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  1. Easy to find Gerry! He was third on the video! Good compilation of men! Gerry is the sexiest by far!
  2. As much as I would love Gerry to get recognition, I don't think People magazine is all that important. He has been on the cover of classy magazines already. He is the sexiest man alive & doesn't need People magazine to affirm that!
  3. That article is a nice slice of Gerry's life as he sees it. Home is key but he loves to have fun elsewhere. I can see why he wants to go home & be normal. Sharing a party with his niece! That is real life!
  4. I love Dracula! Bela Lugosi had the smoldering eyes & voice. Gerry has the same eyes & voice. Gerry was wonderful as Dracula!
  5. I'm glad he enjoys his success! Yes, he still gets the stupid love life questions but oh well. He looks wonderful! I am so happy for him!
  6. Working with Vanessa Redgrave! WOW! Gerry is doing great! I look forward to this project!
  7. Gerry is a wonderful man! His heart is always right there for all to see! Such cute little girls!
  8. I'm sure that Gerry has a good reason for not doing Burns if indeed it is true. He would never snub anyone.
  9. My but Gerry does get around! I am happy that he gets to travel & have some fun! He has worked hard for his money. He knows how to appreciate where he came from & has a clear understanding of where he is going.
  10. I like the way Gerry is the one reading through a pile of scripts. He is a hands on kind of guy! I think he picked a winner!
  11. My impression of Gerry is that he likes ALL women. Young & old & in between! His mum did a good job raising her boy!
  12. Hands down Dracula! With those smoldering eyes, I would definitely come to him in the night! Please bite me!
  13. Never a bad word is said about Gerry! He is the real thing through & through. I am so happy that success never went to his head. It is just part of the job like a good performance review & raise in pay! I just love the man!
  14. Ralph is a very gifted actor. I'm sure this project will do well. Gerry is so gifted & smart that it can't lose. Good for Gerry taking many different roles!
  15. A review in the Syracuse, NY newspaper said that Gerry stole the movie! Jamie only claimed some of it midway through. The reviewer didn't like his last two movies but thought that LAC was the one!
  16. I still wish he would pursue a singer career as a sideline. He is Jim Morrison. I love Roadhouse!
  17. Gerry is just like the rest of us. We can't put down the yummy food! Gerry invokes a response from women that they can't help but touch him. I'm sure he knows this & understands.
  18. Gerry is such a smart man. He isn't afraid to say he needs help with a role. I'm sure it did help that he went to law school & has great knowledge about legal systems in Europe & America.
  19. That was a fun interview! So he was naked to show he wasn't armed. Well.... I think he was well armed! He-he!
  20. Aren't they cute! Dressed alike! He is over the moon about his baby! I like a man who isn't afraid to show his sensitive side.
  21. I love the way he relates everything in his life to his mum! It is so nice that he acknowledges how much she did for him growing up. I would love to meet her. My mom is rather feisty too! She isn't afraid to say what she thinks. She is 78 so she didn't grow up in an era of women asserting themselves. My mom has always worked. Interestingly, I made a conscious decision to stay home with my sons. I don't regret it. I am feisty about my boys.
  22. I'm glad Gerry worried about his lady fans & how they need cheering up. Any excuse to see Gerry's cute little bottom is alright with me!
  23. I'm ready for the movie! I'm glad Gerry takes the controversial role. He is a smart man not to allow himself to be typecast!
  24. Isn't he cute! I do love that Scottish tongue. Remember he likes to snog!
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