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  1. They should include Alec Baldwin too! He is both intelligent & funny like Gerry!
  2. I just watched Bounty Hunter tonight! The movie was so much fun! I love Gerry talking about making the movie & why he wanted to play the character "Milo". He is such a boy when he gets excited about his work & life! I think that is what men & women love about Gerry! He makes me smile! What could be better?
  3. What great pictures! It is amazing how Gerry hasn't really aged! He looks like he did in Timeline! I love his long curly hair!
  4. I'm so happy for Gerry! He can choose projects on their merit instead for the money! He is a very fortunate man! I love the way he knows this & is humble!
  5. Gerry looks great as usual! I was in Lansing, Michigan but never got to Detroit! I'm very disappointed!
  6. Gerry has the best hair! He looks so handsome no matter whether his hair is short or long! YUM!
  7. I'm going to Lansing, Michigan to help my niece's move into their bigger apt. Now if I can convince my sister in law to go by way of Detroit! I leave this coming Thursday! If I see Gerry, I will take pictures! I would never disturb him though. I have too much respect for the man.
  8. I think maybe it is because of the fighting nature of the Scots in general. American is still a young country in comparison to Scotland. It is a historical thing with the Scots. The Scottish men seem very rugged. American men, in general, have had an easier life.
  9. I would love to watch Gerry eat a lollipop! OMG!
  10. I'm not surprised to see Gerry on a Harley! He loves his thrills!
  11. Gerry loves his little girl! Great to see him so relaxed!
  12. We haven't seen Gerry with long hair since Timeline. I like the longer hair!
  13. Even teens love him! Women just love him in general. What's not to love?
  14. Oh my heavens! Gerry is such a dear sweet man! He just loves his Lolita! My heart is melting!
  15. How does Gerry keep up? He is so freaking busy! I'm glad he has so many projects but worry about his health!
  16. I love the hair & the beard! YUM!
  17. He looks wonderful as usual! Hope he is having fun!
  18. laxmom

    Butler Did It

    That would be one of the many things I love about Gerry! Generous, caring, a good friend. He is passionate about making movies!
  19. Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there in Gerryland! It is snowing here in Fulton, NY!
  20. He was King Leonidas! He is hard when he wants to be!
  21. That's why I love him! He appreciates his fans!
  22. Oh my heavens! Gerry does look wonderful! Very nice muscles. I really don't care if he is thin or heavy, muscular or not. I do know the time & energy required to look the way he does now. He is very dedicated to his craft.
  23. He certainly leads an extraordinary life! He is everywhere! He looks great by the way!
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