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  1. Gerry always has the funny story! He is a quick wit. I do imagine him wishing the nativity scene would get more action!
  2. I think Gerry would find the magic again if he had someone special to share the holiday with. I am hoping that he does have someone special. He is a kind & good person who deserves to be happy. After all what is all the success about in life if you have no one to share it with.
  3. Happy Holidays to all the GBGals! I hope your holidays will be filled with love & family & friends! Happy New Year as well! It has been another great year for Gerry & all of us following his career!
  4. I am not sure whether Gerry would be all that happy with this contest. Susan Boyle is a true singer. I think Gerry would want her to win just on principle. I did vote for Gerry though.
  5. Dear Gerry, I hope your holidays are full of love & family & friends! This has been a wonderful year for your career! The new year promises to be more of the same. You are one of the few actors that I truly admire. You live your life with grace & dignity & always with a sense of humor! I hope you continue to take projects that test your abilities as an actor & producer. It is much more interesting to watch for what you will do next! Best wishes as always! Love & Peace, Marylee
  6. This has been a busy year for Gerry. I'm glad he is finally getting recognition! He so deserves it!
  7. My dilemma is which picture do I like the most! What a problem! I love them all! I do like the blue shirt better though.
  8. I agree! Gerry should be able to relate to this man. I love the way Gerry is so diverse in his choice of movies!
  9. Gerry just keeps getting more handsome the older he gets!
  10. Gerry is just so cute! He is a softy! He couldn't do the mean face without laughing. His dog fits his heart. Sweet & gentle. I know he has that dark side but he seems much happier now.
  11. Everyone loves Gerry! He is real & honest! I like Robert Downey Jr. He is another actor who works hard. He is intelligent & funny like Gerry. No wonder they got along!
  12. I have been so busy! I need to catch up on my Gerry news! WOW! Another honor for Gerry! He deserves all the recognition!
  13. What an honor for Gerry! He really has come so far from taking that giant leap of faith that he could become an actor. I can't imagine just packing up with no money or prospects. I admire his determination. I'm sure he counts his blessings everyday for the great life he leads!
  14. What an amazing article! It captured Gerry to a tee! These are all the reasons I admire Gerry. It was nice to get a man's perspective about Gerry. He is a special man with a rare gift to reach people.
  15. Though Gerry loves to talk about his roles, this is the downside of his profession. He is so tired but expected to do all the junket stuff. He definitely earns his paycheck!
  16. Gerry doesn't need to read all the gossip. He knows who his true friends & fans are! Good for him!
  17. What would his Scottish mates say about him having his own cologne? Would he ever get teased! Something rugged & woodsy. He is after all such a manly man!
  18. He is so funny! A cupcake watcher! He really is just a normal healthy man! I have the same problem but no watcher.
  19. What a wonderful thing for Gerry to be in Glasgow with his mom for the premiere! I am so very happy for Gerry! He looks amazing in his kilt! Must be a little chilly though! His mom must be so proud! Her son just celebrated his 40th birthday & a premiere in his hometown area!
  20. Gerry looks great! He is physically in great shape & his career is all he dreamed it would be! I look forward to the coming years of Gerry!
  21. I will be watching Gerry's movies! I will be thinking of how far he has come as an actor & a person. He is my favorite actor!
  22. Dear Gerry, I wish you the happiest of birthdays! I'm sure your mom is wondering where the time has gone! Your career is right where you dreamed it would be. You deserve all the best for your hard work since making the decision to become an actor. Isn't it amazing how life works? I look forward to all your new projects! Best wishes as always, MaryLee
  23. oh my that is why I admire Gerry! This interview is quiet & nice. He is introspective & profound. He has a wonderful life that he dreamed of & worked hard for. I don't get that he feels he has missed out on a personal life. He is so busy! He maybe is a little more careful of what he says & does but he is essentially the same person he has always been. Smart, funny, warm hearted. I do love him!
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