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  1. Gorgeous new pictures!! Just the thing on the eve of the GALS Convention! Have fun all you lucky ladies who are going!
  2. Thanks for the photos Chelle!! He looks good, but a bit serious.
  3. I totally agree with this post. I am so glad Gerry did NOT stop for those disrespectful fans!! And I thank you, Dr.Em, for knowing where to draw the line!
  4. Just a thought..........Maybe Gerry and Katherine were "in character" for the roles they are playing when these photos were taken. Maybe the on screen characters were not having a happy moment. Maybe his shirt was supposed to look rumpled??
  5. For some reason, I don't think he's exactly thrilled to be going up and down in that balloon all day. On second thought, maybe it was just Gerry and Katherine's extras (stunt people), who went up and down in the balloon. Judy
  6. Yes, ALW is very astute, and so is Gerry. Lots to think about here...........Gerry will know the answer. I really couldn't say. The only thing I can say for sure, is that I would love to see him live on the stage, and would be tempted to fly to London!
  7. Moira!! Thank you!! You have made our day!! What a great looking man, Gerry is........ And those thighs were one ot the first things I noticed when he was stooping down to retrieve his mask that Emmy had torn off in POTO.........I remember thinking,......... hmmmmm......... Too bad I don't get to see that walking across the street toward me, in my local park! How many of you here think that Gerry gets to meet a lot of "people" in his walks with cute Lolita??
  8. Moira, We are all anxiously awaiting this treat!! We've been in starvation mode for awhile now! Judy
  9. I saw the video, and it is hysterical, and this young girl, and whoever helped her with this, are brilliant, in their assessment of fandom. This girl has a future ahead for her.........in 5-8 years. Sorry, am I the only one who wouldn't want their 13 year old out there on the internet, in this context?? (I have 3 daughters). Hello? Where are the parents of this 13 year old? It's OK for 12-13 year olds to have these thoughts and feelings...........they always have, and always will.........but on the internet?!? I think she is very vulnerable at her age, even if intellectually mature before her years. Sorry, I am a bit turned off, for these reasons. Yeah! She was a baby!
  10. Moira, I spoke to someone who went to that "Dressed To Kilt." Gerry wore black form fitting athletic shorts (there's a name for them.......a specific brand, which I've forgot). He was slightly elevated above the audience, and kneeling down a lot.........he had to!! Judy
  11. Ah yes..........."character development." I hope LAC will follow Dear Frankie, in that respect...........with a bit more angst and suspense. Let's see Gerry with some "fire in his belly"!! Judy
  12. My exact thoughts, as I saw these............a kid at heart! Or maybe a way to quickly outdistance the papparazzi while getting some good exercise. I also noticed the attack of the black socks with white tennies! Adorable!
  13. Maybe someone not quite as well known as Hoffman or RD..........maybe someone on the rise in acting, or an older well known actor who likes the part, and is willing to do it for less $$. I wonder what the supposed age of this master criminal will be? So many variables! Best of luck to Evil Twins!!
  14. I love Alan Rickman! However, I think there are many actors who would do well in this role. I do think, that who they cast for this role, will be very important to the movie, in so many ways.
  15. That was just great! Does this man have charisma or what?!?
  16. I'm sure that Gerry's projects and new production company are far more important than any vacation. If he gets to Cannes, he can combine business and pleasure..........the French Riviera must be gorgeous. Great news! Congratulations Evil Twins and Film Dept! Shake a leg!
  17. Maybe there are no fireplaces. I have read (can't remember where) that this is a converted warehouse..........also that it had a "rooftop" garden/terrace. There must be other rooms, with it having two, maybe three levels. Imagine all the space. Maybe here are lighter, more airy rooms off the terrace. (Did I hear that Gerry was an art collector?).
  18. Stunning, unusual and thoroughly masculine...........probably not to suit the taste of most women. I think it was designed to suit only Gerry, a man with sophisicated tastes. A lot of men like a dark place to "retreat" to. It also looks well designed for a man who likes to entertain friends, I'm sure it's very comfortable from a guy's point of view! I love the aged timbers and architectural details from much older structures, probably reflecting his interests in other ages............maybe even some of the roles he has played? A suitable lair for the star of Phantom of the Opera, Timeline, Beowulf and 300. Isn't the roof terrace up those steps?.........you can see light shining down. And I can imagine the spectacular view of Manhattan through those three walls of windows. I think it suits him well. Thanks for giving your fans a glimpse, Gerry! It is spectacular.......you deserve it!
  19. I totally agree with everything you said here. This has all been PR for Cheryl Burke............nothing more, IMO. She certainly has gotten a lot of attention for it, hasn't she? (which was probably the primary objective). The whole thing follows the same formula as the Cameron Diaz stories. I find it hard to believe any of these stories without...........a photograph of them TOGETHER! Even then, I might not believe it. Gerry was photographed with a group of men, at Beso.........one of them being his mananger, Alan. Sure looked like "business" to me.
  20. As much as I enjoyed them, there probably has been enough of the "on set" of TUT photos. It was good publicity for the movie, and of course, we're not complaining!
  21. Some of these piccies really gave me a chuckle! Thank you, Barbara........it always wonderful to get new ones of the man! We have been spoiled lately, that's for sure!
  22. I LOVE your slideshow, Moira.............what a beautiful man!!! All my favorites! I agree with your conclusion. I still think CB was indiscreet to mention where he lives (her apt. building)
  23. Actually I don't think it's her. I think the author of the article was skimming through the internet and saw people mentioning that the brunette looked like Laura Herring and ran with it. Personally I don't think that woman looks anything like Laura Herring. LOL I agree with you, Angel. There is a resemblance, but I don't think it's Laura Harring, either. This gal looks a bit younger. I don't think she's a professional dog walker, either............in those high heels? Not pregnant, either..........just buxom. A very pretty girl.
  24. I may have gotten carried away about Ms. Woodcock, but she is very pretty, and boy, was she ever hanging onto him! (Such hard "night work".......haha) I think they were smart to edit the video. He could appear arrogant to the casual viewer who is not familiar with his humor.
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