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  1. Chelle ~ awesome find!!!! Thanks! I love when he laughs, too! ~SAM
  2. I'll have to AMEN to that, too! ~SAM
  3. I am really loving how the shirt is unbuttoned at the top AND the bottom! And yes, we are getting spoiled....he's looking really, really good..... ~SAM
  4. The person is assuming the pug is the woman's dog....do your research! Posted today but the pics were taken, it says, Friday. http://www.flynetonline.com/2008/03/this-is-weho/ ~SAM
  5. I hate to see Gerry hounded, too. As long as his star is on the rise, it will continue to happen. At least this time he's smiling instead of flipping them the bird. ~SAM
  6. I think it certainly could be for a role but it could simply be him just not caring right now until he does have to have whatever look is required of him for his next role. We shall find out sooner or later. ~SAM
  7. Thanks for posting the link! I love scruffy Gerry, I love dressed up Gerry.....I do not discriminate. ~SAM
  8. Her name is Lynn And thanks to irish for the pics....I'd never seen his sister before. ~SAM
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