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  1. Wow this movie look soooooo gooooood! I can't wait to see it! The striptease scene was hilarious! And ouch!
  2. I hope he does it as well, I think it would be interesting seeing him as a pirate!
  3. Yes. Thank you to all involved for this interview. It was wonderful. Especially thank you to Gerry for doing this.
  4. I am convinced my cats do this as well, we even have neighborhood cats showing up and walking into our house and my cats don't do anything (normally they would). So obviously they know these cats! That's the only explination I can think of
  5. Yes, my heart does start racing when I hear him talk. I love that they mention Gerry Juice!
  6. This is driving me nuts, my TV station here isn't showing it til 1:30am!
  7. I just checked that and LOL he is! He's so cute!
  8. Got mine for my B-day too!!! Can't wait for January!!! That's cool, pretty awesome B-day gifts!
  9. I got this calender for my Birthday and cannot wait for the new year to start so I can have those nice pictures up!
  10. I totally agree. I also love it when guys wear those types of hats! I don't know why but I love fedora hats!
  11. OMG This movie cannot come out soon enough, I cannot wait to see it! Those picture in the photo shoot were just...I have not words!
  12. I agree, but what my roommate said I think is right. You know you've made it when they parody it. This one I don't think i'll be seeing either.
  13. Thank you for the much needed laughter!
  14. Try Celtic Croft. They have some pretty cool stuff and a bunch of Kilts. Elisabetha
  15. I just woke up from a nap (not yet having my cup of coffee) when I watched this video just now. Great way to wake up! Elisabetha
  16. Seumus and I are interested. I love this sort of thing. I've been on a couple here in Savannah. This sounds like alot of fun!! Elisabetha
  17. I just registered. This will be my first I am so excited. I've also never been to Las Vegas, so all this will be new to me!
  18. Happy Birthday Gerry, I hope you have a wonderful day, and many more wonderful Birthdays Elisabetha
  19. Here's a possible addition "Yellow Towel Look" the definition is the look a person gets on their face when mentally imagining Gerry in the yellow towel. The term was actually coined by Seumus (he's on this forum as Seumus O'Seaghdha or seumus1). I have no idea what I was thinking about but he said I had the same expression on my face as when I saw Gerry in his yellow towel in 'Shooters'. The worst part is I don't even know what I was thinking about to get that look!
  20. Not sure were to post this but, there is a '300' costume at Museum Replicas Limited that is really nice, authentic and very expensive, but seems worth the money. Just look under Licensed Merchandise. There is also some stuff from 'Beowulf & Grendel' there too. The Beowulf sword is really nice, I sleep with it under my many pillows on my bed. Here is the link http://www.museumreplicas.com/museumreplicas/
  21. I understand how you feel. Friends did this same thing to me by not showing after I had planned a combined B-day party for my roommate and I and no one showed up or even called to let us know that they weren't coming over. So we ended up not even being able to do anything. It is really disappointing when stuff like this happens. This is recent enough that we are still trying to figure out how to handle it.
  22. A couple of my favorite actresses are: Juliette Binoche, Claudia Black, and Alyson Hannigan. They've all acted in some of my favorite things and I believe are wonderful actresses.
  23. I love historical movies, I can get into them so easily. Looking at the costumes in them is alot of fun as well. I also like action movies, or science fiction.
  24. For me there's pretty much going to be an Eliza shaped whole in the door. I'm so glad my roommate is also a big fan of Gerry's so he is just as excited about seeing this movie as well.
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