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  1. I was lucky enough to see this movie Friday night with my daughter and her boyfriend. The theater was so packed that some people sat on the floor! We were second in line so we got great seats! The movie itself was hilarious! The humor is adult, profane in places and physical. I didn't like Katherine Heigel's previous movies. She obviously likes the physical humor and the chemistry with Gerry is really fun to watch. The day to day life on the set between her and Gerry must have really been easy. She has a potty mouth, she smokes and she is a good actress. Gerry as always was HOT HOT HOT in this. I love the little bounce in his walk. It is really noticeable in this movie as he walks toward the camera. I actually moaned! My daughter burst out laughing at my reaction. I don't want to spoil the story for anyone so I will wait to bring up any more specifics until everyone has had the opportunity to see it. But Gerry is just great in this!!! No surprise there! I hope you all have as great a time as I did! Hugs! Carrie
  2. I got the DVD on Friday too. I've watched the movie twice over the weekend and all of the extras including the Deleted scenes. I noticed that not all of the WoG pieces are on the DVD and they cut a couple of them short. Expecially the one with Gerry undressing in the Its a wrap. LOL I guess he was too hot for the DVD. I've been terribly selfish..I haven't shared the DVD with any family yet. But in the days, weeks and years to come I know this will be a family favorite. .
  3. I just received an email confirmation from Amazon.ca that the Beowulf & Grendel DVD I ordered is on it's way!! I'm so excited. I was lucky enough to see this movie on the big screen twice. At the Sarasota Film Fesitival and in Las Vegas. But now I get to share the movie with my whole family and friends. I know it is going to be a big hit with all of them. And I get to memorize the dialog like I have on so many other Gerry movies. I hope all of the fabulous documentary work and interviews are on it too. :mopboybeowulf: .
  4. Carimia


    Hi Anna! Welcome to GALS! I've never heard of a interview by Oprah of Gerry. I know I've sent in numerous requests to the Oprah show to have Gerry but no such luck. I think if there was such a interview we would have it in our Multimedia area. Stef is very thorough about such things. However, if you do come across such a interview please make sure to let us know! I'd love to see it. Carrie
  5. Wow, very nice. There is even some commentary on the review and responses by Sturla. Thanks for posting the link! :goodjob2:
  6. Whatever role Gerry wants Gerry should get. I'd go see any movie he was in. There have been a couple I didn't particularly care for but I bought them anyway. I think he is a very good actor. And a wonderful human being. I'm one of those GALS members who mostly reads the posts and only occasionally posts comments. The number of lurkers and readers far surpasses the number of posters. I met a couple of lovely ladies in Vegas who said they read the board but don't post. So just cause you don't see a written response doesn't mean your post wasn't appreciated. Carrie
  7. Can't wait to see it!! I hope it is a pleasant experience for you. Hugs, Carrie
  8. I was the one who shouted out the question on Burns..he looked in my direction but not "at" me. So I wasn't sure if he heard it or not. Then I was embarassed to think I might have been rude to have shouted anything at all. Then I made a comment about him being a God and got tapped for being sacrilegous! So I spent the rest of his visit with my mouth tightly shut. I guess I got over excited but at least I didn't tackle him and drag him off to my room!!! Not that the thought didn't occur to me :inlove:
  9. I ordered the DVD from Amazon.ca and it arrived just after I came home from Vegas. With trying to catch up on everything I didn't have time to watch it until tonight. I've only watched it the once so far but I liked it. I understood where Sarah was coming from. She is dying and she is being selfish. I think that is natural for someone who is dying and feels so much left undone and unsaid in their life to want to have some closure. She left Sam and went to America. I think she felt guilty and understood what a mistake she had made. I felt a lot of sympathy for her. Coming to terms with ones mortality is not easy for anyone. I thought Gerry did an excellant job as usual. He is believable as this character. When you see him in the kitchen it is convincing. I wonder if he can really cook. :inlove: The character Sam is also admirable in that he realizes he too made a mistake by not following Sarah to America. So he settled with Charlotte. He is weak and torn between the two. In the end he follows his heart by going to Sarah's side in the hospital. The Charlotte character is not so sympathtic to me because she is jealous of a dying woman. Surely she realized long ago that Sam had turned to her on the rebound. If she had stood by Sam and supported him she would have been the ultimate victor in the struggle for him. But she is faced with her own petty shortcomings. I didn't see any infidelity between Sam and Sarah. Do you think it was implied during the opera scene? I think the message of the film is loud and clear. Live strong and follow your heart. Because you don't know how long you have. Just my two cents...I know, who asked? Ah well. Writing things down clears the head.
  10. Oh My! I didn't realize there was anyone else in the room. Gerry filled it up nicely. I agree wholeheartedly with Dr Em and the Mods. Gerry deserves respect and privacy. He was very kind and generous to have made an appearance let's not repay him with silly gossip.
  11. :funnyabove: Jason was a cutie. And a artist. I'm sorry the surly little girl almost ruined the experience for you. But I think in the long run what you will remember is the fun we had getting them together. Lets do it again next year! I paid $300 for the tat. Which compared to home that price was a bit shocking. But when I look at it every day I am very happy with it. Thank god for credit cards. Even though he recommended going straight to Lubriderm my skin did not like that. So as soon as I got home I switched to A&D oinment, the itching and flaking stopped immediately. I'm all healed up and I'm on the maintenance program of Cocoa Butter every day. Which is what I use on all of the butterflies. Even though I didn't spend as much time with everyone as I would have liked. I am very grateful I got to meet you and I very much look forward to seeing you all again in the future! Everyone was so sweet, kind and fun that I had a blast! Love, Carrie
  12. Random Vegas moments...Hmmmm.. Well, Thursday morning my daughter, Heather and I rented a convertible (Sebring) and drove out to Red Rock Canyon. I've never driven a convertible before it was fun! Red Rock Canyon was gorgeous! We drove around the scenic route then hiked on one of the shorter trails. After that we drove out to Hoover Dam. Seeing that huge structure and Colorado River was fantastic. I just wish we had skipped the tour inside which I found to be boring. Not to mention how hot it was that day. Then we rushed back to Vegas to get ready for dinner at Paco's and Thunder from Down Under!!! The young Aussie guys were hot but I thought Katie's Gerrygasm was much more entertaining! Way to go Katie!!! :whochnuzzle: Carrie
  13. Barb, That is my absolute favorite picture of him from that night! You did a wonderful job. I want to thank you again for all your hardwork and your paitence with the procrastinators like myself. It was wonderful to have met you in Vegas and I hope to see you again next year! Love, :inlove: Carrie
  14. Hiya Ladies!! I had a lot of fun getting my tat with everyone. It is the most beautiful of all my butterflies. Thank you Susan and Holly for posting the pics!!! :goodjob2: I liked the artist Jason Blanco very much. I educated him about Gerry and our convention while he was working on me. I'm sure he will look for Gerry in future movies! We chatted the entire hour and a half it took to get it finished. The only thing I did not like was the price. I think I must have blanched when he told me. But in the end it was worth it. I'd get a tat with you GALS anytime! Love ya! Carrie
  15. Lovely Sweet Mel, Your vid was absolutley wonderful. Watching you on stage with Gerry was one of the happiest moments at the convention. I stood there with all YOUR fans grinning from ear to ear and feeling so happy for you. It was a tremendous pleasure to have met you! Hugs! Carrie :inlove:
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