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  1. Indeed all! Just checked the dates. Hubby and I will for sure be in Vegas the same weekend. We arrive on the 20th and head home on the 25th. So if anyone is game - would love to meet for some fun!
  2. Hey all! Looks like pure circumstance but hubby and I will be in Vegas the same weekend as the penthouse party. We will be staying at our time share at the Marriott Grand Chateau. Would love to get together with anyone go lunch /dinner /drinks whatever.
  3. Way to go Lizzy! Beautiful video as I have already told you. Nice work everyone! And thanks to the contest organizers for all your efforts. Cheers! Kitty
  4. All the entries are terrific! But, is there a video #6? There is no place to vote for this one. Also, there is a message that says the video is blocked. I've seen YouTube do this sort of thing before. It will show up as blocked for some, but not everyone. If there is indeed a 6th video, you might want to suggest to the owner that they upload it to Vimeo. They are much more forgiving, and have better viewing quality as well. I just want to make sure I've seen all the vids before voting. Thanks!
  5. Hooray, Lizzy! You did it! I sent both a download and a YouTube link. See Post #1 for info. I put my name on mine. Never thought to ask. DOH! Hope I didn't goof. And Mel - SO glad to hear you put something together, too. Can't wait to see what everyone has done!
  6. :tantrum: :funnyface: Hello! Anyone there??? Anyone else entering the contest? Sure hope so. One week to finish up!
  7. I SO wish I could attend this year! But alas, not in the cards... However, I can recommend another exceptional source for masks. I have actually purchased two masks from this guy myself at the Texas Renaissance Festival, and I can totally vouch for the workmanship and quality. These are pricey, but they are truly works of art. The artist manufactures them out of molded leather. They are individually hand painted and are extremely comfortable to wear. And he has some totally INCREDIBLE designs! Check out his website! Mask Parade Website These are the two masks I have purchased, and I plan to buy another when I visit the Renaissance Festival this fall. They are AWESOME!
  8. Sending my entry now. SQUEE!!
  9. Whew! I am ALMOST finished. I have a few bits to clean up, and then I'll be ready to enter. Anyone else? Not too late to get started! Looking forward to seeing everyone's work. Meow!
  10. I FINALLY got started today. It took me 8 FRAKKING HOURS just to do the darned title/intro sequence! Still learning as I go... I am excited to see the other entries! As I said before, this theme is really quite a challenge! I'm curious to see what angles others have found to do it justice. I am such a nerd! I LOVE vidding, even if I'm not very good at it! Still kicking myself that I can't make it to Vegas his year. Hubby and I have a trip planned to Lake Tahoe the week AFTER the convention. I just can't justify jetting off to Nevada two weeks in a row. If only I was independently wealthy... Alas!
  11. Yipes! The deadline is getting close! It took a while, but I FINALLY found a song I like. This is a tough theme! So, now I've got the music. Now I just need to figure out the video part of it. Easy, right?? NOT! I hope I can get something together for you ladies. I SO wish I could be in Vegas for the convention this year. Alas, not in the cards. **sniff**
  12. Thanks to Elissa for giving me the heads up! I'll see if I can come up with something. I haven't made a video in ages, so maybe it's time I got off my butt! Cheers! kitty
  13. I saw Machine Gun Preacher on Thursday at an advance screening in Houston. The theater was packed and they had to turn people away. We started lining up at about 4:30 pm for the show at 7:30. Anyone who arrived after 6:00 was pretty much out of luck for a seat. I thought the film was terrific! What a powerful and emotional story! Gerry really immersed himself in this role. He WAS Sam Childers! It's an incredible accomplishment to be able to capture the roller coaster of emotions that Sam must have gone through and to make that so believable. Gerry has done some work here that I think he can truly be proud of. If it doesn't win him an Oscar, he should at the very least be recognized for the talent he has. So many of us have known it all along, but I think that now so many more will see that Gerry is a truly gifted actor. The story is difficult. This is a hard film to watch, with some graphic scenes that may make you turn away. The plight of these children will rip your heart out. But sometimes reality isn't a pretty thing. The story had to be told with all it's grisly details. Despite what some critics are saying, I think the film is very good. I will be going back to see this again for sure. Can't wait to read others' reactions to the film.
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