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  1. outlander is the best book series i've read in years.adventure ,romance and time travel the best mixture in a book.claire is the perfect herorine strong sassy sexy woman who no how to take care of herself.james to me is gerry cocky sexy funny smart.please tell me anyone if theses books are going to be made in to a movie starring gerry.
  2. saying goodbye is always sad but free4all one was full of love and jokes.i got to see she was a woman full of life and fun .she lived every day as a gift from god,never let her bad health make her stop living life.her father told me stories about thejokes she played on family member and their revenge they took on her by making her believe her gerry dvds were missing. free4all family are wonderful, loving people who i will keep in touch with. free4all pre-order 300 as a goodbye gift for me from amazon. i can't believe she remembered my birthday was in aug.it shows what a loving ,kind and great person carly [free4all] was.she was buried next to her beloved mum.i no she in heaven reading her history books watching gerry movies with her mum reading her romance novels .i guess living a simple life with simple enjoyments is heaven to some people. free4all enjoy your rest,loving friend who will miss you but will remember you always,love gblover
  3. she went by the name free4all but her name was carly.she was 38 nurse who was still getting over her beloved mum death.she was in a battle with kidney disease.so many times it look like she was leaving this world but she always fight back.this time i guess her body was just to tried.she pass away last sat morning in her sleep.we share a love of anything gerry.she even give me a dvd of gerry movie i couldn't find.i was so happy she made it to see 300.she told me how she cry when gerry died at the end.i never found someone with such passion for gerry movies,history books.i pray carly ,free4all is in heaven with her mum.goodbye free4all may god kiss your beautiful face.
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