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  1. There is a video of the opening on the Atlantis website. The firework display starts at about 9:17, it's spectacular http://www.atlantisthepalm.com/grandopening.aspx
  2. Hi Lady Ski Bum,Dubai is one of the more relaxed Emirates. I have had the opportunity to travel there several times and found they do serve alcolhol in all restaurants, bars, clubs etc., in fact they are the only places you can purchase alcohol unless you have a licence in which case you can buy alcohol in licquor stores. You might have to be a resident though I'm not sure. Or you can always buy alcoholic beverages in the Duty Free at Dubai airport. They do, however, not tolerate drunkenness on the streets, you could actually end up in jail. Anyway, Dubai is fantastic, so Cosmopolitan and above all very safe. We always meet very interesting people from all over the world. Oh, and the service is excellent. Mr. Butler will have a great time.
  3. Yep, my husband really likes her too. So this would be the perfect combo for us.
  4. Oh yes I remember GMTV and Lorraine Kelly. That was lovely. Thank you, Scottish lass, for the link. Great find.
  5. Thanks again for letting me know about this new installment. Very much enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next segment.
  6. Hi ladies! Sorry to hear that some of you are not very well. We have the flu going 'round here as well. My daughter had it last week and my husband is bad with allergies, he even stayed home from the office which is unusual (still insists on working though ) . I just hope I don't get it, I'm supposed to be travelling next week to see my mummy and daddy. BTW, I love Robbie Williams' Swing album and the show at the Albert Hall was terrific. He is definitely a very talented and charismatic entertainer. Take care everybody and look after yourselves .
  7. Thanks Mel. Looks like a fun movie :yippee: and the scenery is beautiful.
  8. I'm an Aquarian too, babe! We're hard to figure out sometimes. Hey Pil, No wonder we get on so well, i'm an Aquarian too!!!!!!!! :hmm2: The character traits are spot on right down to the explosion of temper I love being who i am, although i can be a bit out there sometimes. Anyway that's just me Love to you all Ali And moi :laugh:
  9. Good morning ladies! Just quickly wanted to thank everybody for welcoming me here. You seem to be a lovely group. I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Mel, that video was so coote..I mean cute! Swansong, so sorry you weren't feeling very well and hope you're much better today. I have to go, am off to the gym. I shall 'see' you around. :hugsnkisses:
  10. Hello ladies! I've never posted in here before...hope I'm not intruding. I just wanted to wish everybody a Happy Valentine's Day. xoxo
  11. Just popping in very briefly I saw this movie on Friday with Iliessa, Mrs. C and my husband . Absolutely loved it and my husband really enjoyed it, too. Mr. Butler and HS were great as was the rest of the cast. I might just have to go and see it again with my daughter Iliessa and Mrs. C, it was very nice for my husband and I to meet you both. Iliessa, please give my thanks to your friend. OK have to go.
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