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  1. VERY cool!!!! Love Jonathan Ross....may have to order BBC before then...LOL! Thanks, Moira! ~SAM
  2. Thanks for posting this! I actually recently read the original script for this (and yes, it was written in 1999) and one of the women was the original writer.....also, though they kept some things, there are vast differences between it and the finished product we've all now seen. I like that it was written by women by I kind of wonder if and how it would be different had it been written by a man.... ~SAM
  3. I'm glad I could contribute a find since I'm not around here so much! I LOVE the Bonnie interviews, too....she always has great interviews with him. *sigh* ~SAM
  4. I looked and didn't see this posted...enjoy! http://www.tribute.ca/interviews/The+Ugly+Truth/star/36259
  5. Now that I've seen the trailer, I'm definitely more excited for this film....CANNOT WAIT! Thanks!
  6. Wow, wow, WOW! Thank you so much for sharing your pics and your stories with us! I know you've done some traveling for some Gerry events (we were both at CUT though never met ) and I am thrilled beyond words for you that you met THE MAN! ~SAM
  7. Gerry's so....Gerry! Yahoo! Movies interviews Gerry for RnR ~SAM
  8. Well, it's not just Gerry's and Guy's....I just tried to watch Jennifer Aniston's and same deal (error page). Hopefully, they'll fix it soon.... ~SAM
  9. I see what you guys mean now. Maybe they are in the middle of updating the site? ~SAM
  10. I am happy to share whatever I find! When I had posted it, I hadn't yet watched it but I agree, it's another gem. Bonnie's a great Gerry interviewer! ~SAM
  11. Pam! I am fine! Just super busy with school and seriously distracted by all the latest Gerry goodies....in case you don't see this, I am going to PM you. ~SAM
  12. Just found this: Click HERE and scroll down and you'll see "Gerard Butler (RocknRolla) Interview" ~SAM
  13. I love it, I love it, I love it! Makes me even more excited about this one.... ~SAM
  14. My favorite color on my favorite guy....works for me! ~SAM
  15. I was just reading that and thought "oh, THAT'S why he was in India...." I really do hope he finds what he's looking for. It's good that he's conscious of the fact....some people just stay in turmoil. Gerry ~SAM
  16. Love the pics! Thank you for posting the link! I definitely have GALS...I love everything about Gerry in these pics. Just everyday Gerry. ~SAM
  17. You are welcome Sam...but actually the thanks goes to Gerry...because I'm certain that he had to approve having his home shown on the internet like that and I really believe that he wanted to share a bit of himself with us~ So thank you Gerry...from the bottom of my heart!!!!! Hodari, I know how you feel sweetie...I was born in the Queens and spent my young childhood on Long Island (in Farmingdale).....now I'm in California (where I have been for a long time now)...but New York will always be "home" to me. hugs, Sue Sue ~ you're so right but thank you for giving me the opportunity to see them because I haven't been able to since the site's crashed! Actually it's a two story loft with a roof garden at the top of a building in Chelsea. Marg ~ you're a wellspring of information!!! ~SAM
  18. A HUGE thank you to irish and becozy for sharing those pics!!! His place looks absolutely amazing!!!!!!! I think it fits Gerry very well...... ~SAM
  19. Strangely enough, I happened to find out about the bag COMPLETELY by accident.....I had seen the Waverly Inn pics and noticed the red emblem on the bag. As fate would have it, I was in the check-in line at the airport (on my way to LA for CUT) and there was a woman in front of me with a bag with the same red emblem so, of course, I could also see the brand name of the bag as well. Now.....which hat are we talking about? LOL ~SAM
  20. Kez ~ HERE is the link to the pics. And HERE is the link to the video! Lisa, I hope you don't mind my stepping in to help! ~SAM
  21. Sam ~ No fair! You didn't need to show me that. Luckily, it costs $145, but you know me. I’ll find it somewhere else for cheaper. THIS . . . IS . . . . MADNESS!!!!! LMAO! Yes, it's TOTAL MADNESS! The man doesn't shop at Target, what can I say? Don't kill the messenger! ~SAM
  22. I lurk a lot but had to step in here because I KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE CURIOUS! The bag is made by Chrome. To prove my point: The bag's first appearance at the Waverly Inn in NYC HERE. Pay attention to the red emblem! Then, of course, the bag HERE with Gerry on the set of TUT. And finally, the bag HERE to purchase (notice the red emblem again?). Chrome does have a website but the camo bags, it appears, are no longer available for purchase there.... Now, if anyone can help with the book.....LOL ~SAM
  23. Yes, IMDb says it's filming now in Glendale, CA (which is not far from LA). Maybe he'll be on next week? I mean, how far in advance do we know these things? I know NBC usually doesn't post the schedule for the week until the weekend before so there could still be hope. SAM
  24. Thank you. Now that you describe this, I do remember seeing this. I think it I saw it on YouTube --> After Leno Stalking (or something like that). That's exactly what it was. I hadn't heard about it myself until recently. If I were Gerry, I would've felt claustrophobic. I love his Leno interviews.....I hope this isn't why he's not done a Nim's interview with him. SAM
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