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  1. Phew! That was a very close call! A speedy recovery to you! Don't lose your adventurous spirit! The good Lord was looking out for you. You have too much to accomplish in your life. You have so many people who care about you especially your mum! Glad you are getting better!
  2. laxmom


    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Another great year has gone by. I hope all your dreams are coming true!
  3. I hope Gerry does the movie as a Navy Seal! My son is in the Navy! He is a submariner stationed in Norfolk, Va! Gerry will get in even better shape to be a Navy Seal!
  4. Gerry just looks so happy & healthy now! He is a good man helping a good cause!
  5. laxmom

    Saturday Gala!

    I wish I could have attended the convention! I am in the middle of a divorce & money is tight. I could have used the good time! Gerry is a wonderful man & actor! He is one of the few I admire in Hollywood.
  6. laxmom

    6/11 - Gerry to the Rescue!

    I'm not surprised. Gerry is a good person first & foremost! He hasn't forgotten what life is really all about. Family, friends & kindness.
  7. laxmom

    3/10 - Gerard Gets His Butler to the Gym

    I do enjoy seeing pictures of Gerry but I have to agree he does seem to be getting stalked a lot. I can't imagine what life is like for him.
  8. laxmom

    2/7 Audi's The King's Speech Party

    My he has nice eyes! Can I run my fingers through his hair? Gorgeous man!
  9. laxmom

    Gerry flying a helicopter!

    I wouldn't be surprised if Gerry was doing the flying. He loves the thrills! He can afford the ride so why not! He has a great life that he has earned with hard work & dedication.
  10. laxmom

    2/3 - New Pictures of Gerry in Hawaii

    It is great to see Gerry having a good time & relaxing! He looks healthy & happy! Fantastic!
  11. Gerry looks very healthy & relaxed! Just the way I like him to be!
  12. laxmom

    Gerry and John Mayer rock Mustang Sally

    Gerry really is the consummate performer! I don't think there is anything he can't do! He has a fun & rewarding life based on hard work & dedication. He lives his life cleanly & respectfully. He is a good soul.
  13. laxmom

    Gerry at Scottish Ballet

    Gerry looks wonderful! I love that blue sweater on him & the long hair!
  14. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! I am wishing you all good things for 2011! Your career seems to be all you hoped for & more! I am happy that you seem to have stayed the same good hearted man from Glasgow! I hope you are able to be home with your family & friends for the holidays! Life is yours for the taking! You have worked hard at your craft & deserve much respect & happiness! Best wishes as always, MaryLee