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  1. That review was brutal and totally uncalled for.
  2. Chalk it up to the seven year itch!!, Don't fear, I haven't abandoned Gerry. I've been here since Attila and I don't plan on going anywhere. A girl has to keep her options open. There's room in my heart for one more. It was exciting to see a movie before it opened to the general public. Granted, like Songbird said, there did not seem to be too many Gerry fans around but I think the buzz afterwards was very good. I did not hear one negative comment on the way out. I think this movie will add many more fans to his fandom and that I am sure. I gave a review to my co-workers and I highly recommended they see this movie. It was sad in certain parts without being maudlin (and for that I'm eternally grateful considering my mother's current situation) and it was happy and uplifting in others. I really felt for Holly in one scene but I don't want to go into detail as it would be a spoiler. When I give a review I tend to get too detailed. I think this will be my new favorite Gerry movie.
  3. My condolences go to Dee's family for their terrible loss. I had a brief conversation with Dee in Vegas and found her to be a very kind, thoughtful lady. Her family will be in my prayers. Val
  4. Hello ma friend! Just wanted to pop in and say I was just thinking about you! Kathleen

  5. Agreed. While they're cross-promoting, I wonder if they'll be using McDonalds... I know if I found King Leo in my box it would certainly make for a Happy Meal! King Leo is certainly better than that creepy Burger King ad campaign they have going on now. I keep waiting in those commercials that the Burger King will put out a ax and start chopping.
  6. Songbird says..... ...or how 'bout 6 feet 2 inch anatomically correct inflatable Gerry dolls!? That would have to be some industrial strength plastic wouldn't it? Holly, get the pajama party people to look into that. You could test the prototype! :funnyabove: Yeah, and make sure they made it to be used with a electric pump. If you had to use a foot pump or blow it up yourself, by the time you finished you'd be worn out.
  7. You can add Songbird (Katie) and Val to the list. I've been fortunate to have seen the traveling stage show and the Broadway version of POTO. I shall add this to my list. Val :erikicon:
  8. Songbird (Katie) and Val will be rooming together Val :yippee:
  9. Yesss, that's the name of the movie I was thinking about when I read the synopsis of this storyline. I'm a big fan of Alan Rickman and I saw this movie several years ago. I also like Hillary Swank and I think she will be a great compliment to Gerry. Val
  10. Ah, yes, Michael. I took my TDFU photo to work and introduced him to my co-workers as my fiance. We've set a date for the fall, the problem is, he just doesn't know it yet. Oh, well, I won't sweat the small stuff. :: I tell ya, the limo driver and his "too bad they're gay" comment had me cracked up. I think he purposely took the long way back to the Sahara so he could hear all the women's comments. I think he was highly entertained. Val
  11. Oh, you lucky GALS!! Hope you get some great pics. Since I went to the Vegas con, the saying is "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" however, since I won't be attending this event the saying is "what happens in San Diego, does not stay in San Diego" so I expect a full report on all the Gerry happenings. :hmm2: :ohbaby2: Val
  12. Alice, Those are great pictures, especially of the costumes from POTO. Val
  13. I was in the front and the question was asked toward my left/his right and somewhere in the mid front/middle group. Someone shouted out "What about Burns or What's the status on Burns" or something like that and I thought he looked in that direction as if he heard it, but then he turned his head and continued talking about something else. It was loud so I'm going to lean toward he just didn't hear the question as opposed to him ignoring the question. Who knows. It may be a sore subject. I wish more concrete news would come out about TR. They're supposedly filming in the Czech Republic now, but he's not there so I'm not sure what they're filming if at all. Oh pooh. We shall see. Cassie I, too, heard the question but I don't think he ignored it. I thought he was about to answer when he was asked about doing a romantic comedy. At least, that was my take on it. I was too busy trying to make mental motion pictures!! Val
  14. To witness what transpired between you and Gerry was truly a most precious moment. Val
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