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  1. belladonkey

    Pet Photos

    LOL yes I do have a few donkeys. They are really just pets, but I do use some of them in our local parades. My husband dresses up as Shrek and leads one of our mares down main street. The kids go crazy for the donkeys and love to pet them and give them treats. And of course our donkeys eat all that attention up with a spoon. This is a hobby for us, and we sell the babies when they get to be 6 months old. So we make a little bit of money on them too. It is hard to part with the babies, but we screen our potential families to make sure they will be good parents to our babies. And so far we haven't had any disappointments.
  2. belladonkey

    Pet Photos

    I hope this works.. what a fun thread. Ok here are pictures of my furbabies Fannie and her baby PJ Our newest baby born 9-14-07 Casper is 24 hours old in this picture. Casper (white one) and Jovi nose to nose Annie and her baby Jovi Bella and her baby from last year Bogie Lacy (dog) Bugsy and scooter (cats) Ruffles Opps almost forgot about Louie the daddy to Jovi, PJ and Vino I renamed Vino to Casper, I thought that was more fitting. Good thing he is young enough and doesn't know his name yet. LOL
  3. Swannie, I just saw this thread. I am so sorry some insensitive slob doesn't have anything better to do then to bully a women with more class and grace in her little finger then most people posses! Please reconsider you decision. GALS is a wonderful place because of YOU! Your compassion outshines even the brightest star in the heavens and we would be lost without you and your wonderful gifts you have given us. Honey I love you and all your talents you have shown us. Bella
  4. What I like about Gerry is his ability to laugh at himself. He has that boyish charm and is quick to chuckle about his short comings. To many people take themselves way too seriously, so it is refreshing to see someone who actually feels comfortable in his own skin and knows his flaws. Oh heck who am I kidding, the man is pure eye candy!
  5. I am so sorry to hear of Dee's passing. I was not fortunate enough to meet her, but it sounds like she was a very special lady and will be truly missed. My condolences to her family. Bella
  6. Wow after reading all the way through this thread, I still have to say I liked 60% of the movie. I did not like the fight by the car, I cringed the first time I saw that. If a man ever did that to me, outside of passion, he would be singing soprano and eating Thru a feeding tube. I didn't like the ending, I was surprised that Abby was involved and the extent she would go to hurt her husband for his illicit affairs. But needless to that fact, I felt that was over kill. A good divorce lawyer would hurt a man like Neil where he lives with far less drama and less victims in the end. My thought instantly went to the child. What do you tell your child after? If they get divorced which I am sure they will, the tension forever would not be pleasant at family functions. Because no matter what the parents do, the child is the one who suffers in the end. I thought that Gerry put all his emotions out there in the roof scene. His voice was raw with emotion and that takes a wonderful actor/actress to convey. I also could see so many emotions that only Gerry could pull off in this movie. The little boy look he gave Abby in the beginning when he bumped his head on the light, the sheer joy of giving his family a group hug, the terror and look of desperation that he showed in many scenes in this movie, look of thinking he got away with telling Abby a lie when she asked him for an explanation and finally the look of dejection at the end knowing his life as he knows it is over. I still say Gerry's performance was brilliant. It showed the wide range of his ability and so different then 300 or Attila.
  7. I had to tape the movie last night and just now got the chance to watch it. I have to say, Gerry's acting is brilliant. I agree, I did not see alto of chemistry between Neil and Abby. But I contributed that to basic survival instincts and not trying to rock the boat. I know I would do whatever it took to keep my child safe. I suspected that Neil and his secretary where doing the horizontal mambo, but I was shocked when we found out that her husband was the man who has been terrorizing them. Over all, the movie was good. I liked the twist at the end even if it was over the top and nasty. I guess it is better then doing a Lorana Bobbitt move on her cheating hubby. Yeowwwwww! I also like Gerry's hair salt and pepper better then dyed black. He looks more distinguished with the salt and pepper hair in my mind.
  8. I am 44 and I have come to the conclusion that like a fine wine, I get better with age. I am at the stage of my life that external trappings don't bother me anymore, I find beauty in the soul of a person rather then the outside packaging. Remember the old saying, beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes straight to the bone.
  9. May I take a moment to comment?I hope I am not out of line with what I am about to say, so here it goes. Knowing another famous person and knowing how hectic their lives are. It is perfectly understandable to feel the need to distance themselves from fans. And as a safety issue, it is a wise choice at times. I too have seen the frustration on Gerry's face when fans are "in" his space. That has to be a little nerve wracking, I also see Gerry trying to be gracious towards his fans, even the ones who are "in" his face. Do I see him distancing himself in the future? Yes, I also don't see him wanting to do that to his fans willingly. But the more famous he becomes, that unfortunately happens. And there are valid reasons that happens, for safety, to beable to have a semi normal life again, to relax without someone pulling them in 3 different directions. Will I stop being a fan because of that? No But I totally understand if he feels the need to distance himself for his own sanity and quite possibly his own safety.
  10. I remember seeing POTO trailer in a theater and had to own it, as I have been a POTO music fan for years and years. So for mothers day 2005 or 06, my boys bought me POTO. I watched it once or twice and liked it. Then about a month ago the Hallmark channel had POTO on and I watched it again and really paid attention to the Phantom. I thought he was the sexiest man I had ever saw and had to know more about Gerard Butler. Went on the Internet and found out as much as I could about this man. Which lead me to GALS, I became a member and the rest is history. I have watched and re-watched all the video's in the multimedia section and he won me over with his personality and stunning good looks. Now I have to say I am the proud owner of Phantom, 300, Dear Frankie and Beowulf and Grendal. I will be adding Attila soon(I have it on order) and Dracula in the future. I even scour the cable channels hoping to catch a movie of GB's. I saw Dracula on cable a few weeks ago and was thrilled.
  11. This is what I always say about Gerry and it seems appropriate now "Gerry makes my TEETH sweat"
  12. Swannie, I PMed you. I just spent 2.5 days reading your story and have fallen in love with the Phantom again. But, I can't find it anymore? The last chapter I read was Raul and Madam giry talking under the mimmosa tree, Madam Giry was telling raul about how she found Erik and his life in the circus. Please let me know where to find this wonderful story, I need to keep reading it. I feel like a addic needing my fix and you are my supplier. Thank you for this gift you gave us. You are truely blessed and I cherish how you have brought the written word to life.
  13. Oh thank you! That was the first time I saw that video and OMG what a sexy man GB is! Excuse me while I clean up my keyboard, where is bethy with that drool mop? :tasty: :tasty: :tasty: :tasty: :tasty: :tasty: :tasty:
  14. Wow my mouth is on the ground! OMG that looks good! I doubt it will come to my small town if it doesn't go nation wide. I sure hope it does, I will be one of the first in line when it comes out on DVD though. Oh my oh my oh my Gerry looks HOT in that trailer! Thank you swanie for giving us a glimpse of heaven.
  15. I am new here, but so far I havn't had any unsolicited PM's from anyone, I just hope I don't get scared away and get some nasty virus or anything. Thank you for the info, it's scarey to think that someone would be that deceitful! I guess until I get burned, I tend to trust people and find the good in everyone.
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