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  1. Nick, Shadow Company in my Netflix queue is an easy request to fill. The copy I own has made the rounds of my family and friends, and I will continue to recommend it. I hope many of Gerry's newer fans will become aquainted with SC through Netflix. I think that Shadow Company could be the basis for a full length dramatic movie! It was a pleasure to hear you at CUT last year. Judy Yes, Gerry's voice was immediately recognizable to many of us!
  2. Why not Ariel Vromen as director? JMO. PS Gerry, you need longer golf clubs............you're leaning over too far.
  3. What a great interview, with many insights!
  4. "We're all connected"?? I'm certainly up for that..........but isn't there a way to do BOTH?? (just a bit greedy)
  5. My Paypal deposit is in!!! I have only one question..........how do I sign up for the screening of POTO?? I need to get back to my ROOTS!!! (even though I saw Reign of Fire and Timeline first). Judy
  6. Thank you! I missed it on E! What a great shoot! Am I the only one who thinks the whole shoot has a very "Bond" appeal?
  7. Well said, DonnaKat!! Maybe Gerry hasn't met many "real" people in the US.........mostly priveleged types in LA and NYC. Still, he's so thoughtful and insightful and grateful, for what he now has......... Love that man!! Judy
  8. I will be at the TIFF premiere with two friends. I was fortunate to get an extra ticket to the premiere when they went online to the public last Saturday. If any of you are interested in this ticket, give me a pm! I'd be happy to sell it, for what I paid. Are you all getting excited?!
  9. Hee Hee!! Never fear, Marg..........I would never do that to you!
  10. Thanks so much, Moira, for you very generous, sharing of your experience. I read everything, including spoilers, (I lOVE spoilers!). I always read the ends of books first.........even read them backwards..........never really "spoils" anything for me, in fact, it increases my awareness and appreciation. I'm looking forward to the movie at TIFF, myself, in exactly 7 days...........and news from the world premiere in London in just 3 days! Judy
  11. That was a great article and interview in the NY Times Style Mag..........I have a copy of it. That Mercer Hotel seems to be very popular with celebrities.
  12. I really think RnR WILL end up doing OK! At the very least, it may go to independent art house theaters. If it does good there.........then the multiplexes. And I agree with him........she'll have to "come in then."
  13. Yes........I completely agree with Marg. WB wanted to see a good number of fans get into 300. I also agree Alan is a very nice man. I met him at the PSILY premiere. I also saw him come out at Comic-con, and look (unsuccessfully) for a seat in the 1st row. He is totally in support of Gerry. Gerry is lucky to have him, IMO.
  14. Yes..........I was reminded of what he said at the Taurus Awards, but this went further, in that he mentioned a specific person! And there was no mistaking, from his tone of voice (I was there), what he meant by being "in" Halle Berry..........It also reminds me of "I just kissed------arse" which was cut off the Craig Ferguson Show. (Sorry, I forget that actress' name). I could just imagine his PR people wringing their hands over this Halle Berry comment. I know.......I have no sense of humor! Maybe I do have to "lighten up." I am still smarting from the Sea World comment, I guess......... You see...........I kind of agreed with his comparison of fans and the seals of Sea World. Maybe that's what really bothered me.
  15. At the end of the panel, and Q&A session, someone asked him what he'd like to do next. His reply........he'd like to be "'in' Halle Berry." I dunno..........I wonder if Ms. Berry's husband (and she a new mother) would object to a statement like that. So just kill me for a severe lack of humor. It appeared to me, as I was present in the audience, that he went a bit far in his comments. In fact, at the end, he asked the actor sitting next to him if he had gone "too far." Sadly, there are fans who have stepped over the line too. So what's new?? Comic-con is over. I guess I should stop "kicking a dead horse." I do hope we have good things to look forward to, in the future.
  16. I wasn't going to talk about Comic-con.........I've been biting my tongue........... but since everyone else is..........and I do realize this is a fansite. I have been an very admiring and loyal fan of Gerry Butler since 2005. I was lucky enough to be present at the first GALS convention when he made his appearance with Tonya. I was in the fourth row at Comic-con. Most of the fansites did not get a real feeling of how it went. I did find him rather MOCKING of his audience, and I came away a bit insulted and disiullusioned. While chucking chocolate kisses to the audience, he compared them to the trained seals of Seal World, where he first worked when coming to CA. I know...........I am lacking a sense of humor. But in this case, the joke was at the expense of the audience. I am NOT a trained seal. Perhaps he felt it would go "over the head" of most, but I, unfortunately GOT IT. There was also excessive use of the word "f------." I don't mind once or twice, but he used it throughout, and, all in all, went a bit too far. His "f------ wierd" to the woman in the tiara seemed a bit unkind..........she paused, as if fighting back tears. She was pretty strange, but there are tons of strange costumes at CC.........bottom line, it was unecessary to blurt that out, right to her face. I realize that is part of the territory with GB, but he seemed to be saying whatever popped into his head. Some self control has to be utilized. The thing that bothered me the most was the touch of arrogance, while mocking the audience. In many ways I don't blame him, and agree with him. I saw many others..........Hugh Jackman, Keanu Reeves, etc., etc., but none of them acted in this way..........none disrespected their audience in this manner. I am still "digesting" this myself. I am still a fan. A tad bit disillusioned fan. There HAS been a change from a year or two ago with Gerry. Afterall, no one stays the same forever. Bottom line for me: I still like this handsome, charming, charismatic actor..........I am still fascinated, but I realize that he is simply not what he was four years ago. But then, who of us can say that we are? I will certainly continue to follow his career with interest and wish him the best, but no more "trained seal" for me. Comic-con was a reality check for me. Maybe it was for him, too........ Judy
  17. Gerry looks wonderful!! I love him naturally pale with silver coming in his dark hair. I wish they would stop dying his hair medium brown........his own almost black hair sprinkled with silver is much more striking, complimentary to his skin tones, and Celtic looking!! And I've always thought his nose is very sensual looking. I like a strong masculine nose on a guy. He should never fool around too much with his natural perfection! JMO. Judy
  18. I couldn't agree with you more..........natural all the way!!.........even his natural pale skin a la Dracula! Natural always looks best.........even hair sprinkled with silver..........stunning!!
  19. Gerry is so down to earth entertaining. HYSTERICAL, what he had to say!! Not your usual self important celebrity. Such a smart and grounded man! I think that's one of he things I love most about him. And I think he is very aware that his "women" love this aspect of his personality!! Thanks for entertaining us, Gerry!!
  20. Thud!! Sooooo handsome in this photo shoot! Those strong hands! (I always notice that thumb, even.......). I think Gerry will be MUCH better known in his home country after RocknRolla! PS I wonder if there is a way to contact this magazine directly, to request a few copies.
  21. I am going to the Comic-con with a friend, and it will be an experience I'm sure! I've never been to San Diego. After so many years of hearing how nice SD is, I decided now was the time. (and who knows.......I may even be doing the 1:00 am thing) Wish us luck........we'll need it!
  22. Maybe she will read this issue of PEOPLE, see his picture, read the article, AND REALIZE WHAT SHE MISSED!! Obviously Gerry has never forgotten this ill fated date! What a blow! Too bad for her..........
  23. Thank you, Alice and Dr. Em! It was great just to hear that beautiful voice! And thanks to GB for making the effort to do this!! It means a lot to his fans!
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