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  1. Sorry, I finally got in and got it done. Life's been throwing me some curveballs the last 2 weeks. I hope to send more on our big payday, the 25th. Hang in there!!! Bonnie, Bonnieboo98
  2. Geez, I haven't been here for a loooong time!! I just saw the cry for help on Facebook and I will send what I can on Thursday, the 7th. We are always living paycheck to paycheck but will squeak out some. GALS must stay!!! Love you all, Bonnieboo
  3. Imma gonna have to vote off Sam Bonnieboo
  4. I voted too! Looks like The Shade Tree is in good shape so far :O O.O
  5. Hey Landa, glad to hear it! What kind did you make this year?? Maybe one year you could make Camels!!!
  6. Hey Barb, Fingers crossed for easy storm and NO power loss!! It's stormin here too Ugggh!! Batten down the hatches!!! It's almost This one makes my tummy do a flip
  7. Love the pics from Dear Frankie...his eyes alone carried so much emotion!
  8. Gerry is a THEME all in himself I hava a feeling I'm gonna see some gorgeous things in here!! Hmmm...How to pick a favorite pic... Barbara, I son't think I've seen that Alex Rover yet for some reason, at least not clickable big and gorgeous!! The "look" is amazing!
  9. I'm all ready for ya! Bring it on, Vegas!!!
  10. Have FUN FUN FUN everyone!! Hugs, Bonnie
  11. Yeah, I thought I WAS coming. I tried to stay positive but we just kept getting punched in the gut with one thing after the other. I just can't scrape the money from anywhere else. We were waiting for a loan to come thru to get our roof fixed, but that hasn't happened yet either. Figured I should just take my losses and forget it. I am SO sad about this. I will miss you guys too. I'll be sending the drawing with Bella, I hope. I hope somebody will bid on it, and that it will help out a little. Hugs to you both and everyone else I'll be missing. Bonnie
  12. BELLA! You are a life saver THANK YOU!! I think I still have your address. I'll let you know, if not. I'll give this a couple protective coats and get in on up to you! I REALLY appreciate your help! Hugs, Bonnie
  13. I need help! Is there anyone driving to Vegas that I can send a tube with a drawing with for the Charity auction? I could overnight it needs to get there soon. OR, maybe someone who has room in a suitcase? I was gonna do this myself, by cannot go now!! Heellllp, please :O Thanks! Bonnie
  14. OMMMGGGGG!!!! THAT IS MINE!!!!!! HAHA!!! CAMEL!!!!! WANT! VERY BADLY! I WILL be bidding on him!! Adorable! And of course our guys always take great tender care with camels and critters LOL! So disappointed that you won't be coming after all, Issy...I was excited when I saw your initial post that you were coming this year, darn! I was finally able to get my schedule figured out, and just barely got registered today, so I'll put together a couple of nice boxes or baskets with some fun stuff and bring them along with me, since I'm driving...is that all right, Cheryl? Yes that's totally fine to bring the items with you! Just hook up with myself or Susan once in Vegas Thank you so much!!! YES the TIFF MGP poster would be wonderful! Send on it on! Thank you for donating it Pat! Hugs, Cheryl Cheryl, I'll be bringing my stuff with me too. We are driving this year, since hubby is coming :O I'll have 5 in one Gerry and hopeful a Gerry /Sam combo drawing, plus some other items Hugs, Bonnie
  15. Diane she is gorgeous!!! I love it! Have I seen this one before? Have you posted it? You've done wonderfully with this portrayal of Claire Hugs, Bonnie
  16. I've played with the contrast on this, to see what happened. I wish I could get my pencil this dark! It's kinda cool, I think :o The original is somewhere between this and the previous one I posted. When there is a lot of pencil there is more glare, sadly. Kathy, that is my plan. To incorporate Sam and Gerry into the drawing. Sam himself, and Gerry as Sam, and maybe a few children. Not gonna be easy. We'll see how that works! Five in one Gerry is STILL not totally done. I set them aside to tackle other stuff
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