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  1. So.........Gerry (Aufidius) will get to kill the flawed warrior/politician, Coriolanus........ Vanessa Redgrave will be Coriolanus' domineering mother, Volumnia. If it is modern, I wonder if there will be any allusions to the dictator, Tito? Sounds like "good stuff" to me!
  2. Yes, I also just heard that Director Fiennes version of Coriolanus will be a modernized one.......perhaps with Shakespearean language. No matter...... Coriolanus is a warrior's tale, and Gerard Butler will always fit that kind of role perfectly! Jude Law's Hamlet, currently on Broadway, is Shakespearean speech, and modern dress, and Jude is wowing critics and audiences, alike. I look for great things, with Gerard Butler in Coriolanus!!!!
  3. I think that Coriolanus is wonderful, exciting news!! The title role of Coriolanus has been played by the acting greats: Lawrence Olivier, Richard Burton, and now Ralph Fiennes, one of my favorites. I will always remember seeing Fiennes live on Broadway, in "The Faith Healer." Fiennes is, indesputedly, a powerful, actor. Gerry is in great company, also, with William Hurt and Vanessa Redgrave (I have never seen them in anything bad). Gerry will have the opportunity to display his acting chops, with challenging material. I am sure he wants to continue to stretch himself, as an actor. I think this will be great for his career! I recently saw Jude Law, live on Broadway, in Hamlet......Jude was great........a excellent career choice for Jude, and I believe Coriolanus will do the same, for Gerry! I am wondering which role Gerard will have. He seems perfect for the role of Coriolanus' arch enemy, Aufidius. A lot will depend on how they adapt Shakespeare's classic play, to a movie. When Lawrence Olivier did it a second time, Coriolanus was likened to Mussolini. They could even give the play a "Gladiator" twist, to give the classic play more appeal to a wide audience. It could be loosely based on Shakespeare's play......they can do a LOT to make it appeal to a wide modern audience. I am also looking forward to the sight of Gerry again, in the uniform of Roman soldier.........he will immediately improve the overall eye appeal of this movie, and give it instant zip and sex appeal! To me, Gerry seems made for heroic roles. He is so kingly, warrior like, in his whole presence and demeanor. Judy
  4. I watched him today, on Alexa Chung. He was adorable!!! So glad I caught it......
  5. Thank you, Dallas! That was so entertaining!! Gerry is great at improvisation! He will shine on Saturday Night Live, and be one of their best hosts yet!!!!
  6. I saw it today, and was really impressed! I think Gerry has a real winner, here! I can take the blood and guts, having sat through many Terminator and Jason movies with my sons. I thought Gamer was very innovative and had underlying themes of humanity versus technology. I can't wait to see it again, as I'm sure there is a lot I missed. Could not take my eyes off his arms! Gerry is a GORGEOUS man!! Amber Valletta is very very beautiful. Michael C. Hall did a great job with his acting, as his role provided more acting moments. All in all, Gamer was VERY entertaining..........one heck of a wild ride! Gerry really has had such diverse roles. How many actors can say that??
  7. Even though pieced together from several old interviews, there are still a couple things I haven't read before (at least as they are expressed by him), and I have been around for awhile. I am glad to see such a nice, comprehensive article about Gerry come out in the UK. As for that person with whom he had a long term relationship? We may never know. He obviously likes his personal life kept personal..... Finally he will be an important star in the UK!
  8. I wish that they would use the amazing shot of Gerry, with arms outstretched, and piercing gaze, for the LAC poster! This pose would bring people into the theaters in droves!! Judy
  9. Yes........my son (22) is a handsome, uber fit hunk, with an awesome six pack..........and, my husband and I will be relieved when he gives up his UFC hobby, for something else..........
  10. My son, (22), tells me that women do UFC fighting too, and that it is AMAZING to watch the women fight!
  11. Yes, he does!! Looks like he's enjoying it, too! My son is into this kind of fighting, big time. Hi Judy2! Hi Moira! Judy1
  12. Barbara, Do you know the dates of this film festival? Thanks for this information! Hugs, Judy
  13. Yes, this guy's questions and observations had some substance. The interviewer brought a serious, non standard reply out of Gerry, and gave us a fleeting glimpse of one of Gerry's personal concerns. The glimpse of tongue was mighty cute too!!
  14. Don't his eyes look very very blue, in that photo?? Gerry sure knows how to have some fun, and he DOES love his cars.......... Have a great time, Gerry!
  15. I agree. One can certainly not believe everything that you see in print. I think this should be obvious.
  16. Maybe they even played soccer.......
  17. Thank you SO MUCH, Dayna, for your efforts to make this possible! Isn't he WONDERFUL?!? Words fail. Judy
  18. I just read the transcript this morning, and I am truly touched that he made this effort, for all of you, at the convention. I can almost hear him saying these words, if I try! Thanks for the transcript! The cheeky humor......love it!! Most of all, I love him taking the time, in his busy schedule, to send this message. He is one good hearted guy!! Thank you, Gerry! Judy
  19. Believe, me, no one would like to see it come out Christmas 2009, more than me, but would this date leave any space for the PROMOTION of the movie?? The trailer viewed in theaters, etc? Judy
  20. This movie is going to be a hoot!! Cannot wait!!
  21. I also noticed that the grey jacket brings out his eyes, and compliments his dark hair, touched with glints of silver. Perfect. I know Gerry loves his jewelry, but I like him without it. I think it looks fine on younger guys, but a bit silly on a mature man. I LOVE this mature, manly look, of his! Notice I said MATURE, not old. Big difference. Perhaps he didn't take the jewelry to India.....didn't want to lose it. I try not to take things I don't want to lose, when traveling. His weight? He looks great! On the other hand, I think he looks just as good beefed up a bit more, too. Makes no difference to me........he's totally handsome either way, as far as I'm concerned!
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