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    reading books, walking on the beach, watching the stars, dancing, singing, writing stories, watching movies, helping out charities, loving animals and nature, going to Scotland for a visit, I also want to go to London, and Ireland

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  1. This is my list!!!! Mastering showing your kindness to others (not many actors can do that) Yawning in public, but not regretting it For figuring out who you truly are Observing things that some people never notice Regarding a walk in the monnlight as a good thing (a lot of guys don't think about it at all) Telling your mum, you love her and saying it often in interviews Your beautiful soul Remembering to always value your family Eclipsing one film with the next one which is even better Always willing to take a chance for your artShowing that you care about the enviroment, nature and animals Only caring about the truly important things in life Never regretting who you are or what you do or how you live Stopping yourself from drinking again, saving yourself from that habit (I admire you for that) Wondering about the same things in life that the rest of us wonder about Engaging in life to the fullest Liking you gives all of your fans something in common Only using your past experiences to show you your path ahead Valuing you fans and their help in getting you where you are today Effecting everyone you meet with your charming personality Your caring and humorous ways Opening up about your life to fans Using your own talents to build your career, the way you want it to be Granting us the priviledge of knowing you Engaging in polite conversations with your fans, when they meet you Really being yourself in front of the people who interveiw you Answering your fan's questions to you Running across the mud flats with a deaf boy just to spend time with him (I have a feeling you would do that even in your day to day life) Dreams of someday meeting you gives us hope Jumping into dangerous waters just to save a life Asking your fans to continue to support you is what makes you so special to us Making a pact to help "kids kicking cancer" and other charities Every time you smile, you light up someone's heart Showing that even an actor is just a human after all Bringing us all together to celebrate you, where we can make dear friends Using your talents to make a difference in the world Telling people you care how they feel Leaving the cigarettes behind so your fans don't worry for you Encouraging young people to act and develop their own talents Realizing Scotland will always be your true home, and that is where your heart is This list spells out: MY FORTY REASONS WE LOVE YOU GERARD JAMES BUTLER
  2. Unfortunately, Entertainment Weekly Magazine, this week ,after the movie was seen by Owen Gleiberman,rated it a "C-". well I saw it last night and thought it was awesome (although the stupid people running the film at the theater, let the scenes where the family is killed at the beginning of the movie play on screen with the scene line going through the middle,so the view was all corrupted at the beginning before they corrected it) but I thought it was great, Here is some of what was said by Owen, in the magazine: "Clyde is one of those movie madmen who turns vengeance into a game. he's Bronson crossed with the didactic sadist of the "saw" films. Clyde is meant to be nuts, but too often it's law abiding citizen that checks rationality at the door. Butler and Foxx engage in "sub-silence of the lambs" word duels, but during these scenes what I mostly noticed is how quickly I've grown tired of Butler's mush-mouthed bravura and also how much I hope that Foxx, who looks bored, holds his slumming down to this one Film." I think this Owen guy is crazy! sincerely, Tracy
  3. Wow, it sounds like he has been having fun, but I must say, for someone who has said that he doesn't drink alcohol anymore he sure seems to be having an awful lot of "non alcoholic" alcohol named drinks lately, I believe someone has been lying about what he really does at parties (not that I'm really surprised, he is a celebrity after all, I had just hoped he was being truthful about something that is really important to me) and it certainly will change my opinion of him as a person. Alcoholics are really hard to handle at times. ( I know from my experiences about that subject), But I still will pray and care about him, non the less, ( I'm hopeless aren't I, LOL) sincerely, TZ
  4. Gerry, I wish for you to have a very happy and fulfilling birthday on Thursday, May it be filled with all the little things(walks in the moonlight, it will be the full moon after all, whispers in the wind,your lolita near,foods you enjoy and happiness shared with friends) that give you comfort in your busy days of acting and public appearances. May all of your wishes made, while blowing out your candles, come true for you, and never forget that many. many, people will be thinking of you on your special day, sincerely, Tracy
  5. I thought it was great that on the front site page they added that it was on today, 9/19 at 8am, but it was also on at 12noon and at 3 am this morning as well. E news shows their newest show every night monday through friday at 7pm, but then that same show is shown at 11pm, and then at 3am, 8am, and 12noon the following day except on fridays, they only show their newest show at 7pm, 11pm, and at only 3am the following day. because on saturdays the newest show comes on at 9am, 7pm, and then at 11am, and 7pm on sundays, so on mondays a new show doesn't air until 7pm that day., just thought if some of you ladies didn't know this, the next time he is on e news, you will have five times you can see him, in two days, sincerely, Tracy
  6. You know ladies, as I read some of the comments and looked at the pictures myself, I now understand how all the rumors get started, Gerry was walking Lolita and the lady behind him was walking lolita at times as well, but she was with another man who was walking behind Gerry, she was with her man and Gerry was with lolita, they are apparently friends of his and were taking a walk with him, The guy was probably no one other then his brother and his wife or some other family members (it was around Easter after all) I don't want to speculate, but it is quite apparent that the lady was NOT with Gerry , but with someone else. Tracy
  7. Thanks so much for the info, it looks like I will be watching the webcams there that night, just like I did for PSILY. you can save the pictures to your computer too, so hopefully I will get some more great pictures like last time. from PSILY, I got a great one of him entering the theater beside a blonde, :yippee: ,sincerely, Tracy
  8. I thought I would let admin know that I came across a site that has news from Albequerque, NM about "Game" filming there, in case you already didn't know about it, the site is: http://totallyhollywoodhunksnews.com/Film/Game.html , sincerely, Tracy
  9. I thought the interview was great, The Burns question made me get an idea, we raise money for charities that Gerry supports, wouldn't it be great if with the help of his other fan sites we could raise money for the funding of the "Burns" movie, it seems so important to Gerry and we do all of this to support him right!, sincerely, Tracy
  10. Hey, ladies, i was at the Scotland GB.net convention and the movie is going to happen next year, while there I had the pleasure of going to the Shanghai shuffle, and the resident singer there, Kathleen MacDermott, is going to have a part in the movie and said herself that it would be filming within the next year or so, sincerely, Tracy
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