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  1. He has been looking very well and rested lately!! He has said he loves Italy! The Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful places in the world! The promotion of OHF was long and exhausting. It's good to see him relaxing and having fun!
  2. We can always hope that GB will come on board to act in TGOLD, as well as produce . He came into RocknRolla rather last minute.
  3. I really hope GB gets the opportunity to make this film! Happy New Year to all of you at GALS, and of course to our favorite handsome actor! (still have my yellow towel, lol)
  4. I am happy to say that I saw MGP for the second time, yesterday, in NYC (the first time was at the world premiere at TIFF). I was so distracted the first time, by all the premiere excitment. This time, I was better able to concentrate on the movie and Gerard's performance. His performance is very emotional, throughout, and I do hope and believe that he will receive proper recognition. The story is a very worthy one.....much more than Sam Childer's personal journey. The tragedy of the children of Sudan stays with you, as you leave the theater. Perhaps Relativity just plans to keep the movie in limited theaters, slowly but surely building word of mouth and award buzz, through the fall. If the movie came out big, too early, it could be gone and forgotten by award time. Perhaps they have the right strategy.
  5. I thought the same thing when I watched it. I'm really glad he's speaking out about it. I think a lot has to do with the respect Piers showed him. I liked this one like the interview he did with ..... the guy who interviewed him that was a politician (I can't think of his name). Intelligent and worthy of Gerry's time. Gerry had an interview with Mike Huckabee?!?! How and where can I see/listen to that??? How did I possibly miss this??? I also think Gerry is very fortunate to have a friend in Piers Morgan. And I think Oscar has pretty much nothing to do with the box office of a film!!! Having seen MGP once in Toronto, I hope to see it again, this coming week in NYC. Judy
  6. I wouldn't have gotten up there in the first place! Not even for Gerry. The scenery is gorgeous, though. I'm so glad he got to do something different and enjoy a new country. I'm very jealous, and live vicariously through his adventures. Thanks, Bren! Gerry loves flying helicopters and such. Men and their games! My brother did parachuting from airplanes, my son bungee jumping, and my SIL loved motocross jumping and racing. All of them skiers, too (I have read GB loves skiing as well) Switzerland must also be a great place for Gerry to practice his love of mountain biking. Good for him! (not me, thank you!)
  7. I know what you mean about the beauty of these countries. I've been to Scotland three times, in the past 15 years, but had never been to Ireland. I had a chance to go, this past month, and I am so glad I did. My family is Scots and Irish and English. We toured all around the west, south, and worked our way up to Dublin. The last day we even took a day trip to and from Belfast, in the far north. Loved every minute!! Judy
  8. I LOVE going to the movies in March, when the weather in the northeast is blah! I think we all will be in for a special surprise, with Playing the Field. (I'm on pins and needles waiting to hear more about MGP) Marc Forster, the director, is so well respected in the industry. I'm sure we will be hearing something soon. J
  9. I can't help but "relive" that first convention, too. I also was there and admired from 10-13 feet away. The evening was MAGICAL. I know you all had a GREAT time, and I will get back to Las Vegas again, at some point! Recently, I have been admiring those absolutely beautiful photos from Hawaii. Can he look any better?!?
  10. I think Gerry is looking more and more like a rocker these days. There was an article in Parade magazine, yesterday, Feb 20, that entertained the idea that Gerry may star in yet again another musical.....a rock musical, perhaps?? There is usually a business reason for his appearance.
  11. I also received this bit of news in a Google Alert, early this morning, and I think this sounds sooooo exciting!! I do believe that the fact that Jean Vadim was quoted, is, in itself, very promising. Sounds like they want the movie to have wide commercial appeal, similiar to the popular "Shakespeare in Love" movie, of a few years ago. Crossing my fingers!! Judy
  12. Just what we needed, since we will not have a new movie for a while..... A heaping dose of GERRY JUICE!!!!!!
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