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  1. It's great seeing Gerry so relaxed, enjoying himself for awhile, after completion of Coriolanus. I can hardly imagine a better place than the Mediterranean.......have been there, and the water is the color of his jacket......cobalt blue! I can so imagine he would really enjoy an event like the Monte Carlo Gran Prix! Have fun, Gerry!!
  2. Moira, I also read (can't remember where), that they would be filming in South Africa in July-August, with Gerry mentioning that he was hoping to see some of the World Cup. I have also read recently that there are real security concerns for the World Cup. Is there any place in Africa that is safe or turmoil free?? I am such a worrier about things like that.
  3. Gerry looks great, and somewhat different in all his movie roles! I am loving his look for Coriolanus (he looks regal with that beard), and the tats go with his character. I am not missing the fake orange tan, either. Looks like they are letting a bit more grey show through in his hair. He's too young to go completely grey (yet), but a little bit looks sooooo distinguished! I could even see him with a rugged mustache for Machine Gun Preacher.......so masculine!!
  4. I think Gerry looks WONDERFUL!!! Love his hair and beard, flecked with grey. So majestic and distinguished! The tattoo must be for this role in Coriolanus.
  5. Ralph Fiennes said Gerry was perfect for this role (thinking of 300 and Gamer?) Fiennes was right! G will be absolutely stunning!!
  6. Adorable!! Both of them! I am also enjoying the fact that Gerry has trouble buttoning his shirt (maybe he tries, and if it's too hard he gives up?? )
  7. I just received my copy in the mail from Amazon, yesterday, and guess what I was doing last night?? The courtroom scene has always been my favorite (aside from Clyde's "capture" by the SWAT team.....lol) Seriously, I loved Gerry's emoting in that courtroom dialogue (yes, he really generated some heat) I am one of those who would have loved to see Gerry in the role of Nick.
  8. You're right, Moira. Gerry has very generously pledged a considerable amount of money to Haiti, over the next five years. It only makes sense for him to see how and on what, the money will be spent. I think Gerry also likes to help out individual adults and children in a more personal way.
  9. Gerry has so much going on right now, business wise, and I do agree that he is a sensitive and deep thinker. Don't get too stressed out, Gerry! I'm not that worried though......he is also very energetic, capable and resourceful.
  10. I am so glad I got to see this video!! Charming, entertaining and humorous as always........certainly never boring! He did a great job. When was this filmed? I wonder which part in Sherlock Holmes, was offered to Gerry? Perhaps Watson, which was played by Jude Law? (I LOVED that movie!) I also wonder how The Film Department is doing (good, I hope), and if they have gone public on the Nasdaq, yet?? Maybe I will wander over to their website, to take a look. Good luck to them!
  11. I hope Gerry's old injury is not kicking up. Just want to say that Gerry looks VERY FINE!! NORMAL! NATURAL! Hollywood's procession of tanned sixpacks is getting BORING! I am loving the pale skin! (uniformly tanned bodies are getting boring, too) There have been cases of melanoma in my family, and pale skinned people from northern countries are not meant to be deeply tanned! We do not all need to look uniformly alike........what a boring world that would be...... Gerry looks GREAT!!!!!
  12. I did get the book on Amazon, and read it the other night (only 223 pages). I can really see Gerry in this role. I'm trying to be serious, but your post about Gerry in "missionary" position, in his biker boots are making that very difficult, lol!
  13. What a GREAT looking man!!!! Haven't we seen that shirt before, somewhere? (looks familiar) He is so animated. Love, love seeing him get his award. (seems the Dubai Film Festival knows what they are doing!)
  14. The Sam Childers interview is really eye opening. I'd like to read his book "Another man's War." I assume the movie would have the same title? They even have a director for the movie, already. I went online last night, and saw Childer's charitable organization, "Angels of Africa." Words fail, when it comes to these images..... What a great movie this could be........hope it all comes together, whoever might be starring!
  15. I think this project sounds very interesting, and timely. I also googled Rev. Sam Childers, today! This sounds like something Gerry would go for....... Hope it all comes together! (I wouldn't mind him with a mustache.......loved his beard in Beowulf!!)
  16. I"m very happy and proud for Gerard!!! This is only the beginnings of big things for Gerry, Glasgow, and BURNS!!! Gerry will be one of the movers and shakers of the industry!!! YES YOU!!!
  17. I am so happy (for Gerry), to be reading this news, this morning!! The average UK movie buff fas spoken! Gerard Butler is their FAVORITE actor!!!!
  18. Yes.......I did that, and it played fine. Best interview I've seen in a long time!!
  19. Catwoman, Thank you for sharing your story. There are others who understand your emotional connection to Gerry. I myself first noticed Gerry in Reign of Fire, and Timeline. When I went to see POTO, at the theater, a jolt went through me, when he offered his hand to Emmy Rossum, and they journeyed down to the Phantom's lair. As she removed his mask, I was mesmerized by his beauty. By the time I arrived home, I was almost hyptnotized. I was going through a very tough period with our two sons, then 16 and 20.....going crazy with anguish and despair on a daily basis (they are doing OK now) Suddenly I was transported out of my problems, at least for a small portion of the day. There was a place that my mind could go everyday, to relax, take a rest from the relentless worry. I will always be thankful for that. How can that experience ever be duplicated again? The ways in which a person makes that emotional connection are as many and diverse as there are people. I judge a story/movie by how it "stays with me" after I leave the theater. I have enjoyed all of Gerry's "charcters/roles".......some more so than others. I am looking forward to Burns and Coriolanus! He does heroic so well! No matter what, Gerry will always be a "hero" to me.
  20. I am very very happy for Gerry's success with LAC!! He has worked so hard for this! I have seen it four times, so far, and hope to see it again.
  21. Sounds like a very interesting project........something Gerry could really get his teeth into, acting wise. I would assume Gerry will star in it.
  22. How wonderful for Gerry to premiere his movie in Glasgow! Judy
  23. I have never seen this Hollywood Award Show on TV, but maybe there's a first time for everything. Sure would be nice to see him on TV this Monday night! Isn't the London premiere of LAC on Nov 6? The Oslo premiere on the 9th? Then on to Berlin?? Does anyone have the dates? I think he would try to be there, at the award presentation. Remember him coming in, last minute, for his action star award? Hard working Gerry!!
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