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  1. Thank you, Barbara, for the information. I have my "Black Freighter" preordered, and Amazon is saying I will have it by March 24th. I would not be surprised if I have it a couple days before the 24th, as I received my RnR from them, a couple days early. I really can't wait to hear this man ROAR and HISSS!!!!!
  2. Gerry probably did see the Super Bowl, where he was seen at the Public House, as the PH has several large screen TV's.
  3. Yay, Moira! That's the kind of talk I want to hear! Swannie Amen - maybe there's someway we can do a national or international fundraising event for this - simultaneous or something really cool like that. Moira, as soon as you know something, make sure we know immediately! I would love to do whatever I can in California to help. Lisa I would love to be of help too, and I just want to say, that if this is even possible, it should be carried out in such a way that each and every person who is an organizer or sponsor/donor should be properly recognized, according to their level of contribution (example: Platinum, Gold, Siver, Bronze, etc.), much the same as any charitable organization. JMO.
  4. I still wish there was a way, that GALS, possibly in combination with other websites, could join together, in a effort to contribute financially to bring Burns to the screen. The contribution could be large or small, but might be quite worthwhile. Is there anyway the websites could send representatives to the Salmond dinner in May, at Edinborough Castle? Just a thought. Another thought: there are numerous Scottish clans, with thousands of members scattered across the US. I belong to one. Perhaps some of these people, with their intense national pride in the country of their forebearers, would be interested in seeing BURNS brought to the screen.
  5. Barbara, I also, am very happy for you! I can only imagine what this must mean to you. I'm off to look at your photos! Again, congratulations! Judy
  6. Excellent idea!! I have long felt that Gerry's fans could collectively be of help in this way! Now that the bulk of the movie is funded, this could be an effort of love on the part of his fans and websites, with any contribution, large or small, being welcome. Judy Go, Burns!!
  7. I say YES to GALS putting together a collective contribution!! I have been thinking this for a long time! Why couldn't GALS be one of the "subscribers"?? Any contribution........large or small, being welcome. This may be a new idea in the business, but why not?!? Judy
  8. Thank you so much, for sharing your experience with us! Enjoy the rest of your trip!
  9. I think so too! They look good together! I wonder if he kissed anyone, when the countdown to the New Year completed?
  10. Waaaaa!!!! I am going to severely miss watching the Gerryfest at the beach. Seeing him like this does something very beneficial to my brain chemicals. Gerry gives you that little "extra boost"! What a guy!
  11. Looks like somebody Christmas gifted him with a shirt in his favorite green! Handsome and well rested in sunny Miami! Snowing like heck here in Connecticut. Happy New Years, all you great GALS!!
  12. Thank you so much, Dianne, for sharing! My friend, Dragonslayer told me a bit about your evening..........that a very good cause benefitted through this premiere. What fun for you, and how nice of Gerry to pose for the pics!! How exciting for you!! Judy
  13. This is a very worthy cause. I'm going to donate, and I hope to be in LA to support Gerry in March! Go Gerry! Good luck to KKC!!
  14. I'm loving these photos! Julia Verdin is a very attractive and very smart lady.........and a good friend?
  15. Richard Gere is in the news recently, for publically kissing a Bollywood actress on a stage in India. An angry crowd burned him in effegy, and demanded his arrest! Public dispalys of affection are a serious no no! Their culture is so different!
  16. I know two women (both Scottish) who went to Dubai, and relaxed by the pool, with a cocktail. I'll have to ask them the specifics. Am I the only one who can't be completely enthusiastic about the extreme ostentation of spending $20 million to entertain 2000 people in the midst of a terrible worldwide economy? Many are worried about the price of food, housing, gas......keeping their jobs. I suppose Gerry has important business there. I have been reading recently that many Hollywood films are financed by Middle Eastern money.
  17. I never thought I would say this.........I do believe I'm getting a bit jealous of Gerry! I have family and friends who have been there. Beautiful and luxurious beyond description, so they say!!
  18. This woman is a hoot. That one line may just inspire me to re-read her wee tale. I'll say it again. Gerard Butler as Jamie's slightly wicked Uncle Dougal. (I hope I got that right) LOL. I agree with you Kristine, that Diana G is just about the wittiest writer around (after you, of course, you gorgeous girl). Gerry as Dougal would be *shiver* a pairfect casting choice, IMHO. I'm embarrassed to say that I can't even recall how many times I've re-read the Outlander series, but, for sure I've re-read them all each time a new installment is about to be published... *sigh* Connie, Your siggie of Gerry's eyes took my breath away, and made my stomach flip flop. Those eyes!! Judy Connie
  19. Hi Marianne...I'd love to go on a road trip with you! Ronnie (Summer Lass) could come with us...she lives in Stanhope. That would be so much fun! Just as long as we don't have problems like we did at the Bash 2 years ago...ha, ha! Marg Maybe I'll meet up with you all, in Philly. I just remembered, I have some family and old friends to visit there..........REALLY!!!
  20. I can think of only one thing......... Ride cowboy, ride!!!
  21. What a great picture of Gerry and Malcolm McDowell. What an interesting man and actor, this Malcom McDowell! Gerry must admire him greatly. I wonder if any of the film festival parties were Halloween themed? I must call my old friend in Atlanta to see if she has heard or read anything!!
  22. Daniel Craig as Bond does.......nada ........for me. There is a part of every woman who, in her fantasy life, wishes to be swept away by............Daniel Craig??.........NO!!!!! Swept away by Gerard Butler?? YESSSS!!!!!!!!
  23. Xan, I agree 100% with everything you say. Gerry should have been Bond. Always thought so. Daniel Craig does ZIPPO for me!! I hope he tires of being Bond SOON...........so the REAL MAN can take over...........!!!!!
  24. I was at TIFF a few weeks ago. While there, I had the pleasure of seeing "Dean Spanley," a movie which will come out in 2009. It was hilarious, moving, touching..........everything! The screenplay of Dean Spanley was written by Scottish novelist and screenwriter, Alan Sharp. The movie, starring Jeremy Nothham, Sam Neill and Peter O'Toole was EXCELLENT, and there is already Oscar buzz! To my knowledge, this is the same Alan Sharp who wrote the script that director Vadim Jean, Gerry's friend, plans to make. Alan Sharp also wrote the screenplay for the movie, Rob Roy, in 1995. This is an important year in the history of Robert Burns.........I just hope that the project at least gets under way!!
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