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  1. I was feeling REALLY bad, and did for a few days. I really hope to see it again. I will have to look for JDM in that scene.
  2. This is really interesting. Unforunately I have not seen 'Shadow Company' yet, but eventually hope to. I have seen #9 'Joyeux Noel' and that is a really good movie. I definetaly recomend that one. ''
  3. Wow! Thank You. I hadn't seen that one before either!
  4. Finally should be able to watch 'Shattered'. We got a new DVD player and it works! So now I need to watch these deleted scenes, already watched the special features.
  5. As soon as I get a new DVD player I plan on watching it with commentary. Does anyone explain why it didn't go into theatres?
  6. I do too. It might be the DVD Player cause it also did this with 'Pirates 3'. But it works for everything else. Electronics do this to me alot.
  7. Yes, there are bonus features they are: -Breaking Apart the Wheel (featurette). -Hero To Villian (featurette) -Feature Commentary with Director and Writer. -Deleted and Alternate Scenes. Hope this helps. I did finally get it to work with the computer, but not the DVD player yet.
  8. I just got 'Shattered' on DVD today from Amazon. Awesome Christmas gift. I was wondering if anyone else has gotten it. Also it doesn't seem to want to play in our DVD player. Everytime I try to hit play it shuts off the DVD player. When trying to play it on the computer no sound plays. Is anyone else having trouble? Other DVD's have played just fine. Or is just our DVD player?
  9. Unh. I see you cavewoman too. You from neighboring clan down dirt path maybe? Me attempt to communicate. See if understand. Grunt..ug...grunt grunt...ug. Me share latest kill with cavewoman sister. Here...have mastadon leg. It good. I make myself. Ug. Now you tell good story by roaring fire. Yes...me have fire. Fire good. My roommate and I are actually about to light a bonfire tonight! We do that most Saturdays. Well off to the fire.
  10. We are not getting PSILY in theatres here either. On Saturday my room mate and I are driving 45miles to Savannah to see it. This theatre didn't get POTO either nor is it getting Sweeney Todd. This is starting to drive crazy!
  11. That movie looks so hilarious, I already can't wait to see it!
  12. I did the same thing! It is nice to wake up to each morning.
  13. That's cool! I just got 2 coffee mugs from the Boutique. The 'Camel Gear' one and one that says '3 am happens'. Seumus bought them for me for the holidays
  14. I am only 4'10". I tend to like being shorter.
  15. Eliza ~ I added it to the list!DK ~ I'm sure you'll think of something! Thank you!
  16. You took the words right out of my mouth! I was just going to say that. I also just saw 2 new previews for 'P.S, I Love You' that I had not seen before, there's alot of them.
  17. This was a funny interview, I loved Hilary using Gerry's foot as a microphone!
  18. Hey, I was wondering if I could add another name 'Certified Kilt Inspector GAL'? I just bought shirt that says that!
  19. I to wish that there would be more James Marsters, I thought there would be.
  20. Thank you for the video. OMG Jeffrey Dean Morgan grabing Gerry's butt is hilarious!
  21. Sorry. It's Gaidhlig (Scots Gaelic) for Thank you, James. Sounds like "Tah...Ba Lay-th, Shame-us." PammieK This is so cool. I enjoy learning new things in differant languages. I also really would love to learn.
  22. Thank you so much for the pics, he does seem to be looking much better. I am so happy.
  23. You all are so lucky I can not wait to hear more!!
  24. I really liked this interview. I got a kick out of his Amsterdam comment.
  25. My sword did that sorry:( (FYI: He was handling it, not me!).
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