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  1. I am not surprised that Gerry wants to learn how to fly! He loves his thrill seeking! It also is a great way to avoid the paps! He will be fine. He survived Iceland!
  2. How can Gerry not be in the top 50! I don't care about those things anyway but it makes me mad when I find out about those lists!
  3. A very nice picture of Gerry! I was thinking of him reading about the volcano in Iceland. He loves that country so much! It is very sad for so many.
  4. I am just pleased that he is finally getting recognition for all his work. I don't think he even knows about these polls & contests. He is number one with me just for being himself!
  5. I'm happy to see Gerry in Haiti. This is how celebrities can make something positive come from their status. They get to show that they are real people. Gerry is a caring person & I'm glad he gets a chance to show it!
  6. I am so happy that Gerry has a nice comforting place to live in his hectic life. It definitely looks like it was worth the wait! It fits him perfectly!
  7. Hi Christine, Fulton is 35 miles northwest of Syracuse. I would love to get a group of GALS together to travel to Scotland.

  8. He is such a sweet man! It just shows that he is real. His acting is a career & he doesn't act like a "movie star". His mom must be so proud of him as I'm sure she is of all her children.
  9. Another great interview! Gerry is just so much fun! I love his smile & his laugh!
  10. I certainly hope this rumor is true. I think it would be wonderful for him to be in this but only if Gerry think so too.
  11. What fun! I love the Ellen kilt & underwear! Iceland sounds amazing! How lucky he is that he has the means to travel like that! At least he enjoys the fruits of his labor! Doesn't he look handsome with his fuller beard? Woo woo!
  12. That article is why I love Gerry. He is so real. He is dedicated to his craft. He has issues just like everyone. He is a good hearted person which makes him special.
  13. It should be great! Just Gerry kind of humor! I'm glad he gets to have some fun!
  14. Gerry does love food. He looks great & is slimmer for the next movie role. I love him any way, shape or form!
  15. I'm not surprised that Gerry would want the thrill of being a fighter pilot. He likes his life to move briskly. He would look great in the gear!
  16. For all you GALS who are Irish or not, Happy St. Patrick's Day! My great-great grandparents were born in Dublin! So have some corned beef & cabbage & some Guinness!
  17. That was a great interview! I can't imagine having to watch every word that is said. I do love hearing Gerry laugh in person & on the screen! Its that naughty laugh, Scottish laugh!
  18. Gerry looks great! I love his beard & his voice makes me melt! Actors have a good life but a hard & sometimes frustrating life. I know publicity comes with the job but it is getting more obsessive now. Sometimes the old studio system was better even though the studio owned the actor, the studio protected the actor.
  19. I would hit on that too! Gerry is ever gracious because Billy Bush was rude. I think Gerry would have liked to punch him in the mouth.
  20. See what I love about Gerry? He always acknowledges the other guy! Bradley Cooper is a handsome man but Gerry does what no other actor does to my soul. He is real & wonderful!
  21. George Clooney & Gerry! What a great pair! I would think they could be great buddies! They both love life & don't take their stardom too seriously!
  22. I don't blame him. At least he can relax & enjoy himself going alone. I'm sure he won't be lonely!
  23. That is exactly the problem with those kind of roles. Gerry is now identified with 300. It is great to be recognized but it must get old. He was gracious as always though.
  24. Isn't it sad that celebrities can't even have a vacation without being hounded. Good for Jennifer fighting back! She described Gerry perfectly! He is lucky to have her as a friend!
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