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  1. Gerry is so great! He just says stuff & laughs. He is a Scotsman through & through!
  2. Gerry looks so good. Slim & trim! I love the full beard!
  3. This is why I admire Gerry. He knows he is fortunate & is willing to give of his time & money to help others. I am not surprised that he is involved in the Artist for Haiti.
  4. Isn't he cute walking Lolita! I love that he gets a fuzzy with her. He is a good soul!
  5. I'm not surprised at the reaction. Gerry would get that reaction even if he wasn't an actor. He has charisma. It is a gift. He could still be a lawyer & would engage the jury the same way.
  6. I'm glad he gets to explore his craft. I'm sure he learns a lot attending these events. He looks wonderful by the way!
  7. laxmom

    Loved Gamer

    My son just watched Gamer on his new 50" plasma TV! He loved it! The special effects are just right for high def viewing!
  8. Fantastic! The other contestants were worthy but Gerry is a special Scotsman!
  9. Very nice! I love seeing Gerry in his regular street clothes! All mixed up & normal!
  10. Oh my Gerry looks handsome! Look how tan his face is! He looks relaxed! His vacation did him some good!
  11. Oh my heavens! He is one handsome man! Thank you for posting!
  12. I am not surprised that Gerry is immediately involved in the relief efforts for Haiti. He has such a good heart & realizes what good he & others can do with their celebrity. It is one of the few good things about being a celebrity.
  13. Dear Gerry, I guess I didn't appreciate the intrusion on your privacy until recently. I am not sure what gives people the right to take pictures of unsuspecting people. You are a hard working actor & some publicity is expected. I believe that pictures of you taken at premieres, award shows, etc... are fine. It goes with the job. What I feel shouldn't go with the job, is the pictures taken when you are doing your private life activities. I commend you in your ability to handle the pressures of the acting profession. You are an example of a good rational person just trying to earn a
  14. Gerry looks wonderful! He looks very rested from his vacation! Love the jacket!
  15. I agree with the administration of GALS. I just like seeing pictures of Gerry! I think the majority of us just want him to be happy. I look at his face more than anything else. It is his intelligence, sense of humor, humility, & genuine good heart that appeals to me!
  16. It is always fun to see if he will appear clean-shaven. I just love his beard!
  17. It was definitely nice to see Gerry relaxing! I was very angry about the comments about his weight. Can't the man eat? I think he looks wonderful not matter what! He is a big man & I am glad he can be himself. Imagine the pressure to be in 300 shape all the time. I love the pink trunks. Real men wear pink!
  18. I have been watching TUT again & again. It is snowing a lot today & it seemed the perfect time for a day with Gerry! The gag reel is great! I am so glad he had fun making this movie. Too bad he had a sinus infection but he is a professional & kept us laughing. He is Cary Grant all over again.
  19. Mike Chadway because he is hiding behind all the bravado. He just wants to be loved like everyone does.
  20. Happy New Year! What a nice video to start the new year with! I love Gerry mouth through the whole video. It is luscious! The song is so sensual. Oh my!
  21. Some very nice company for Gerry! I enjoy Robert Downey Jr for the same reasons I enjoy Gerry! Intelligence, humor, & real talent. Plus they have good hearts. Each have dealt with addictions & come out on top.
  22. Very cool! I am so happy for Gerry & Evil Twins Productions that their first movie has gotten so much acclaim! Gerry is a very smart man about many things!
  23. Nine years since he came to the US! Gerry has accomplished so much in his career & life! I am very happy for him!
  24. I'm looking forward to the DVD. I hope it has commentary from Gary & Gerry. I always find that the most interesting part of the DVD especially if you can watch the movie with the commentary running.
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