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  1. I'll sort of be dressing to match. I have a victorian dress similar to the wedding gown from the stage production of POTO. I love halloween, it is my favorite time of year!
  2. This is a cool thread. For most of my life I have believed that there is some truth to the story, and that Erik was a real person. I also have looked at Phantom sites and learn some very interesting things. How I came across the story the first time, was when I was going to be singing 'Music Of The Night' in chorus, and wanted to know the rest of the story. So I bought the Gaston Leroux book and read it, and was hooked ever since. My image of him will always be one I have imagined, when I starting reading the Leroux book a long time ago.
  3. I remember seeing this when it was on TV. It's too bad they didn't show the picture of Gerry and Hilary getting Jeffrey back!
  4. I saw the Claude Rains version when I first got into POTO years ago. I thought it was really good. I also liked how they had him playing the violin in it as well, the violin is a beautiful instrument. I always wanted to learn how to play it. So I bought myself one and am planning on it soon. I just the other week bought the 2 disc DVD of this version and it has an interesting documentary on the second one.
  5. Thanks, I have been concentrating on music, writing, and planning a trip to Europe for Christmas to meet my husband Rob in Italy, cause he is stationed there. p.s. I love your siggy!
  6. Wow, he looks good in that photo! I love the suit! I guess I have some catching up to do, I have been working on some projects that have been keeping me busy.
  7. I'm glad he's able to take a rest back in Scotland. I really hope he gets his burr back as well.
  8. Thanks, I SO can't wait to see this movie, I love these types of movies, and this one is looking even better!
  9. I that Gerry should of won Best Actor. I thought Will Smith was good in I Am Legend, but, Gerry I thought was better in 300. Anyone else think they should of won best costumes...or is just me?
  10. Thanks Chelle, not fond of the suit, but it does seem to bring out the blue in his eyes.
  11. That song is going to stick in my head all night long now!
  12. Thanks you so much for that, I really loved that! Also thanks for everything you all did!
  13. Eliza1013

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    Awe, she is adorable, she does have a really cute face!
  14. Eliza1013


    Well I'm heading out in a half hour. Can't wait to see everyone!
  15. Thanks for the recipe Helena! I will definetaly try those.
  16. I love lemon cakes, and now I really want one! There is NO Starbuck here in this town!
  17. That one cracked me up too! I think it was Brian Taylor who said it.
  18. Meghan and myself are needing transportation as well. If anyone can help just let me know. Thanks.
  19. Came across this scan of the interview with Mark Nevaldine and Brian Taylor from Empire Magazine.
  20. I'm in. How/where do we send the deposit? By the way, will anyone be around on Wednesday that can maybe help with my make-up?
  21. I'm in. Put me down for Wednesday PM (after I am able to check into my room so I can change).
  22. I will be arriving Wednesday at 10:00am and leaving on Monday at 1:16pm. I'm not sure when Meghan will be arriving yet. Not sure if this is where to put this, but I will be eating at the Star Trek themed resteraunt Quark's at the hotel on Wednesday night if anyone want's to join me.
  23. I will be there, I am also bringing a very good friend of mine Meghan with me. I can't wait! Spot and BIG MIKE will be in Vegas, baby!! Knight Phantom and Sally Irish Poppy LeslieDcup RandomLanda Swansong zanyzombie touchmetrustme scottish spazz stacie-in-nebraska AimeeMarie Susan~Sporran Jenny Texas gramma Songbird IListen Lady Elissa Good Sport redroseblackribbon & Donny RezzRN gmscowgirlred MizSamBewitched SpencerJames7 phoenixgirl Bermos and Carol kittypro GEMSTONE stagewomanjen gerrynutSNAP Framolamdu Eliza1013 & Meghan
  24. The clencher is -Does Eliza also wear black socks with tennis shoes?? Nope, never done that one.
  25. I was born under the year of the Monkey.
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