because of them then they have won. Hey, some would call you crazy just for posting on a fan site, are you going to stop that too? Enjoy your Gerry fandom and forget about what those losers have to say.
  19. I was going to choose Scotland cause it sounds so great and I want him to show me his home. If we go there though I would have to share him with his family and friends so NO THANKS! I choose Tahiti! It's got the benefits of a desert island with the luxuries of a resort. :ohbaby2: You can say that again! :ohbaby2:
  20. I bet he lets her sleep in bed with him. Is it possible to be jealous of a dog?! :whochnuzzle: I do I do!!!
  21. Thank you, ladies! GALS are always so helpful. Two more.... www.craigslist.com www.mandy.com , for film industry jobs.
  22. New RocknRolla pic but I don't know how to download it from IMDB. http://www.imdb.com/gallery/hh/0455057/HH/...g,%20Matt%20(I)
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