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    Wishing I was in Gerry's apartment
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    Gerard James Butler. Excessively obsessing, drooling, swooning over His Royal Hotness. Reading, travelling, movies.

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    Erik's lady of the underground lake, keeper of Erik's candlesticks, Gerry's Asian Rose Gal
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  1. Me craving for some chocolate covered Gerry candy
  2. Gerry looks Hot! Hot! Hot! Is that a tear in his shirt? Maybe a gal tried to tear it off him.
  3. The sun must have been too much for him. But I still find him hot.
  4. Those pretty ladies must be very proud to have such an uncle. You can tell from the pics that he loves them very much.
  5. I recently read Night Magic by Charlotte Vale Ellen. It is not the phantom and Christine's story but similar. The main character's name is also Erik and he is badly scarred since childhood. He is loved by a young girl. The story is set in a contemporary setting and not in the 19th century. The book was a page turner for me. http://www.amazon.com/Night-Magic-Charlott...n/dp/096574373X
  6. I agree with you. I love his casual look in those photos. Gerry is a celebrity but he is also a human being like us. He may not feel like dressing elegantly every time he steps out into the street. And whoever heard of people dressing nicely while visiting the dentist. LOL. He is a such a down-to-earth guy. No different from any of us.
  7. That glance, that hand, that leather jacket.........he is so gorgeous.
  8. First the Goldberg photoshoot and now this. My droolbucket is full to the brim.
  9. Okay, staying with a dangerous, mysterious, masked bloke is not a very logical descision. But who wants to be logical around a hot and seductive guy. So it is the for me.
  10. What a beautiful poem. I like your first Bride magazine cover.
  11. Hi, Lady Rowena! Thank you very much for your help but, even following carefully your instructions it doesn't work. The IMG code does but not the HTML code, the right one for slideshow. Hugs, Bel Sonadora Let's try one more time. Try to enclose the code without the IMG thingy. When I checked my siggy code I saw that there are no IMG in the beginning or the end. It started with the div thing and ended with div also.
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