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  1. I apologize for not answering before.. but I have been very busy at work.. Yes.. the girls are right.. I live in Pompano Beach, FL.. is kind of 45 minutes from Miami.. I saw it friday and saturday.. :dance: From what I have heard.. they changed the name of the movie because there were quite a few movies with that title and they do mention "Butterfly on a Wheel" in the movie a couple of times. I hope this helps.. Take care.. Ines Edited .. to say.. that I think the last showing was yesterday and aparently it was correct becauce I can't find it anymore
  2. Thanks my dear! I couldn't agree with you more! Dr. Em Thank you for your support....
  3. and in Miami's prominently Spanish speaking community! It's like they wanted it to have a poor showing! I just want to say something...I don't think is fair to say that.. there in Miami there is people that speak and understand english.. the movies are in english so they must know it if they want to understand them.. I would say they wanted to fail beacuse of: 1. NO PUBLICITY 2. NOT EVEN OUT SIDE the theater they had a poster of Shattered.. so how is people going to know about it if they can see a poster saying that is being played??? 3. The OPENING WEEKEND.. everybody was busy waiting for the Simpsons movie.. Miami is not any small town and they can fill out a theater.. when THEY KNOW there is a movie worth seen.. Editing to say thank you for your time
  4. Hello,,,, I am Ines.. and as you can see I am very new to the forum.. I was one of the lucky ones that was able to see Shattered TWICE and I love it.. Gerry, Pierce and Maria did a great job.. I really love the movie... there some parts where you can see the cut of the editing but that didn't bother me.. one thing I can tell you,... you will never guess the end.. it keps you bouncing from one guess to another and then at the end you end up litteraly with an open mouth.. at least it happend to me.. I really hope you guys can see it on the theter.. but if not.. you will not be dissapointed when you get the DVD.. :yippee:
  5. Hello! Oslingerpi! Would you mind posting a little bit more of your review here for us gals to enjoy? Thank you! zany I sure will.. I wanted to do it but I didn't know where... just give me a few minutes and I will write it.. Ines Edited to write that I already wrote my review..
  6. Hey oslingerpi! Lucky you got to see 'Shattered' in the theater!...would you please review it for us...(careful of spoilers tho)LOL! Nice to have you here! If you love G's Phantom...please visit our 'Love Letters from the Lair'....

  7. I already did it.. and I live near Miami.. I went to see the movie frifay and saturday.. all I am going to say is that is an excellent movie and you guys deserve to se it..
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