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    Hi everyone!My name is Chloe.I like painting, music,movie,and of course,I like Gerard~~~

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  1. his lovely tongue~~ :inlove: and his strong arms~~ :inlove:
  2. He' s using the bag you send him?!!!!!!!!! is that means we can send letters to him,and he will receive it? I love this man so much!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. hey,he's a bachelor~and he's only 20 years older than me~~ HAHA!! I am imagining marrying to him~~~ :ohbaby2:
  4. Could someone send me the pics?I can't see them!!!!!!!!! I want my dear Gerry I want my dear Gerry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. wow~~it seems really big!! but it's a little somber I think~~ Is he like dark and cold colors?
  6. Thanks for comment!!

    I like "No One Would Listen"very much,and Gerry is awesome!!

  7. Hi Chloe~! Nice to have you here!...If you love Gerry's Phantom be sure to check out the Love Letters from the Lair...everything Ger/Phantom is there! I love 'No OneWould Listen' also...it's cool that you put those lyrics under your awesome siggy!

  8. the fans were crazy!!!Gerry is such a popular guy~~~ I am coming I am coming I am coming~ :ohbaby2:
  9. pic in the middle that smile is really nice~~ KISS KISS~ :tasty: :inlove:
  10. ohhhh~~ I am falling in a faint!!!!! so handsome and gorgeous and adorable!!! the smile and the necklace~~KISS KISS!
  11. thanks for those wonderful pics~~ I really hope I can meet Gerard~~
  12. I was attracted by Gerard when I saw The Phantom Of The Opera. I didn't know that phantom is him because I didn't think a man like Attila,Leonidas would sing~~ but I just love that phantom~~ and then I love my dear Gerard~~ P.S:I hope you can know what I said.My English is poor~~
  13. Thank you so much~~~ His voice is excellent!! and till now,I can't forget that phantom~~ :erikrose:
  14. Is"No one would listen" sing by Gerry? I wanna get the lyric of this song Thank you so much!!! Chloe~
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