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    Hello<br /><br />My name is Billie.<br /><br />I like to read...A LOT! Course, these days, it's mostly Sesame Street books out loud to my son.<br /><br />I like going to the movies, but don't get to do that so much anymore b/c my daughter has recently become afraid of the dark...lucky me. wah-wah-wahhh<br /><br />I like travelling, and I've been to NC, SC, GA. FL, LA, MS, TX, AK, OK, AZ, NM, CA, CO, NY, PA, MD, WVA, OH, MN, WI, TN, and KT...I think I got em all. <br /><br />Been to Canada too!<br /><br />I have never flown in an airplane in my life, or taken a trip in an RV. I went all those places in a Big Rig with my husband. The first time I went to CA, I saw the ocean. <br /><br />I didn't know it was the ocean until a battle ship went sailing by. Up until then I thought I was looking at a beautiful Californian Skyline.<br /><br />I have since then gotten out of the rig, got into gardening, walking, and keeping pets after my kids were big enough. <br /><br />We have around 29 or so, about half being fish.<br /><br />I'm also addicted to WWE Raw, (thanks Paul), Dancing with the Stars, truTV, and ESPECIALLY my kids-Laney and Brandon.

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  1. Heya, happy birthday!! Been awhile since I've seem ya, I hope things are well... consume much frosting!

  2. Hey Woman! You are too amazing for words!!!! I wish I had a tenth of your talent, that way I could at least draw stick figures. I believe you need to do one of Gerry just for Gerry and send it to the man! He may stop by and show you how much he appreciated it! Just think, feed him some of your caramels and he'll never want to leave!!! Hmm, maybe that's not such a good thing. Angel and Lolita might not get along! Okay, enough teasing. . . Thanks for my snail mail, the pic of Aaron with the banjo will be copied for Samantha, and the Gerry prints are going to be framed and up before Paul comes home. . .you know, I should probably put some more pics of my dear hubby up so that he doesn't feel bad. LOL Hugs and Love, Billie PS. . .Rosie says 'Hi'. . .though I must say I'm mad at her. . .she killed Cleo! No kidding! She'd have gotten Daisy too if I hadn't tied her. So much for a Dr. Do-little like atmosphere around here, huh?
  3. Alright, this thread should come with a warning. . . "CAUTION< this thread contains posts that are so funny as to make one urinate upon onself, thus ruining clothing, couch, and making one have to take a shower because one stands up and aforementioned urine runs down legs."
  4. I'm just surprised that a fan hasn't bedazzled a Sharpie, or covered it in some kind of glitter glue or something to make it special and tell Gerry that it's just for him to keep and use.
  5. ROFLAMO eta and remember, Mexican food can be really spicy. Can we say Caliente Keesters?
  6. I wonder if men can laugh so hard they wet themselves like women do (or is that just me?), cause if Gerry ever reads this he's bound to laugh that hard! How did I ever get along for all those months with the Compaq Noah used to plan the Ark with? Oh, my GB DVD collection! (not that I have them all. . .f**k it all to Hades!, but enough to get by) So, this is supposed to be a nautical themed silliness posting thread for Gerry, right? Well, the only time I saw the ocean was upon my first visit to California. Bear in mind that I'm from Virginia and while it is a coastal state, I live in the Appalachain mountain region, so you'll understand when I tell you that I wasn't aware that I was looking at the ocean until a battleship sailed by. Up until then, I thought I was looking at a lovely skyline. Since then, I've been able to drive up the Coast there and it is GORGEOUS!!! (especially when you know what your looking at!) LOL Now, we do have plenty of creeks around here and The New River at which we have many boat access points and fishing spots and swimming spots. I don't swim (never trusted anyone enough to teach me) but my friends and used to love to horse around in the shallow ends. And there were the select few of us that enjoyed skinny dipping. . .my self included, but the one time a guy saw my nuded self was when I was swimming with my cousin and my bathing suit went on strike against my rather ample bosom and flashed a guy as I was making a jump to splash my friend. I was so surprised that I lost my footing and slipped under the water only to come up choking and spluttering and desperately trying to force my bathing suit back in place. The d@mn thing resisted long enough for the guy to ogle till his hearts content. I bought a new suit that afternoon. I was asked out by the guy that evening. I declined. I suggest we make some water proof clothing tape with Gerrys Picture on them. I'd buy that, and not just cause I need it either!
  7. That's what I say! Besides, I've 'stepped in it' so often that by now, I just grin, go on, and hope no one notices that my face just turned three shades of red. I say that it is my own special talent! How many other people etado you know that does at least one embarrasing thing a day? Exactly!
  8. **Billie jumps up from computer and runs to medicine cabinet muttering "I gotta get rid of that bug once and for all", reaches for ye olde ex-lax and thanks God it's in the form of chocolate** On a more serious note. . . My hubby says I'm perfect. He says I'm snuggly, sexy, and funny. He says he wouldn't trade me for anything. Gerry, that's all true! But, if you bring him enough bisquits and gravey, he'll trade me for them!!! I promise!!!
  9. Ohhhh Honey. I know exactly what you mean. The other weekend I was at a party and some of my female friends and family were in the living room talking 'shop' and I happened to mention that I used my food scale to weigh my Tig ole Bittys. Well, there I was telling how much each of my mammary glands weighed when I looked up to see my cousins husband standing in the doorway!!!! Why, oh why couldn't I have been talking about Gerry and his nudey moonlit scene in 300????
  10. Southern Blonde, I'm a Southern Brunette. Pleased to meet ya honey! See ya round the Gutter!

  11. What a joy it is to know that I'm not really the only one things like that happen to! But seriously, I think we all need some It's hard on the facial capillaries to blush so often.
  12. ROFL. . .my cats are just like that! They get sooo mad if we eat something they can't have! And they seem to take great delight in seeing me sneeze whenever I ruffle their fur. The little boogers! As for the dog bit. . .well our Daschund, Rosie, is a little. . .okay, aLOT more complicated than that. She must have the cats in order, no random rubbing against one another, no cats except Orange Tuh on her bed, and other sundry rules. The food dishes must be filled to the rim, water dishes can have NOTHING but sparkling water in them. . .no bug refugees or dropped whiskers. She must ride in the back dash of our Camry and the front seat of our Jeep on her blue and green blanket when I'm driving or on my lap if I'm not, and have her little doggie snacks nearby. Occasionally she deigns to sit on my daughters lap, but that's usually only after Laney falls asleep. There will be no petting of the other animals until she has been stroked to back flopping, tail wagging, tongue lolling contentment. And she's to be praised for every single mole she discovers in our yard. Even if its in a nasty mess of bone, fur, and 'thingys'. Yeah, we'd be lost without her.
  13. Ohhh, poor girl. NOT I'm ROFLMAO! Didn't you think they'd smell it, either??? Ah, who am I to talk? I once had to stop on the side of the road and recycle my beer through my chicken and got a whole lot of. . .cat calls. . .because the once deserted stretch of road had turned into Drunks Easy Pass. The cops didn't monitor it at all, but anyway. . . My daughter is such a little darling. She was talking out loud the store the other day and said someone was such a "bumh*le". I immediately corrected her. I told her that ladies didn't talk like that (at least not in public). She said. . .and I "---" "Sorry Momma. You're right." I smiled, the benevolent mother. The saleslady smiled , remembering those days when her kids were little. Laney smiled. . .and continued. "He's an a$$h*le." Yeah. . .that's Daddys Little Girl!
  14. Attila Girl? more like Atta girl! Thanks for reposting that pic. Nothing melts my heart like a man who seems to be so enamored with the smallest members of his family. My husband only smiles like that when he drops ours off at their Granmas. One question, how could you see Gerry across the street and not melt into the sidewalk from the Awesome Manly Hawtness that is Gerard? Did I read that right, about Paige driving? Are you really getting your drivers permit? Here's my age aquired wisdom. Always wear your seatbelt, yellow means 'whoa', not 'yeehaw! let's go!', and cops don't like it when you put make-up on while you drive. Ridiculous, I know. They should be thanking us for trying to look our best, right? Oh, and don't forget to turn your headlights on when your leaving a shopping area at night. I did that and you should have seen the looks on the cops faces! They were a centimeter from bursting out laughing. The twerps. ChaCha, I hate to hear it about your asthma. My brother is a Chronic Asthmatic and he used to live at the hospital when he was growing up. It's such a tough, scary thing to deal with. I hope everything gets sorted for you. Hugs and Love To You GALS Billie
  15. Long time, no post! I've been dealing with a ten year old Compaq (which turned out to be more reliable than my 6 month old HP), and could only PM Samwise45, and even then the computer would freeze on me and I couldn't send the messages to her! Apparently enough got through and now I'm looking forward to having her come down for a week long visit May 16th!!! It's pretty sad when you have a computer, an ISP, and not enough power in said computer to use the aforementioned ISP! Thankfully, my hubby and I were able to pick out a new laptop the other week and here I am, back home at the GALS sight! You all were missed very much! So, anyone wanna update me? I can access all my features and I even have a space on windows live! I'm rockin' and rollin' now, and I can't wait to communicate!
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