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    I should think that would be obvious *wink*
  1. Yep. :tasty: I like this movie rumour (though Gerry really is too young to play Leonidas...maybe he could play some other hot commanding soldier guy) Besides, if you've ever read about the Spartans...you'll know he's gonna be Eric-Bana-Troy-Hot-Hector-Beefy in this. The Spartans were all gym junkies! Hello Mr Six-pack, I see you've returned :wink:
  2. Ooooo these are the ones I jsut saw at Lj. He looks good. I read the little caption too that documents where he went and of course Starbucks was in there somewhere...And the man-bag...and the even more tattered jeans. I am so stacking them out when I go to LA in january OMG zany!!! Those are great. Love the inviting arrow. Instructional video anyone? "No Gerry, you're going to have to show me how to do that" *wink* :eye:
  3. x-posted in Dodgey Fashion Choices. Is this hot or what GALS?? I'll let you decide... :nfw: Beware: rampaging thumbslots ahead Hmmmmmmmmmmm :roll: Sass
  4. Dodgey Fashion choice? I'll let you GALS decide... :nfw: Beware: Thumbslots ahead! Hmmmm Sass
  5. OMG!!! Squooge AND he's pulling his pants down!!!!! :eye: well i like to think so :gg1: :gg2: Look at his tan line too...little lower...*falls off chair* Sass
  6. Hehehe prob not. For one, they'd find out who Billy is and we would lose our special code. and two, there is a zoom in pic of the big fella. Man, I love making gifs....If anyone wants any, I'd love to give it a go making some more. Sass
  7. Oh bugger! I knew I forgot something. It shalled be revised Here it is: The Avatar - with added chnuzzle Sass
  8. Yay Rhed! Stalkers and Tim Tams and Jerry Maguire!! Very good, so where are you taking us next with going to L.A?? cos the tarts will be there afterall Can't wait... Sass
  9. I made an avatar in honour of the monkey that is chunky, just for you Sarah. Beware: this is the most bizarre avatar I have ever made so far....especially with the close-ups. (Revised with added chnuzzle in my next post) Sass
  10. I don't remember my dreams that often but usually Gerry, occasionally a character. I never get tired of telling this (and this is the Gerry dream section after all) but this particular tart I speak of considers herself quite tame...but she growing out of it. She dreamt he was with a bunch of tarts and he whipped his pants off in front of them and just stood there, like it was the norm, for all to see... Sass
  11. You think that's bad toni?? I had a dream where I spent most of my time talking to Gerry and then I ended up getting a kiss from Javier Bardem!! What is that??? :blink: Why didn't Geet kiss me? Lucky my next Gerry-dream was Gerracula and it was much better... :good: Sass
  12. There's a website with a huge list too ain't there? :ponder: I love the moobies...can you tell??? and *coughavatarcough* Oh dear Katelyn, you need a prescription quick smart!! Better?? :wink: AND I am so sorry, but I have been looking at that camel emo for TOO long... :camel: :hump1: I'm glad I got that off my chest...*phew*
  13. Yep, I'm a Sydney GAL so I'm further south. Bed socks??? I have 3 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, bed socks and a gi-normous thick blankie around me that follows me to bed too. I am SO gonna die in the Scottish winter *sigh* Sass
  14. :rofl1: :roll: :roll: :roll: You are so you! I love you!! nice one Sarah Nothing like a tasty sandwich to sate your appetite All I want for my birthday is a bucket of water.... Sass
  15. Awww he was so so good in this. I watched it a couple of times when I first found it. I love when he's yelling, "I'm a writer!!!" It's a must-see. It's so sad... I'll cross my fingers for you too *crosses fingers* I hope it works Sass
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