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    My family, close friends,my puppy Chief (a shiba Inu) and of course Gerry and his wonderful down to earth self. I also am happy to meet a lot of really nice gals in this forum and hope to continue a long happy "journey" with you all.

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  1. 9frozenroses, I'm stopping by to let you know my fifth Phantom novel in the Phoenix series is published and available. Phantom Madness continues the story. Hope you're still here. Cheers, Sadie

  2. I just want to say that I am always satisfied with Gerry's looks in any of the movies he has made. He acts. and that is a lot of difference from being a "movie star". I am sure he is aware of his body and wants to be the best he can be. This is the career he has chosen and if he is happy and satisfied with his work and his looks (which, to me are just fine) all the more power to him. If he wants to cleanse, work out or just sit on that beautiful butt...you can bet there are a few thousand fans that wont really lose any sleep over it. He's a great guy and dont forget it.....
  3. Ohhh Gerry, You are something else. There will be the girls who will definetly take you up on your tongue in cheek remark and believe me, you will hear some hair curling suggestions....BUT...I bet when you take a gal home to meet Mama and want a family of your own....it wont be one of them.!!!I hope you sow your wild oats with all the gusto in the world, dear man...When you look back on it all, will you be proud of just your cinimatic successes ?...I somehow feel that we your fans know what is in your heart and soul. You have a beautiful sense of humor and a enviable position in a lot of peoples hearts. I think we can differeniate what you are saying to us, even in the heat of your exhileration and excitement of a moment, but please dont let your feet leave the ground, keep your inner honor and sweetness (yes, sweetness) and be proud of a career and a life well spent. We love you.
  4. This is the role Gerry has wanted to do since I first got interested in his career and I am so glad he will be able to get his acting chops into it as I think he will do a wonderful job in it. I realize it wont be to everyones taste but so many of Gerry's successes are those roles that are powerful and passionate. I think Burns will prove his versatility and once again prove himself to be one of our finer actors. Good luck Gerry and God bless you.
  5. Happy Birthday Gerry and much happiness and success in this coming year. I hope you are happy and prosperous and very successful in your chosen career and Very Loved and fulfilled in your personal life throughout the rest of your life. Many Happy Birthdays to come and many years of sheer joy in your future. You are a special man. God Bless..... Marilyn...(9 Frozen Roses)
  6. Heelo, I just wanted to introduce myself. I don't think we've crossed paths yet on the forum.


  7. I was impressed with Gerry being so amiable and approachable in his manner on the Jay Leno Show. He is one great person and so down to earth and (lets say it...Nice....) I think he's comfortable with himself right now. He knows he enjoys what he does and he likes the pictures he's been doing so he is full of of confidence and pride in his abilities. Aside from being a breath taking example of masculinity and sexiness, he is a more mature and handsome actor who when given the right roles can act and still remain human. He was wonderful on the Jay Leno show and I haven't lost an iota of faith and assurance that he will always be a good guy......
  8. I still get chills up my spine when I hear Gerry singing in this particular place in the film. I was so mesmerized by his Erik that by the time he got to this solo, I was a wreck. I have never loved a film more than this one. I think it proved to so many that here was an actor that could sing when he had to but more than that...He could really let his feelings soar and ebb throughout the whole movie...He was totally believable and superb in the role and he may have been disappointed in the immediate reception of it.....but time is proving that quality and talent win out over the years. There will still be praise for this film and Gerry for years and years to come.
  9. I have this and I love it. I could watch it 7 times a week and still get wrung out by Gerrys' performance. It is one of his very best achievements on film so far. I love all his acting, What I am saying is....He is truly a wonderful actor......and this proves it.
  10. Been off for a couple months. Vacation and bout with health but am back, raring to go again. Never lost my enthusiasm for the man. He's still the best thing on movie screens in my opinion. Cant wait for his newest films.
  11. This is the news I have been waiting for forever it seems. I hope Gerry gets this role as he has mentioned it several times in interviews and articles as the one he is looking forward to. I am sure he would be absolutely great as Burns and if his production company backs it too, how could he lose? This is something to really look forward to and I pray that it will come about for Gerry as well as for us.
  12. Great article, great guy and terrific answers to good questions about himself. Just what I expected, really...He's human...A guy trying to keep himself from going Hollywood in a town that eats its own....I'm glad he's trying to be healthier and avoiding a lot of the B---S--- that the paparazzi loves to spread about him. I think basically he is just a guy that happens to be very talented and gorgeous and I admire his intelligence and humor in dealing with the craziness he is exposed to everyday. Get your rest, keep those solid feet on the ground, Gerry and just know we are all behind you all the way. You are an exceptional guy and a terrific actor.
  13. I just got my 2009 Gerard Butler Calendar in the mail from Amazon yesterday....It's terrific...Dont forget to get one. Surprised I got it so soon but it's nice to have in reserve for next year.
  14. I so agree with your letter. I think Gerry has to get some R &R and going home to Scotland would be pairfect.....We all love to see him about and doing films, but the man must have limitations and I hope he recognizes them....because , Honestly, We care...!!!!!
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