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  1. Heavens, no...we took a flight from Washington, DC to Salt Lake City and then took another flight from SLC to Reno and drove from there. And yes, it's absolutely beautiful...the weather here is a breath of fresh air compared to the heat wave, humidity, and bugs that we left behind.
  2. Ok...so I'm in Tahoe right now and I COMPLETELY forgot about the Vegas thing...so close, yet so far away...that, and Dad wouldn't let me go because he didn't wanna do the driving. Hope all of you who are going have a splendid time...take lots of pics for me? Fran- get better soon! Sue- So glad to hear that Dan is able to go through treatment! We went to this Italian restaurant last night and our waiter was EXTREMELY cute and showed a general interest in us. He asked about what we were doing in Reno(which is where I am right now, but we're driving to Tahoe today) all the way from Virginia(family reunion) and asked about why it was so far away from home(everyone else lives out west). He only looked maybe 18 or 19, and he's the first boy who was actually there physically who I thought was cute in a REALLY long time(the town I live in is really small, so the chances of seeing a really cute guy who you don't already know and may actually think about dating are very slim), so I think I fell a little harder than I normally would have for an attractive stranger. Next thing I know, he walks outside and starts smoking. That just ruined everything for me.
  3. Hello all...sorry it's been a few weeks since I've been on here...I haven't had a chance to read any of the new entries yet, but I will try to in the near future. We're on summer break now(FINALLY) and I just took the SATs today. I'll let you all know how I did when I get my scores. Love you all. Jordyn
  4. Count me in on the posse. Although I think we would get into a when we finally wrangled the G-man. May the best Gal win, (and I believe that would be Dr. Em)! We'll divide the spoils from there. I think there would be enough GB to share but I may CLEARLY BE WRONG. Does anyone else have thoughts on this?As for new Gerryites, I have met a few at the dance studio. They say that I'm OBSCESSED with Gerry but I prefer to be passionate about him. We might see them on Gals soon. to all Angel I think the G-man has enough of a loving nature in order for all of us to share.
  5. I was talking to my dad about how PSILY doesn't make me cry anymore because I saw the deleted scene of Gerry while he was on chemotherapy, which was 10 times worse than the rest of the movie. Dad looked at me and said, "Why? Is it because of him, because of the movie, or because of your mom?" I was astonished by the question. I finally blurted out, "Seeing the man I've loved for years on chemotherapy? NOT A GOOD THING!" He laughed and looked at me and said, "I really don't think Gerry's waiting for you." I stared and demanded, "I'm single, he's single, I can fantasize as much as I want!" I'm still trying to figure out how to convert an mp3 of Gerry's wake up call to a midi file so that I can use it on my phone. Any ideas?
  6. Thank you all for your comments, as well as any that may or may not appear in the future(it's getting difficult to thank each of you individually)! Sue, that sounds like quite the wedding! At least you weren't hooked to your friend's boob for ten minutes...haha. A friend of ours had just arrived and came up and attempted to hug the friend I was attached to until we both screamed at her not to do so. She immediately saw what was wrong and fixed it. So I am eternally grateful to her. At least my first date wasn't completely horrible.
  7. Here's my prom picture: http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w57/cel...ss90/prom-1.jpg Prom was awesome, even though my date was a bit of a dud. The guy DOESN'T TALK! That made dinner unusually silent, but oh well. I got a little frustrated because I felt like I was doing all the asking- I asked him if he wanted to go and I was the one asking him if he wanted to dance. Afterwards I gave up and danced with whoever, which was when I started having a good time. Then there was a little "situation". My sleeves are made of lace and a friend of mine had sequins on her dress. She walked by me and one of the sequins on her chest area caught my lace, and we were stuck that way for a good ten minutes! We got unstuck eventually with minimal damage done. For my hair I had a friend French braid it from my left ear to my right and secure it with an elastic. We then covered the elastic with the white flower pins and inserted them into other parts of the braid. After that we curled everything else. It turned out better than I thought it would. Some of my friends didn't even recognize me...it was fun being in a sort of "mask".
  8. You're not the only one heading to your high school this evening. My school's prom is tonight(it's also my first date, which makes it EXTRA special). I hate that we're having it at the school though. Appearently they tried to relocate, but people(certainly NOT students) complained because it's "tradition" to have it at the school. I'll have pictures later as well if anyone would like to see them.
  9. Just got home from Walmart with...MY NEW PSILY DVD! I'm off to go watch it...
  10. I'm in the middle of trying to get my dad to buy it for me...
  11. Haha...we're the same height. I too have found that when absorbing all things Gerry my mind goes caput.
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