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  1. I am so excited about this news! I had the same thought---Gerry should buy a place in Canada. They seem to be making a lot of movies there these days, and your US dollars go a long way! Incidentally, I heard a rumor (not a rumor--someone physically saw that his London flat is for sale) I doubt if he has spent much time at all there this past year.
  2. I loved reading about your meeting Gerry, and sharing it with us. We can all imagine being there too. I saw him at TIFF, and look forward to the day when I might see him in person again. He's so handsome, and such a great person!!!
  3. Hi Everybody! This is my first post. All of your posts give me a good laugh! (a necessary thing in today's world!) Question: Look at this hockey rink photo carefully. (Dare I say with a magnifying glass?) Is that a girl with long dark hair standing by herself on the left, right next to where Gerry would have entered the ice??? INTERESTING!!! It's great to be here!
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