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  1. I've been wondering where he's been. Glad to know he's enjoying some "down" time doing one of his favorite things-- getting into nature--and here in California. Also, more verification of what a great, nice fellow he is!! bflo
  2. I agree--some of the best shots of Gerry in a long time! Love the hair color & length. He looks to be 10 or more years younger! bflo
  3. I've enjoyed the results of all your coverage of the Moscow junket events. Thank all of you so much for everything. Just an observation--I think this is the first time I've seen (or at least noticed) this beautiful grey leather jacket since the early days. I was trying to remember when specifically he wore it before, but it won't come to me. Anybody else remember? bflo
  4. Thank you. I don't know anything about the Downloader you mention. I depend on downloading from GALS. I appreciate your adding them there. bflo
  5. My Apple computer won't recognize this type of download. Can you possibly add to the GALS downloads so I can get this great interview? Thanks in advance, bflo
  6. This has got to be the sweetest guy ever! He has a tender heart for children--especially those enduring physical challenges, and animals. It doesn't get any better than this, for that compassion and tenderness must translate to others, as we see with his generosity to fans and even the paparazzi. And add to that the fact that he is GORGEOUS, he's the complete package. He has absolutely everything we can fantasize about--PERFECTION! At least that's what he lets us see, so I'm going to go with that! bflo
  7. I agree with all of your comments so far. Gerry doesn't look any different from other recent and even older candid photos, and that's of course a GOOD thing! He is living his life and enjoying the adulation of fans world-wide, then taking down-time to see the world and embrace friends and family as he chooses. Criticisms and judgements such as these of Gerry's personal life is one of the reasons I only check for updates on him and his career at GALS. Everyone here stays pretty level-headed, not making unfounded judgements of our Gerry and his decisions, and seems to genuinely love him as he is. bflo
  8. There is nothing in this post. I'm anxious to know if this is the current issue of In Style. Thanks, bolo
  9. Whoever made it happen, THANK YOU!!!!! I've already watched it a dozen times. He's just gorgeous and so cute in his responses. bflo
  10. Hi, all, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Could we please have this video in a downloadable form???? I LOVE it, and would love to have it available to watch anytime. Many thanks, bflo
  11. I don't know where to put this, but does anyone know whether/when we can expect a CD of the Playing for Keeps soundtrack?? I've checked my local Barnes & Nobel, and online at Amazon & B&N with no luck finding it. Thanks for any information. bflo
  12. Very good point, Rendita. I wondered about the hair, too, and your point is well taken as to the fact that this date has to be more recent. bflo
  13. I agree, she's gorgeous--just Gerry's type, too. Obviously, he seems smitten, as when do you ever see him holding hands with any of the women he's with? He always tries to somewhat distance himself from female companions, probably to stop the gossiping, and maybe even to protect the girl from the paparazzi. I, too, have a little "sinking" feeling, since I don't qualify in ANY respect--age, beauty, availability, etc., but I do so want him to be happy. If this was last May in Cannes, I wonder if he's still as taken with her now. Thanks, for the photos, bflo
  14. Hi, I got mine at my local Ralphs here in Orange County. It might not be at all Ralphs, but mine had it! Yeah! Hope this helps. bflo
  15. Oh, my goodness!! These are the most GORGEOUS photos in a long time. (That's not to say there haven't been wonderful ones all along, but these harken back to 2004-2005 during the flurry over Phantom, etc. Thank you so very much for posting. bflo
  16. I just got home from the El Segundo Advanced screening of Chasing Mavericks. It was geared mostly to teens (only they were allowed to sit down front) because the promotion was being filmed and the footage to be used on a Teen Website. That was OK, as there really was no bad seat in the house for the rest of us. The movie was very touching, with fantastic scenery and an understated performance by Gerry. He was wonderful, and quite believable, as always, and, I might add, GORGEOUS! The young people I spoke with while waiting in line were there because a.) it was free!! and b.) it was about surfing! I educated them about our Gerry, and no one could believe that the SAME guy played in such a diverse group of films as RocknRolla, Law Abiding Citizen, Phantom of the Opera, and certainly by no means 300!!!!! They all said they thought 300 was "way cool". They said they were motivated to check out other films of his after our conversation. A highlight for the teens was the surprise appearance of Johnny Weston after the film. He gave away two small surfboards with the Mavericks logo to a couple of lucky girls, signed them and continued to sign autographs and take photos with the kids afterward. I considered trying to get an autograph, too, but since each person was being filmed for the Teen Site, I opted to just leave without the autograph. I'm very tired after the long drive back to Orange County, but I'm really glad I went, and I wanted to let you all know how it went. I think there were other GALS there, too, but I didn't know anyone of the ladies I saw from a distance and did not sit close enough to talk to any of them. bflo (Betty)
  17. ______________I was able to scan MOST of the photo with high resolution. How do I upload it to you? bflo
  18. Hello again, everyone, Please don't hate me. These comments are only my observation, and in no way reflect on Gerry or his choices in films, ads, or personal life. I fell in love with him in December 2004 in POTO. I've loved him unconditionally ever since--clean-shaven, scruff, or beard. I've loved him cuddly in TUT and BH (not my favorite film, but loved Gerry). I've loved him ripped in 300 and slender in PSILY among all the other films that we all know. But, I'm sorry, in this Super-Max ad, I don't even recognize him as the same man I've loved all these years. I think if I did not know it was Gerry, I wouldn't give this guy a second look. What did they do to him for this shoot? It looks like gobs of makeup which his beautiful face doesn't need. Does anyone else see this ad the same way I do? He's charming, as always, of course, but it's the LOOK I don't like. My apologies if I've hurt anyone's sensibilities. bflo
  19. "This is Sparta!" not "I am Sparta!"--just saying. bflo
  20. I thought I recognized the suit, tie & haircut from the LAC LA Premiere, too. Thanks for verifying that so I don't have to! By the way, while I love this look from LAC days, I will have "dreams" tonight about that last photo from the Louisiana fan!! Wow! is that one ever sexy! It's my FAVORITE one in a while, though it's difficult to find a bad photo of Gerry, isn't it? bflo
  21. Hello, everyone, I, too, LOVE Gerry anyway he chooses to wear his hair or beard. My least favorite, though, is the "buzz" cut he was wearing in Japan for the PSILY premiere and press junket. What I love the most, however, is the present longer locks so reminiscent of the early portraits in his twenties about the time of The Jury, Timeline, and others before TR2. The "buzz" suited the TR2 character as well as the Stranger in Dear Frankie, but I still preferred the more moderate cut in subsequent roles to those two. Now, though I know it will be short-lived, I am THRILLING to the longer hair again. He just looks so "dashing" this way--even when it becomes a little unruly! I loved him clean shaven in BOAW and of course as Jerry in PSILY, but I have to admit the fashionably scrubby look is a turn-on for me. I'm not as crazy about it, though, when it reaches the definition of a "beard"! Like all of you, though, I love him unconditionally for himself, however he chooses or needs to appear. bflo. (Betty)
  22. Hi everyone, I bought "New York, New York" at the sale price on Amazon, and with free delivery, it came today! The book is HUGE, and the photo of Gerry is, in fact, taken in the plush red chair that was on Architectural Digest--just a different pose. But the best part is, it takes up the WHOLE PAGE!! It's gorgeous, and about the only one I noticed of this magnificent size. I'm thrilled to have this in my Gerry Collection. Thanks for alerting us to the opportunity to get a copy. If I knew how, and if I had a scanner, I'd be glad to upload the photo. But I don't, so maybe someone else can do this for all the GALS who can't buy the book. bflo
  23. Just sent my donation to help this important cause. For all the happiness I receive from this site, it is just a token of what you mean to me. Thanks to everyone who makes this the best site of any kind I visit. Sincerely, bflo (Betty)
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