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  1. You don't want to bankrupt him, do you? Only morally... Too funny "Only morally" I always get such a "kick" out of all your remarks.
  2. What a sweet story...always knew he had a heart of gold and will come to the aid of anyone in need.
  3. It has been too long since we have seen him...I love the hair and wish he would be clean shaven more but I too will take him any way at all Cannot wait to see more movies. Thanks GALS
  4. I too need Gerry Juice and lots of pics. It has been such a dry spell w/o seeing or hearing of our GB
  5. I shall support Gerry Butler no matter what he does. He is a beautiful person, inside and out and deserves the very best that life has to offer.
  6. It seems like forever since I read anything about Gerry. I do hope he is enjoying himself without all the press but I miss seeing that gorgeous face here at GALS.
  7. Gee all this time and I didn't know of the ranking system. Now that I know, I will try to add my "two cents" more often. Hugs, Barbara
  8. You don't have to be a Philadelphia lawyer to know Gerry brings in the $$$. The man is a good actor and Fabulous to look at
  9. I, too agree totally with Star60, I will always support Mr. Butler, I feel he is a fine actor and so beautiful to watch
  10. Yes, we GALS have known of his charm for a long time but it is wonderful to hear that others are discovering the depths of Gerry Butler and no other actor has ever affected me as he does whether it is seeing him on the screen or watching him during an interview. The man HAS IT ALL
  11. Cannot wait to see the article Reading what you GALS have to say about him is always a hoot, thanks for making my day brighter.
  12. What a great story about Gerry and how accommodating he is. I enjoyed reading this so much. Keep up the good work GALS. I love what You All do and say
  13. Me too !! I love when he is on Ferguson's show. They are very funny together. And Gerry's stories are priceless. They keep me mesmerized.
  14. I also think LAC should have won an award. It is a good one and Evil Twins should be very proud of themselves. I've seen it 5 times and just bought the DVD and cannot wait to see it again. Certainly looking forward to Bounty Hunter Barb
  15. I just wanted to add my two cents .....his thighs are one of his parts that turns "me to jelly"...when he pointed his foot during the song "Point of No Return" in POTO, I love watching him. The man is gorgeous in every way and seems to have a wonderful personality. I cannot wait to see The Bounty Hunter.
  16. He does have great legs!!! Let's face it, Gerry has great EVERYTHING. Except taste in swimming trunks. But I would take Gerry likes this over the 300 body anyday.
  17. Oh thanks so much ...that is it. "Tommyknockers" and Jimmy Smit was in it....when I read the book I couldn't put it down until I finished it. Happy New Year and thanks again for refreshing my memory. :~)
  18. I also loved Shawshank Redemption and confess I like some of Stephen Kings' "stuff" and some I don't like at all. S.K. wrote a book that became a movie with Marg H. from CSI and I couldn't put it down. For the life of me I cannot think of the name of the book. Can anyone help me out???She was digging something up that was out in the woods near her house and other people came to dig too and it changed them. It will drive me nuts until I think of the name of the book. I hate when I do that. Happy to hear others liked LAC...saw it 5 times and cannot wait til DVD comes out in March. Thanks Barb for the heads up about it.
  19. As far as I am concerned Mr. Butler is #1 and will always be #1 no matter what he does and I thought the same thing about his eyes....Blue....the author has not looked as closely as we have Happy New Year Barb and all the rest of you GALS out there...I love this site so much. You do a terrific job.
  20. I too believe Susan Boyle is fantastic and is proof that you can attain your dream but I will always vote Gerry Butler NUMBER ONE because he is and always will be. I believe we will be hearing and seeing Gerry for many years. I hope it is he who will make a movie about Robert Burns. Happy Holidays GALS and thank you all for being who you are :~)
  21. How many actors (male and female) can we think of who found "the love of their life" - late in life? One comes to mind right away...Warren Beatty. He dated lots of women and fell for Annette Benning...married and I believe has 4 children. If it is meant to be it will happen, if not, Oh! well. I just want GB to go on making lots of GOOD movies and we may have all the fantasies that we want.
  22. I, too, cannot read enough of these articles of how he has evolved and how he thinks. He is such a "thoughtful", caring and wonderful person. A very DEEP THINKER which I love. Happy Thanksgiving All ...{{HUGS}}
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