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  1. Hey everybody!!! I have not been on the site for a while. My Mom passed away last month after being very ill for quite a while. I decided I would get on and see what Gerry's been up to. Please tell me what MGP is? Is this a new movie coming out of his? I noticed he was going to be on Live with Regis and Kelly tomorrow, so I assume he is going to be talking about his latest venture....And as long as Gerry is making movies, I will be going to see them, no matter what they are .............Tojo
  2. ChaCha what you said regarding Gerry. It was exactly the same for me. Hooked on POTO forever and is still my #1 movie. I have yet to get the CD from the movie but will do so soon!! Tojo
  3. Hi Phantomluv, Passing by my friends to let people know that Phantom Madness, #5 in Phoenix of the Opera series, is out and available at Amazon etc... Cheers, Sadie

  4. Thanks a bunch for the interview. I have seen him do many an interview for this movie now. I have to say when I saw him on Regis and Kelly this morning, I thought the interaction between him and Kelly was so cute and when they danced, it just sent me over the moon. He is so charming and delicious, I can't wait to see the movie tonite. I know it will be a great time for all who are lucky enought to see it. Tojo
  5. I think John is cool and to add some comic relief to that kind of movie should be interesting. Thanks for the post.
  6. When are these movies due out and what part does Gerry play in the dragon movie? Tojo
  7. This will be another movie I won't have a problem getting my husband to see....Thanks for sharing. Tojo
  8. I won't have any problem getting my husband to go see this movie. I think he will love it as will I, although for different reasons I'm sure!!!! Thanks for the clip..... Tojo[/size]
  9. Thanks for adding me to your friends list and a Big Welcome to the site. Enjoy. Tojo

  10. [font="Arial Black]Thanks Girls, I so enjoyed the articles. It is amazing how you can drift away a little from that adoration for Gerry and then when you read articles like these, it just brings you right back to the absolute lovefest for that hunk of a MAN!!!!! Just can't get enough......... [/font] Tojo
  11. Hey I would love to come. We have pm'd each other before but never got together. Sounds like alot of fun. I have never been to Addison but I'm sure it won't be hard to find since my husband bought me a navigation system for Christmas. I am hoping to go to Vegas but am unsure at this point so I would welcome hanging out and seeing Gerry on the screen again. Still haven't seen Rock n' Rolla. Plan on ordering it. Tojo
  12. phantomluv


    I am so going to try to go this year. Waiting to hear from Sis and or girlfriend to go but just in case, any of you Texas gals from the DFW area going, please pm me. This would be my first time to go, so naturally I don't know what to expect. Hopefully, all works out and I will finally come face to face with so many of you gals I feel I know but have never shaken your hand or given you a hug. Here's to that!!! Hope to know something soon. Tojo
  13. Love this!! Thanks. My husband is looking forward to seeing Game, no surprise....... Noticed there was no mention of TUT. Oh well, can't wait for both. Tojo
  14. I think a game would be great!! I would buy it and even more so if it had any of Gerry in it. Tojo
  15. Thanks for posting this. It was pure enjoyment. Nice to see Gerry wasn't one of those celebrities that was too good to stop and talk to Ross. It was priceless. Tojo
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