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  1. Deffinetely myself and maybe Seumus will be arriving Thursday to see Phantom Spectacular, leaving probably Monday afternoon.
  2. It would be interesting to see Gerry on a TV Show. I personally think it would be cool to see him do a guest star (or something) on 'The Tudors'.
  3. Very nice! I also really like the dress your wife is wearing as well, it is very pretty.
  4. Thanks, Landa, I have added them. I swear Gerry characters are taking over my Myspace.
  5. There to many for me to choose from, but this is one of mine.
  6. I find this absolutely hilarious! The time makes it even funnier! I tend to get pretty annoyed dealing with people who fall asleep like that, unless there is a good reason.
  7. I heard them talking about 'Star Trek' and Eric Bana being in it on 'Jay Leno.' I am actually a Star Trek fan myself. I use to have a stuffed Tribble, but, my cat stole it, and I haven't seen it since.
  8. I only got to see PSILY 2 times. The first time, I had to drive 40 minutes to Savannah, because we didn't get it here in Hinesville at all! The second time when I went on vacation to Sioux Falls to visit family, I was glad to be able to see it there because it was no long in Savannah. I am not a fan of going to the movies, so for me to see it again says alot! I can't wait for it to come out on DVD so I can watch it over and over again.
  9. Here is my question: Now that you and Alan have formed you own production company, Evil Twins, will this have any effect on the plans for 'Burns'? What exactly is the status of 'Burns'?
  10. I personally hope one of the special features of this is a blooper real. I find them so hilarious! Thanks for the information. I will definetaly be preordering this one.
  11. I love Emmy Rossum's CD! For me anything by Flogging Molly, James Blunt or Dropkick Murphy's would do.
  12. This is so cool! I was wondering if he was going to do something like this soon. Those movies do sound interesting.
  13. Ladyfran, I love what you did to the picture, Thanks!
  14. Ooops. Hadn't read that far. LOL. Those photo are just...
  15. I was wondering the same thing! I really hope they do. If so, I will definetly be buying one!
  16. Those picture are really nice! I found these one that I hadn't seen here yet. I just found them and wanted to post them (If that alright?). Here they are:
  17. I love that head full of curls as well, see my mop-boys!
  18. Nice treasure trail pics. I just got back from seeing family in Sioux Falls, and it is nice to come back see some nice Marek pics, and warm up after dealing with cold snow, my blood has seriously thinned living here in Georgia.
  19. That was a beautiful poem, very touching.
  20. I voted for Nim's Island, I just can't wait to see Alex Rover
  21. The first time I saw the movie I was surprised as well, but I can't blame him, I believe I would have a hard time leaving as well, I love the middle ages, I most definetaly would stay, if I meant someone as well. I love seeing him with the long bow as well, he looks so good with that!
  22. For White Shirt Marek Saturday. (hope I did this right).
  23. Thank you, that was an interesting interview.
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