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  1. I chose Scotland because I would want to know how Gerry became the wonderful man he is! I would want to see where he grew up. I would want to see his favorite places in Scotland. I just want to go to a beautiful place with a beautiful Scottish man. Of course, this is all in my dreams!
  2. My first time was in Phantom. I have seen his movies before & since but not until 300 did I really take notice! When I went back & saw all the older movies, I was hooked! It is his eyes, then his smile, then his laugh & the way his nose crinkles! The rest is just gravy!
  3. I am really amazed that with as much hard work that went into this movie that it didn't go to the big screen. A great cast & thrilling script what was missing? I think Gerry was wonderful. He has played a man who is broken in previous movies. He still had his charm but he had more. I want to see the whole man & this movie provided that! It just proves that Gerry is a good person. Fun, sensitive, caring & normal. He doesn't act like a "movie star" just a hard working actor. Bravo!
  4. I love Gerry with longer hair! The Jury & Timeline are my favorite hair & beard & body!
  5. Gerry you certainly chose a different role to play after 300. Good for you! You have great emotional range as an actor. You bring a physicality to your roles. You control the scenes you are in! The camera loves your eyes & so do I! After that, it is your smile that attracts attention. I'm not sure why after the success of 300, the studio decided to go straight to TV with only one screening in Miami. Oh well, more people saw the movie on TV anyway! Keep taking different roles & never let yourself be typecast. It must be gratifying to be able to finally be more choosy in pickin
  6. I thought the commercial timing was off in the encore. The scene of Abby hitting Neil & Neil shoving her into the car was cut during the encore. I think the studio didn't know what they were doing with this movie. The actors put a lot of emotional effort into this movie just to have it not make the big screen. Stranger still was the last minute changing of the title. Oh well, Gerry is still fantastic in every movie he does. Gerry's character really was full of himself which is the direct opposite of Gerry. He is a charmer though. Abby did what many women who like to do to cheating
  7. I watched Shattered a second time! It was fun looking for all the clues! Gerry was amazing as usual. I can't imagine how he did day after day of filming with all that emotion. He must have been physically & emotionally drained. Pierce Brosnan was better the second time around. It has been a while since I seen him. Maria Bello was wonderful keeping her emotions real until the ending! I wonder why the studio had so little faith in the movie. It had all the right ingredients for a good thriller! Oh well, more people saw the movie on TV anyway! Gerry just keeps getting better &
  8. I'm not surprised that the movie was put on TV but think how many more people will see it! I think Gerry was great but Pierce Brosnan wasn't his usual self. I wish Gerry could have used his own accent instead of an American one though. The movie had a nice twist at the end but I won't ruin it for others. Not every movie Gerry does will be the blockbuster that 300 was but this movie was good.
  9. Gerry is going to whisper something wonderful in her ear! With his accent, he could whisper in my ear anytime!
  10. laxmom

    Gerry fan ages

    Age is definitely becoming relative! Better medicine & better knowledge of caring for your body helps! I'm 50 but don't feel that old. I'm newly divorcing with three older sons. I still hope that I could be attractive to someone like Gerry! I think he needs an older & wiser woman who would understand his demanding schedule. Younger women are still looking for marriage & children, neither of which he has time for. Hope still lives!
  11. Gerry looks great in the picture! I wouldn't be surprised if he needed a B12 shot! Look at all the work he is doing & will be doing! Isn't it great!
  12. I think Gerry made a wise career move doing a children's movie. Many actors have benefited from their roles in children's films. Voice overs are a great career move also. Look at Tom Hanks, Ellen DeGeneres! Gerry needs to make sure that he isn't typecast in big film genre. He is great in all kinds of roles! Keep it up Gerry!
  13. Gerry was larger than life in 300. His body was huge & his voice projected huge. Men love that! I loved the stylized way the movie was made & the history of an amazing time. At least the movie helped Gerry move to the next level of scripts!
  14. Thanks! I do love it here. It's nice to know that I am not the only one who went crazy for Gerry! I have calmed down a little!

  15. I can't believe that people talk about Gerry's hair being gray on the temples. Good grief who cares! He looks handsome all the time!
  16. Thanks for the update! I think that it is great that Gerry is playing a different character. He could easily be typecast into 300 type characters but he shows his range in doing other work. I applaud him for making the choice to grow as an actor! I can't wait to see Shattered & it should be fun to see Pierce & Gerry together!
  17. I think people don't always notice Gerry because he is a chameleon in the roles he plays. I know that I had seen him in all the movies since Dracula but didn't really put together that it was Gerry until 300. We can make sure that people know who Gerry is by e-mailing these critics with the proper information!
  18. I haven't seen that interview before. What a lucky lady to get nibbled on by Gerry!
  19. I was wondering where Gerry had gone. I couldn't believe that Australia doesn't have GB Gals looking for him! Hope he is having fun making the movie! Laxmom
  20. I saw an art book on the movie 300. It is amazing how the characters go from drawings to the actors. What a great movie! It joins greats like Spartacus & finally got Gerry noticed on a global scale!
  21. I knew 300 would make DVD of the month! The movie is artistic with so much history! The violence doesn't make you wince. Of course, Gerry looks spectacular!
  22. Dear Gerry, I have never written fan mail before or forum mail. Now I have to say that I have done both! I wrote you in May & July. After seeing the movie 300 in theater, when you screamed "This is Sparta!", I realized that you had played the Phantom shouting "This is the point of no return!" I then, of course, put your name in google & was amazed at what came up on the screen. I checked the movies that you have acted in & realized how many I had seen. You definitely meld into your character! My son started a new job right around the same time for groundfighter.com. They market DVD
  23. I'm not sure why this movie isn't coming out nationwide. I like to see Gerry doing other genre besides big production movies! He looks better with a beard but I watch him for his acting.
  24. Gerry will be as good in this movie as he was in Dear Frankie. The sentimental side of him will show through. He is a multifaceted actor with a great body of work behind him. Hopefully, he'll get a little R&R in Australia with so much going on in his life. He is self deprecating, intelligent, & witty. Great combination!
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